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Chapter 16: The fall of Shadows.
Mitsuko smiled as he drew. « We’ll just have to see about that. I summon Kaiser Sea Horse (1700/1650) and set a face-down. Your move. »
A card flew up. ‘I’ll summon The Calculator.’ The monster appeared. (?/0)
‘What’s with all these strange monsters….’ Zewl thought to himself. ‘As if those Yubel’s weren’t bad enough…but the rest of these I’ve never even heard of!’
‘The calculator gains 300 points for each level of each monster on the field.’ Mitsuko’s eyes widened as he realised what this meant. ‘That i control at least… That’s 14 which means 4200.’ (4200/0) ‘Now, Nightmare attack Kaiser Sea Horse.’
« Not so fast. Negate Attack!! »
‘Oh well, you’re turn.’
« Now you’re in for it. » Mitsuko said confidently as he drew his card.
‘Isn’t this so much fun?’
« Not really. A duel’s a duel to me. I’ll sacrifice my Kaiser Sea Horse to summon Emes the Infinity! » (2500/1000) the huge Golem like creature appeared on the field, ready for battle.
Zewl rubbed his chin. ‘A nice monster indeed.’
« Now, I play the spell card Fissure, to destroy the monster with the lowest attack on your side of the field. And that’s Yubel, I believe? » Mitsuko smirked confidently.
‘I’ll use my Spell Shield type-8 by giving up my Brain control in my hand.’
« And I’ll negate it with Seven Tools of the Bandit! » <4600> « You won’t be getting off that easily! »
‘This is so much fun…’ The voice said enthusiastically as Yubel was destroyed. (600/0 Calculator)
« You’re right, this is starting to get fun. Emes, attack!! »
The calculator was destroyed, Hetoma blocked with a wing. <6100>
Emes roared as he grew in power (3200 atk) « I’ll now set 2 cards and end. »
Kiama pulled at Marines sleeve. « Can Mitsuko win this? » she asked. Marine smiled down at her. « Yer brothers a damn good duellist, I reckon so. »
Another card floated up
‘I’ll activate Fires of Doomsday.’
« What’s that do? » Zewl asked.
‘This allows me to summon 2 Doomsday tokens to my field in defence possition.’ (0/0) x2 ‘I’ll end now.’
« I was expecting more to be honest. » Mitsuko complained as he drew. « But, never mind. »
« I summon The Creator Incarnate (1600/1500) and I’ll attack your left counter. » The new monster jumped in for the attack. The counter was destroyed. « Now I’ll attack with Emes!! »
‘Initiate Magic Cylinder.’
« Dammit!! » Mitsuko cursed as the attack was reflected back at him. <1400> « End. » he said angrily.
‘I’ll use Pot of Avarice.’ The voice said. `I’ll return Gate Guardian, Yubel – Terror Incarnate, Yubel – The ultimate nightmare, Phantom of Chaos and The Calculator to my deck and shuffle, then draw 2 more.’
‘Odd…’ Mitsuko thought.
‘She only returned 2 of the 3 Yubel cards…’ Zewl pondered, almost as if he was reading Mitsuko’s mind.
‘Next, i use Premature Burial to resurrect Yubel costing no more than 800 life.’ <5300>
« I thought you might try something like that. » Mitsuko interrupted. « But Magic Jammer takes care of THAT little problem. » he finished as he tossed a card into the graveyard.
‘Okay, i’ll try something else. Reasoning spell card. You name a level and I pick up cards from my deck i find a monster that can be normal summoned or set, then, if it’s the level you say, i throw all cards picked up away, if not, i can special summon it.’
« Hmm… » Mitsuko mumbled to himself. « Level 2 » The cards began to flip up until Mystic Tomato appeared. 3 cards in.
‘Level 4, it’s mine to summon, thank you. I’ll place it in defence position.’
« Fair enough. Still won’t be enough to save you I’m afraid. This duel is mine already. »
‘It might be. Make your move.’
« Alright. » Mitsuko replied happily as he drew. « I’ll pay 800 life points to play Premature Burial and return my Kaiser Sea Horse to the field. » (1700/1650)
‘This is so much fun…’
« I hope you feel that way after I win. » Mitsuko replied honestly.
‘You haven’t won yet.’
« Wanna place a bet on that? » he replied cockily.
‘My bets are a little high stakes, so no thank you.’
« Your choice. » Mitsuko shrugged. « Not my fault you’re scared…. »
« Mitsuko…. » Marine warned. « Don’t be a fool! »
‘I’m not being scared, I’m being nice.’ The voice echoed.
« You said earlier that you’d ‘consume’ someone if you weren’t played with, right? » Mitsuko continued.
‘I wasn’t being honest.
« Shame… » Mitsuko sighed. « I was going to take you up on your offer. Never mind.”
`I got one…’ The voice giggled girlishly, it echoed around the room.
« Got one what? » Mitsuko asked as Gilford destroyed Hetoma’s tomato
« Name it. »
‘If i lose, you date my host.’ The voice giggled girlishly again.
« That doesn’t sound right…what if I lose? » Mitsuko asked confused.
‘Then I get to play with your sister.’
‘However, upping a little more, if i lose, i will also not bother you again if you don’t want me to.’
