Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ The fight, Robin`s true identity. ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 5: The fight, Robins true identity.
Robin was so frightened to see the girl that she couldnt move. Was this her nightmare?
“Wow, looks like the Avatar got new friends. A weird looking girl and a man. Hes cute!” Ty Lee said. “Can I take him down? Please, please!”
“Calm down Ty Lee, there will be time to have fun with all of these kids. But remember, the Avatar is mine!” Azula said, and then she threw a burst of lightning towards Aang, who dodged it easily, and lifted a rock and threw it at her. Meanwhile, Mei was trying to pin Amon against a tree, but he easily dodged her and shot her in her shoulder with an orbo bullet. Mei screamed in pain, and fuelled with anger, she managed to throw a blade at him and stab him in his leg. Sokka, Katara and Toph were dodging Ty Lees fists, in her attempt to paralyze them, while Toph tried to knock her with a rock, but she was too agile for her. Finally, Katara managed to use her water whip and tie her up.
Robin was in shock. When she saw that Amon had been stabbed, she snapped out, put her glasses on and made a wall of fire between Amon and Mei. Azulas eyes turned to the girl. A traitor! Her day was getting better every moment. She stopped her pursuit of the avatar and turned to face the girl.
“My, my, seems I have found a filthy traitor. This is getting better.”
Meanwhile, in the present…..
Michael was sitting in front of his computer. Right next to him was Horube. After Amon and Robin fell in the void, she had surrendered and agreed to help the STN-J hunters to find a way to bring them back. Michael just hoped that there was a way to do so. After 6 hours of testing the girl, they found out a lot more about her craft. Apparently, the voids she created werent black holes, they were worm-holes, or time-space distortions. So, basically, Amon and Robin could be stuck anywhere in time. It seems that they were gonna have to do a lot more testing to find out exactly were they were and, hopefully, bring them back.
“My, my, seems I have found a filthy traitor. This is getting better.”
Robin turned around to face Azula. She noticed that the girls eyes were filled with hate. Obviously there was no hope for her, not even from the Hope of all witches.
“Why are you calling me a traitor, im not the one who hurts people for no reason!”
“I cant tell where do you came from, but no respectable firebender would be hanging around with these bunch of kids. Besides, any friend of the Avatar is an enemy of mine!”
Azula threw a lightning towards Robin, and even though she tried to stop it, part of the attack hit her and threw her on her back. Horrified, Amon looked that she was knock out, so he got up, aiming his gun towards the girl and stood between the witch and Robin.
“Oh this is soo sweet. Trying to defend your girlfriend? Trust me, there is nothing you can do to save her, and look around, there is none who can help you”
Even if he hated to admit it, she was right. The rest of the kids were too busy fighting the other two girls, that there was no way they could help them.
Taking his chances, Amon shoot the girl, but she easily stopped the bullets with a wave of her hand, burning them with her blue fire. Then she ran towards him, and before he could do anything, she knocked him over and stood on top of him, holding in her hands a blue flame.
Robin began to wake up, with her mind still a little fuzzy. When she got up, she saw Azula, lifting Amon by his throat and summoning a bunch of lightning with the other hand. Her worst nightmare was coming true! She had to do something to stop her. She tried to create a fire wall, but it was easily turned off by Azula.
“You think that some amateur firebending is gonna stop me? If you wanna save your sweetheart here, you are gonna have to be very fast. Do you know what a lightning does to a human heart? I have seen it before, and let me tell you it is not something very pleasant to see. The victims squirm like worms, but they all die, after suffering a lot. Trust me, I will just love to see some of the avatars friends suffer. Its fun.”
Amon regained consciousness and found it quite difficult to breathe. The witch girl was holding him by his neck and talking to Robin. He turned to look at her, and saw the anger and pain in her green eyes. She was badly burned, mostly in her hands and chest. He knew that she couldnt stop her on time.
“Stop it, leave him alone!” Robin begged, “He hasnt done anything to you, this is between you and me!”
“Too late, you should have thought it a little more before joining the Avatar team” Azula answered and then turned her hand towards Amons chest.
Then, something happened. Robin felt a burst of power running through her veins. Air started to circle her, like a big swirl. She felt like she was looking at her body from the outside. She saw that her eyes were glowing, and so her mouth. She moved her hand incredibly fast and with a burst of air, she split Azulas grip on Amons neck and she and the other two girls flew away in the wind. He fell down unconscious and then she turned to check at the rest of the kids. Katara and Sokka were staring at her really surprised, but Aang was glowing just like her. Once she made sure everybody was alright, she felt the power leave her body and her spirit return to her body. She fell down on her knees, feeling very weak.
“What happened?”
“Shes the Avatar.”
Dangerous encounter