Marine scratched her head. « I don’t get what she jus’ said. » She said, confused.
« No deal. » Mitsuko said coldly. « I’m not involving my sister in this. »
‘It’s just the dollies.’
‘I won’t hurt her.’
‘Okay then, how about if you lose then we can play again.’
Kiama poked Mitsuko hard and scowled at him. He sighed. « Fine, if I lose, you can play with Kiama and her dolls. But what’s with the date thing? » The voice giggled girlishly, but didn’t reply. Mitsuko shook his head and drew.
He smiled. « I guess it’s the date after all. I sacrifice my Kaiser Sea Horse, using him as two tributes, and The Creator Incarnate, to special summon Gilford the Lightning. » (2800/??)
« Who, if summoned using 3 tributes, destroys all monsters on your side of the field. »
‘Oh well…i had fun.’
« Emes, attack!! »
Hetoma blocked with her wings again. <2100>
« Gilford. End it now. » Mitsuko commanded as his powerful warrior launched in for the attack.
In the last attack, Hetoma blocked again with her wings. <0>
« Humph. » Mitsuko grunted. « You weren’t that bad I guess. »
The spirit of the 5 year old version of Hitomi appeared, when this happened Hetoma began to go berserk, but seemed paralysed.
Mitsuko jumped back. « What the…. »
« Oh well. » She said. « I had lots of fun. »
« You’re a stupid little bitch and I’ll kill you, you’ll rot in the depths of Hades you miserable little cow… » Hetoma roared in a demonic tone and Mini-Hitomi
Zewl shook his head. « Such a strange place this is…. » he mused.
Mini-Hitomi turned, pulled her lower eye lip down and stuck her tongue out. « Mmmmm… » She said.
« Mute up. » And Hetoma’s mouth snapped shut, though it looked like it was trying to yell more.
Mitsuko couldn’t help but laugh softly. Kiama ran up to the spirit before anyone could stop her and handed the young Hitomi a small doll.
Being a spirit, the doll dropped through her hand to the floor. « Ah, i see. Things like that. » Mini-Hitomi said.
Kiama picked up the doll again and concentrated hard as she tried again. « I want you to have it. » she said. « That way, you’ll always have someone to play with… »
« Hm… » Mini-Hitomi wondered. « Don’t worry, I’ll be fine even if i can’t take the doll. But, i must shut Hetoma down soon or else my hold will break. I’m sure that someday i’ll be able to play with you and your dolls, though. » she explained.
Kiama smiled sadly as she held the doll close to her. Mitsuko stepped forward and pulled her back softly.
« You probably want explaining on what happened today, huh? » Mini-Hitomi asked.
« It…er…would be nice. » Zewl said as he stepped forward.
« Just a moment… » Mini-Hitomi disappeared and in a dark flash, Hetoma became Hitomi, who went limb, then morphed into the Mini-Hitomi, who stood up. « I’ll have to take over for now, since Hitomi’s soul’s gone. » She explained. « I’m Hitomi when she was 5 years old, I was known as Hita, so just call me that to save confusion. The demonic version is known as a Lutrei Demon Witch. They possess Lutreien’s when they are in desperate need of help. Her name is Hetoma. » Hita explained. « I was Hitomi at her purest form. »
« Purest form? » Zewl inquired. Mitsuko just looked at the old man in confusion while Kiama beamed happily, now she had a new friend.
« It’s complicated. » Hita replied.
« About 1 year after the age I am now, we were abandoned by our mother, our brother drove out and our father went sexually crazy, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell anymore to explain why Hitomi hasn’t been a pure as I. Being locked in a dungeon with the comfort of only darkness is bound to have a devastating impact on ones persona.” The old man was shocked, while Mitsuko and Kiama looked like they were ready to throw up. « This might lead you to question why we called Hermana and Petal our sisters, when our mother was gone long before thier birth. Truth be it, they’re not just our sisters. » Hita said.
« I think that’s all we need to know my dear. » Zewl said, feeling rather ill himself.
« Please don’t get us wrong, it was not our fault. » Hita pleaded.
Zewl smiled. « We know, it’s just not something you usually hear from a little girl. »
« Please keep in mind that though i have this appearance and mainly the personality of us when we were this age, i am still Hitomi and i know everything up to the current time. » Hita said.
« While I hate to break this up.. » Mitsuko interrupted. « Can we just finish in this place? It gives me the creeps. »
« You still only have one duellist. » Hita said. « Actually, in technicality, two… »
« That should be enough. » Zewl pondered. « After all, after we both duel, the marks are reset… »
In a sudden burst, a giant snake burst through the roof and then the ground, nearly hitting Hita, who jumped, ran and gripped tightly to Mitsuko. « Scaarrry… » she cried out.
Mitsuko put his arm protectively around Hitomi, his other doing the same with Kiama. He looked at Zewl. « What d’ya think old man? » The snakes body swooshed for a while, before the tail followed and vanished.
« Something tells me that chap from earlier has begun to make a muck. » Zewl replied, calmly.
Mitsuko nodded. « Would make sense. »
« I’m scared. » Hita and Kiama both spoke at once.
Mitsuko looked at the 2 girls and smiled. « Don’t be. Zewl here is going to look after you while I scout ahead to see what’s going on. »
Zewl looked at Mitsuko curiously. « I am? »
Mitsuko nodded and gave Zewl a hard stare. « Yes. You are. »
« You can leave em with me and Marine… » Tails said weakly, sat leaned against the far wall.
The guys turned to her. « You sure you’re up for that Tails? » Mitsuko asked as Kiama and Hita ran over to Tails and hugged her gently.
« Marine might not look it, but she can keep everyone safe. » Everyone heard some clunking coming up the stairs behind Tails.
Hita looked down the stairs a little to see Rei walking up, dragging the box cabled to her back. Rei entered the room, picked up the box and walked to go to the next flight of stairs. Her left arm was all that still seemed to have the metalic armor from before, other than that, she only had underwear on.
« Ahem… » Zewl cleared his throat. Mitsuko walked over and draped his coat around Rei. « There, that should help a little. » he said as he noticed her shivering a little.
Rei looked up. « Hmm…that gates still closed… » Rei lifted her metallic arm out of the coat, and it morphed into some form of cannon.
Mitsuko quickly got out of the way, while Tails covered Hita and Kiama’s eyes. Rei powered up light energy in the end of the cannon, it travelled down the barrel, and lighting up the switches on the side of it and in one great enormous blue beam of concentrated light, the gate fell to several giant pieces. Rei fell to the floor forward afterward; her metallic arm breaking into several parts, proving it never was a real arm.
« Let’s go, Mitsuko. » Zewl said, strongly. « We have much work to do. »
Mitsuko gently laid Rei down next to Tails. « Take care of her. » he whispered, before running over to Zewl.
The two ran up to the next room, water running down the stairs. « What? »
« I’m guessing the room belongs to Aqua. » Mitsuko said. « She’s Hiei’s mate. » he explained when Zewl looked at him.
« How do you know that, m’boy? »
« It’s amazing what you learn when you’re just…..around….. » Mitsuko said mysteriously. « It’s also amazing what you can learn from people if you give them the right incentive… »
« Meaning you know these people? » Zewl questioned.
The lion shook his head. « When Jin sealed Kiama, I wanted to find out everything about these people that I could. I found they had some…contacts…in the city, and after a talk and a little persuasion, a couple of those little rats gave up the location of the fortress and some interesting gossip… »
« Interesting gossip? » Zewl was curious. « Like what? »
As they entered the room, it looked somewhat destroyed. Aqua on one side in a fighting position and a light blue Raccoon with two long blue locks of hair, tied up with equally long bow ribbons, and deep red eyes.
There was a third person in the room, a light brown fox with chine length hair that covers nearly one side of her face, the rest over the back of her head.
« Well old man.. » Mitsuko grinned. « Looks like our works being done for us. »
« You know it’s silly to be fighting in a leotard. » The raccoon said emotionlessly toward Aqua.
« Well, fighting in a large blue bridesmaid dress is even more rediculous. » Aqua countered.
The brown fox was covered over in living snakes, though they seemed to be more friendly toward her than tangling, in fact, when they leaped off of her toward Aqua, it was clear they belonged to the fox. Aqua lifted her hand and instantly water rushed up and washed the snakes into the roof. Aqua burst through the waters, in a sexy blue leotard and leap kicked for the fox, who was blocked by a large snake head. Aqau backflipped away and dodged, nearlying being high kicked by the Raccoon in the large blue dress.
Sonic, Marine, Kiama and Hita all ran up the stairs.
« Yo guys. » Sonic said, seemingly better after being knocked unconcious. « What’s up? » Aqua span around, water gushing the other two girls away.
Mitsuko ignored Sonic completely. Zewl nodded at him. « Sonic. » he said coldly while they watched Aqua beat the 2 intruders up.
« Look, I’m sorry for earlier, I’ve taken everyone’s bodies I could find and took them outside, Tails and that dead cat too. » Sonic explained. « We gotta finish this. By the way, what happened to that blue fox i was duelling? I mean he’s gone, did you beat him? »
Mitsuko shrugged. « Nothing to do with us. » he replied.
« Oh, well, I’m grateful to whoever took him out. » Sonic said.
« This ‘ere place is gettin’ crazy! We gotta escape while it’s still standin’. » Marine said in panic.
The raccoon in the blue dress charged a large white energy toward Aqua, who lifted water and sent a continuous burst of it into the light, the two concentrated at one point and the beams not stronger than the other.
Eventually, the light faded and Water blew the raccoon into the wall. Aqua did an impressed back spin flip to avoid several snakes, took a large portion of water and gusted the fox with it. She ran to the stairs.
« I gotta get to Hiei! » She said running off.
« Just when things were getting interesting… » Zewl muttered.
The Raccoon stood, not seeming effected by anything as her expression didn’t change from the emotionless one she originally had. The fox as well, though she looked more pissed.
« Stupid lovesick bitch… » she uttered.
« I got a bad feeling about this… » Sonic said quietly.
« I got one thing to say to you. » The Raccoon said emotionlessly.
« And that is….. » Mitsuko replied cautiously.
« Follow the white rabbit. » The two then turned to the stairs.
« Follow the white rabbit…. » Mitsuko muttered. « Has everyone in here lost their damn minds? »
« Wouldn’t surprise me. » Zewl sighed.
« Let’s go up. » Sonic said, charging on.
Mitsuko threw a mock salute at Sonic. « Oh yes oh brave, valiant and courageous leader. » he said sarcastically. Kiama and Hita giggled behind him.
The group ran up to next room, which looked like heaven, except bulldosed by a giant bowling ball, puffy white clouds on the floor, but the room was empty other than that.
« Someone care to explain why I’m standing on a god-damned marshmallow? » Mitsuko said warily.
Hita and Kiama bounced around of the puffy clouds, having a lot of fun and giggles. « Lets just keep going. » Zewl said, moving to the next destroyed door.
After the girls bounced through the next room, everyone ran up some more stairs, followed by a long corridor, leading to a large red door, fit for a leader.
« Two guesses whose room this is… » Zewl muttered.
« Both of them are Hiei. » Sonic said, narrowing his brow angrily.
They heard a large boom from the inside of the room, then swords clashing and all sorts of other disturbing noises of battle.
« Sounds like we’re missing the party. » Mitsuko said, throwing a sly glance at Zewl. « Shall we? »
« Let’s get your friends back. » Zewl said, then they all ran into the next room.
Inside, resembled a large throne room, though again the damage was extraordinary. The Raccoon, girl in white and fox were stood watching as Aqua held injured Petal on the other side. Nazaruda and Hiei were in combat with swords, Hiei’s two blades, one being Black Luster Soldier’s, the other Buster Blader. Nazaruda’s was more like a large Murasame sword.
« What do we do? » Asked Marine.
« Well I’m just happy to sit and watch. » said Sonic. Mitsuko grunted his agreement.
The Fox looked at the group, smiled and then nudged the young girl in white, who looked, nodded and walked over to them. When she arrived to them, she removed her hood, revealing she was a white rabbit with a jewel seemingly dug into her forehead and had a hair ring with 3 plum bangs on her head.
« S’cuse me… » She said sweetly, yet her voice tainted with sadness and emptyness.
« Yes? » Zewl replied kindly as he knelt down.
The girl dropped from her sleeves, several coins, all belonging to the former members of the Shadow Clan, and also Hiei’s, Aqua’s, Kai’s Rufus’s and Petals.
« I’ll take you to your friends now. » She walked off to the left and opened the door, walking inside.
« Very kind….. » Zewl mused as the gang followed her. Marine looked back and forth and then gathered her ‘treasure’ being the coins and ran after them.
The white rabbit led the group down a spiral staircase, chains rattling under her large white robe.
« What if this is a trap? » Asked Sonic, though not enough so the rabbit could hear.
Mitsuko clapped him on the shoulder. « Well if it is, be safe in the knowledge that Kiros is at least safe. »
« He is? I sure feel guilty, i don’t know what came over me… » Sonic said, guiltily.
« So you damned well should be you bastard. » came a voice from behind them. Everyone stopped, including the young rabbit and looked up to the owner of the voice. Kiros was there, walking down slowly.
« Couldn’t let you take all the glory Sonic, especially after you got your ass handed to you after your impressive ‘Prove it with your cards not your mouth speech.' » he said coldly.
« Hey man, i never said i was better than you. » Sonic said, rubbing his nose. « We win some, we lose some. Look, i’m really sorry that… »
« We don’t have time for this. » The rabbit said, looking away from them. « Soon someone will come and destroy this place, save this for later when it’s safer please. » She continued to walk down the spiral staircase.
Kiros barged past Sonic roughly, glaring at him as he past. Mitsuko and Zewl both welcomed him back and they continued to follow the stranger.
The group arrived to a large prison cell, where all the others were trapped, some without souls, some waking up after recovering them again. The rabbit walked in a few steps when everything began shaking. Rocks lifted up and began to merge until a large rock golem was created and roared at the intruders.
« Shoulda known it was a trap. » Marine said in panic, tossing the coins all over in fright and running in circles frantically.
Mitsuko grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and held her. « Get a grip of yourself. » he barked.
The white rabbit adjusted her robe, and tied a string toward her neck, which made it more like a cape than a rob now. She was in a small light blue shirt and skirt, with small blue shoes and white socks. She had chains connected with iron cuffs to her neck, wrists and ankles, at the end of all but her neck chains were lethal looking hooks.
« Damn….that’s messed up… » cursed Kiros.
« Please excuse me a moment. » She then dashed forward, leaped up, span once, fell down with the chains rattling and then she walked casually away from the rock golem, who then fell to pieces.
she walked over to the coins, and took a hook, where she began shattering the coins, souls flying free and into the last remaining members of the gang, along with some which escaped through holes in the room.
« Am I seeing what I think I am seeing or am i still unconscious? » Sonic asked in disbelief.
« Does anyone know how to pick locks? » The rabbit asked.
Kiros raised a hand. « I do. »
The girl stood and walked over to some of the locked doors. « Grab a hook and start picking. » She ordered, though it sounded more like a request, due to her tone of voice being so lifeless and sad.
She took the hook of the chain on her right arm and pushed it into the lock, begining to pick about inside it.
Kiros shrugged, and walked over, taking the hook and working on the locked doors. As he did so, he whispered, ‘Ya know, I could take care of these chains while I’m at it….’
« No you couldn’t… » She replied bluntly. Kiros sighed and unlocked the first door. The girl unlocked the second door, those inside scattering out to join the others. The building began to shake roughly. « We’re running out of time. She then took her chains on her arms and dug one in one lock and the other in the next. She then span around, the chains tightening and stopping her as she tried to break both locks at once. Shadow stood up looked at the door and kicked it open, knuckles punched the one on the otherside, where the last two cages were opened, the girl still struggling with the middle two.
Mitsuko took a hold of each of the doors, and with a great roar he ripped them off their hinges. The girl fell to her knees and butt, sighing in releaf. she stood and looked at the large barred window at the end of the room, she twirled two hooks and launched them through the gabs, pulling on them to make it possible to pull the window off it’s hinges. « Let’s pull. » She said to the rest. So everyone gathered up and took a chain pulling on them hard. With an almost comical ‘pop’ the window fell out, everyone crashing down on Mitsuko, who had the misfortune to be right at the back, save for the rabbit who managed to evade being crushed.
« Now, everyone climb out, this should be ground floor. » She said as she threw the hooks up again and pulled herself out the window and gone.
The building shook again, cracks forming in the walls. « No time to argue! EVERYBODY OUT! » Mitsuko yelled as he and Shadow began helping the rest escape through the window. Eventually everyone escaped safely and got to a safe location.
Meanwhile, back in the throne room, Hiei and Nazaruda exausted with battle. « This can go on forever. » Hiei said.
« Then lets finish. » Nazaruda agreed. They ran forward for one final blow when suddenly.
« Daddy…? » Hiei was distracted, looking over to the pink fox who was in the room. She seemed to glow white, then black and in an instant the room exploded.
Back outside, the group only saw the giant explosion, then the whole place collapsing. All that was left was a flaming wreck.
« Well… » Kiros said. « I guess that’s the end of that then. »
From the flaming wreckage, Nazaruda’s group, save for the rabbit, who was still with the others. Nazaruda approached the gang.
« I’ve killed Hiei. » He said. « He won’t be bothering you anymore. »
« I guess we owe you thanks then. » Zewl said as the rest of the gang took a breather.
« Well, perhaps. » Nazaruda replied. « We would like to congratulate you, not many people get through the Shadow Clan so…easily. » Nazaruda said. « You must have a fare ammount of power. »
« We have our methods… » Zewl said carefully, scrutinising Nazaruda.
« If you don’t mind, one final challenge would be appreciated. » Nazaruda said.
« A challenge? » Mitsuko piped up. « Why? »
« Just a friendly game, I want to see the power that thwarted a team like Hiei’s. »
« Hey Kiros. » Mitsuko called over his shoulder. « You’re up pal. »
Kiros jogged over. « Huh? »
« Wait, who is the one we’d be duelling? » Shadow questioned.
« Why, Muri here of course. » Nazaruda said, introducing the white rabbit, who had robed up again and was now standing on their side.
Kiros readied his duel disk. « Sure thing. You ready? » he asked Muri.
Muri took the hood off, tide the robe back and looked at Nazaruda. « Nazaruda…is this going to be a Duel Dimension? » She asked, frightfully.
« No, just ordinary this time, Muri. » Nazaruda replied. Muri activated her crystal covered duel disk.
« I’m ready. » She said as she shuffled, slotted and drew 5 cards.
Kiros drew 5. « You can go first, seeing as most of the people here owe you their lives. »
« No one owes me anything. » Muri said, drawing a sixth card. « I’ll place two cards face down and end my turn. » She said.
Kiros drew. « I’ll start by placing 3 face-downs. I’ll also set a monster and end. »
Muri drew her card. « I’ll summon my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat. » He cat appeared on the field and growled. (1200/400)
« Looks like we meet again, only this time I get to sink my claws into you. » Amethyst said.
« Whatever. » Kiros replied, not his usual self.
« What’s up with him? » Knuckles asked.
« By cutting my Amethysts attack in half, I’m allowed to attack you directly. » Muri said. Amethyst cat charged in and pounced at Kiros. Kiros flinched slightly as he was shredded <7400> « I’ll end my turn now. » Muri said.
« Okay. » Kiros replied as he drew. « I’ll summon Gladiator Beast Laquari (1800/400) and attack your cat. »
« Muri! Do something! » Amethyst called, slightly panicked.
« I’ll activate Widespread Ruin. » Muri said, activating her trap.
Kiros shrugged as his monster was destroyed. « I’ll end. »
« Seriously, what is up with him? » Silver asked. « It’s like he doesn’t even care anymore. »
« Well, I suppose you’d best ask Sonic on that one, he might be able to answer you. » Mitsuko replied.
Muri drew her card. « I’ll activate Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins. » The field then began to morph into the Ancient City.
« I’ll activate Spell Shield type 8, and discard one card. » Kiros replied. « Negating your field I’m afraid. »
« Oh well. » Muri trailed. « I’ll tribute my Amethyst cat to summon Gravi-Crush Dragon. » Muri said. Her cat vanished, replaced with a large golem like dragon. (2400/1200) Kiros looked up at the creature without emotion. « Now I can attack you. »
Kiros sighed as his face-down monster was destroyed. « Thanks. You destroyed my Test Ape, which allows me to get a Gladiator Beast from my deck, level 4 or lower. So I’ll bring out my Bestiari. » (1500/800)
« That’ll do. » Muri said.
Kiros drew. « Set 1 facedown and end. »
Muri sighed, then drew. « Are you trying? » She asked.
Her reply was a shrug from her opponent. « I guess. » Kiros said dully.
« I’ll set another card down and attack with Gravi-crush Dragon. Attack Bestiari. »
« I activate Shrink. » Kiros said as Muri’s dragon began to grow smaller.
« I also use Shrink. » Muri said, as Kiros monster shrank too. Bestiari cried out as it was struck down. <7150>
« That’s all. » Muri said.
« I pass. » said Kiros after he’d drawn.
Muri drew. « I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus. » The great white pegasus appeared next to the dragon.
« Here I am! » He called, as he landed. (1800/1200)
« His ability allows me to bring a crystal beast from my deck and place it face up in my spell and trap zones, so I’ll place my Ruby Carbuncle there. » Muri said, as a ruby appeared on her field.
« I’ll attack the face down with Sapphire Pegasus. » Muri said.
« Let’s fight! » Pegasus said, as he took flight and charged for the monster.
« I activate Magic Cylinder. » Kiros sighed as his trap reflected Pegasus’ attack right back at Muri.
« Expected… » Muri said, taking the blow, being knocked over. « Ouch… » <6200> « Attack with Gravi-Crush Dragon. »
Kiros’ facedown was destroyed. « That was another Test Ape. » he said as he summoned another Dimacari to the field (1600/1200)
« I’ll end my turn now. » Muri said.
Kiros drew. « I discard one card from my hand to activate Tribute to the Doomed, to destroy your dragon »
Muri shrugged, though a loose tear ran randomly down her face.
Sapphire Pegasus was struck down, another tear found its way down Muri’s face as a sapphire appeared on the field.
« Now I’ll attack you with my other monster. » Kiros said coldly. Muri was knocked down with a squeak. <4500>
« That really hurt… » She cried.
« I’ll return my monsters to my deck in order to special summon 2 Gladiator Beast Darius’. » (1700/300) Kiros continued without feeling. « Then I’ll use their effects to summon 2 Gladiator Beast Octavius’ (2500/1200) and end. »
Muri Drew her card. « I’ll summon Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth and activate Torrential Tribute. » Muri said. Kiros shrugged as his monsters were destroyed.
An amber appeared on Muri’s field. « Now i’ll use Crystal Promise. »
Muri placed the card. « This allows me to select a crystal beast in my spell and trap zone and special summon it, so i’ll bring out Ruby Carbuncle. » Muri said as Ruby Carbuncle appeared on the field. (300/300) « Now, Ruby Carbuncle’s effect activates, allowing me to special summon as many crystal beasts from my spell and trap zone’s as possible. So come on out, Sapphire and Amber. » Muri explained. (SP: (1800/1200 AM: 1700/1600) « Sapphire Pegasus was special summoned, so I can add Topaz Tiger to my spell and trap zones. Now, I’ll attack you with Sapphire. »
« I counter with Negate Attack. »
« I’ll end my turn. »
Kiros drew. « I activate Gladiator’s return. By returning 3 gladiator beasts in my graveyard to my deck I can draw one card. So I’ll pick my Dimacari’s and my Laquari. » he drew another card. « I’ll then summon my Secutor (400/300) and play the spell card Monster Reborn, to bring back my Gladiator Beast Spartacus. » (2200/1500)
« Oh… » Muri said.
« Sonic..what did you do to Kiros? » Knuckles asked.
« Yeah man, he’s like a damned zombie out there! » Silver added. Sonic kept quiet.
« By returning Secutor and Spartacus to my deck, I can summon Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz. » Kiros didn’t seem to even care when his fusion monster appeared with a roar (2600/1500) Gaiodiaz looked down on Kiros with a frown.
‘His spirit has dwindled…i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s lost the spirit to speak with us now…’ Whether he had or not, Kiros didn’t seem to care. Or at least show that he did.
« Gaiodiaz, attack her mammoth. »
« Looks like a fiiight…Raaaawwhhhh! » Said Mammoth as he charged to certain doom…and became an Amber on the field. Muri shed more tears, though mad no noise. <3600> Gaiodiaz continued on and struck Muri down with a thud. Muri moaned in pain. <2000>
« I’ll finish here. » Kiros said.
Muri stood, dusted herself off and drew.
« I’ll activate Rare Value. » Muri said. « You pick a crystal beast in my spell and traps and i send it to the graveyard in exchange for 2 cards. » Kiros pointed at the Amber Mammoth crystal. The crystal dissolved and Muri drew two cards. « I activate Smashing Ground. » Giaodiaz was wiped from the field without even a blink from Kiros. « I’ll tribute my Carbuncle and my Sapphire to summon Magna-Slash Dragon. » Muri said, as another dragon rose. (2400/1200) « I’ll now use his effect and send Topaz Tiger to the graveyard to destroy the left spell card you have. » The spell was destroyed. « Now, I’ll use Crystal Blessing. This lets me select 2 crystal beasts from my graveyard and place them face up as continuous spells. » Muri said. « I choose my Ruby and my Sapphire, and now I’ll tribute my Ruby to send your other face down to the graveyard. » Muri finished.
« I’ll activate it instead. Compulsory Evacuation Device. I’ll use it to send your dragon back to your hand. »
« Hm… » Muri got her dragon back. « Then I’ll set one card and end my turn. »
Kiros drew. « I play Gladiator Proving Ground, which lets me bring one level 4 gladiator beast or lower from my deck to my hand. I then set it. » Kiros said as his monster appeared, albeit face-down. « Your move. »
Muri drew her card. « One monster face down and I’ll end. »
Kiros sighed and drew his card. « I’ll flip summon my monster (Gladiator Beast Hoplomus 700/2100) and tribute it for Gladiator Beast Alexander (2400/1600) I’ll then attack your face-down. » Muri’s Turtle was destroyed and an Emerald appeared on her field. Kiros looked at the emerald blankly. « I then special summon my Test Tiger (900/300) and use its effect to return Alexander to my deck and bring out Dimacari (1600/1200). I then equip him with the spell card Gladiator Beast’s Battle Archfiend Shield and end my turn. »
« I wonder… » Amy said. « Seems he doesn’t really care… »
« He doesn’t. » Mitsuko replied.
Zewl smiled sadly at Amy. « The spark that made him a great duellist has gone. » he said.
« Sonic is going to be in trouble for this. » Amy said, loud enough for Sonic to hear. Sonic sighed and took his deck out and walked over to Amy, handing her the deck.
« Fine, this is the deal, until he gets that spark back, i won’t duel. » And he walked off.
Muri drew her card. « I use Crystal Beacon. » She said. « If i have more than 2 crystal beasts in my spell and trap zone, i can special summon one to the field, so i’ll special summon Sapphire Pegasus, and use his ability to put Cobalt Eagle in the spell and trap zone. » Sapphire Pegasus rose and a Cobalt appeared on the field.
« I’m back! » (1800/1200)
« I’ll tribute Sapphire for Magna-Slash Dragon. » Muri said, as the Dragon came back. (2400/1200)
« I activate Bottomless Trap Hole. » Kiros countered.
« That’s a pain. » Muri sighed. « Well, my turn is over. »
Kiros drew. « I’ll attack with Dimacari for 1600. » he said coldly.
« This duel is over now. » Muri said. « but will it be out this turn or next. I’ll activate Rainbow’s Gravity. Not many people get to experience this, so you’re lucky you get to see it. » Muri said. « Rainbow’s Gravity can only be triggered when i have 7 different crystal beasts on the field or in the graveyard…
Now i have Cobalt Eagle and Emerald Tortoise on my field and in the graveyard is Amethyst Cat, Ruby Carbuncle, Amber Mammoth, Topaz Tiger and Sapphire Pegasus… »
« Rainbow’s Gravity allows me to Special summon from my deck or my graveyard RAINBOW DRAGON!! » And Muri’s great white Rainbow Dragon burst from the ground in magical colours. (4000/0)
« GOD-DAMN!! » Knuckles swore as he leaned back to look up at the magnificent creature.
« Very nice. » Zewl smiled.
« Wow…that’s beautiful. » Amy said, in awe.
« I’m bored. » Kiros stated. « Can we just say you win? »
« Fraid’ not. This duel needs to end. » Muri replied.
« Then I’ll end my turn. »
Muri drew her card. « I’ll use Crystal Blessing and return Sapphire Pegasus and Ruby Carbuncle to the spell and trap zone. » She said. « I’ll now use Rainbow Dragons ability and send all the Crystal beasts i control to the graveyard and she gets 1000 attack for each of them. With 4, that’s an extra 4000 attack points. » Muri explained, as the red, blue, cobalt and green gems on the Dragons next lit up. (8000 ATK) « Now, i’ll attack your dimacari. »
Rainbow Dragons massive blast headed straight for Kiros’ monster, but at the last minute a shield appeared in front of Dimacari, reflecting the attack away, some of it hitting Kiros<750> When the field had cleared, Dimacari was still standing.
« Huh? » Muri asked in confusion. « I don’t get it, what happened? »
« My equip spell. » Kiros said. « If the monster it is equipped to is destroyed, I destroy the spell card instead. »
« Hm…I thought the impact of the blast would have won me the duel, guess i wait another turn, your turn. » Muri said.
« Not quite. » Kiros interrupted her.
« You still attacked. Which means I can activate Dimacari’s effect, and return him to my deck. If I bring out this guy…. » he trailed off as he searched through his deck. « …Gladiator Beast Murmillo (800/400), then his effect sends your dragon packing! »For the first time in the duel, Kiros seemed his old self again. Smiling as his monster appeared on the field.
« And there he is.. » Zewl remarked. « We got him back. »
Muri then burst into tears. « No one has ever ever ever beaten my dragon. » She then pouted like the little girl she was supposed to be.
Kiros drew. « Hey, don’t take it so badly. »
Hitomi’s spirit form appeared. « Hita! Gimmie back my body! » Hita turned to Hitomi’s spirit form and repeated what she did to Hetoma.
« Mmmmm! » She mumbled with her tongue out. This made everyone fall over comically, except Muri and Nazaruda’s team.
Muri sighed. « Oh well… » She said sadly. « You still wanna give up? » She asked.
« Hell no, not when I’m about to win! » Kiros replied happily. « I summon Gladiator Beast Andal (1900/1500) and with your field empty, both my monsters are free to attack you! »
« So, did you learn yet? » Nazaruda asked.
Kiros blinked as his monsters charged at Muri. « I was supposed to be learning something? » The gang sweat dropped.
« Yes, this duel was foretold by a friend of mine. » Nazaruda replied.
Muri was struck down, the duel ending. <0>
« What else were you told? » Kiros asked, not even noticing he’d won the duel.
« Well, that during a fierce battle, you’d lose your spirit, and i would be the one to restore it at the sacrifice of one i cherish. » Nazaruda said.
« Sacrifice…… » Kiros pondered. « What do ya mean? It was only a duel…. »
« Sacrifice?! What do you mean by that?! » Muri asked, fearfully.
« She speaks many tongues, to her a sacrifice can be anything from life to a duel. We must leave now, but i’m sure our paths with cross again. » and Nazaruda then vanished, along with his crew, save for Muri, who sighed.
« That was interesting to say the least. » Blaze trailed. Kiros walked up to Muri and smiled at her.
« I’m sorry I wasn’t all there in our duel. » Muri looked up at Kiros, and gave a feint, unusual smile. She then carefully wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, pressing her cheek against his, and whispered in his ear.
« Thank you… » A tear rolled down he cheek and hit Kiros’ cheek as well.
« For what. » he whispered back. When she let go, she took a few steps and the chain on her left ankle shattered, it turned into seven coloured dark matter and blew away.
Kiros looked puzzled, but smiled at her anyway, feeling stupidly happy for some reason.
Muri then looked like she was concentrating, and the jewel on her forehead lit up, and she began to rip a hole in the space time continuum. When it had opened, everyone could see Station Square in it.
« Bye bye. » She said, then leaped through it.
« Wahoo, a quick way home! » Silver leaped into the air. Hitomi took over her body and became her normal self, cracking her neck left and right. Hermana walked up, still covered in bandages from the incident at the tournament.
« Hi, sis. » She said, smiling. Hitomi turned around to Hermana, fell to her knees and wrapped Hermana in a hug.
« I’m so glad you’re okay. » she said.
Kiros smiled as he felt his cheek, where Muri had touched him. He too jumped through the portal. Mitsuko and Zewl chuckled as Kiama stood looking at Hitomi.
« Looks like our boys found himself a girlfriend. » Mitsuko laughed.
« Ah yes, and a pretty one at that. » Zewl nodded. « Maybe he’ll learn to protect others, aswell as himself now. » With that, the old mole headed to the portal, Mitsuko pulling Kiama with him as they too jumped.
Hitomi stood, lifted Hermana into her arms and went though the portal, slowly followed by everyone else.
Back in Station Square, mostly everyone had managed to get back safely, except the odd few in a pile. Silver had seemed to have landed on Kiama in a rather….inappropriate kind of way. He started to laugh awkwardly, but he soon stopped when Mitsuko pulled him off his little sister and threw him aside.
« You okay Ki? » Mitsuko asked as Silver landed roughly. Knuckles walked over and randomly pointed and laughed at Silver. Muri had already disappeared.
Kiros sighed happily before starting to walk off. Tails was up and walking again, with Rei, who was holding that box.
« Hey, Kiros. » she called.
He spun on the spot, nearly falling over himself. « Woah…oh, hey Tails, what’s up? »
« About that house thing, mind if you come back and talk about it at some point? » She asked.
« House thing? » Amy asked, walking over curiously.
« Screw off, Amy. » Tails said, harshly, limping a little over to Kiros
Amy pouted angrily and pulled her hammer out, as she was about to charge Tails, Shadow stopped her. « Don’t bother, Amy. Leave it. » He said
« Erm…. » Kiros scratched the back of his head. « Sure thing. But I got a lot of things to take care of… » he trailed off. ‘Things I’ve left for way too long’ he thought to himself.
« Sure thing, well, I’ll catch you later then. » Tails smiled. « Meanwhile, Rei, you’re coming with me so I can fix you properly. » Rei nodded and smiled.
Hita appeared next to Hitomi, Hermana had fallen asleep. Hitomi looked at her awkwardly.
« I got you a date. » She said. This made Hitomi nearly fall over.
« WHAT?! » She barked at Hita.
“Don’t yell at me, you’re the one always moaning that you never get any…so I got you a date, deal with it.” Hita snapped back, the two continued to bicker.
On top of a building, three people stood looking down on the group.
“Very interesting.” The middle one said. “Let us begin searching for those who are to be tested.”
“Yes, lets.” The left one said.
“Once we found them, we’ll send our friend to invite them.” The last said. The laughed and vanished.
A Demonic Duel
Honey Coated Duelling