❯ The Dream Demon – The Awakening ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It had been an incredible find. Ater the war had calmed down and they had all gone off for about a year to finish unsettled business, they had come back. When Aang was 13, now 16, Toph 13, now 16. Katara 16, now 19, and Sokka 17, now 20. They all met up and decided to explore the world. They traveled everywhere. Having mini adventures here and there. But a big milestone was when Katara and Sokka’s Gran Gran had passed away. They all went back to the North pole. Katara was heartbroken.Sokka even more sullen then usual. Toph was sad, but not as bad as Katara. Aang was sad but he was still optomistic. After that they just sort of drifted over the ocean, on coastlines. Then they started to explore again. Which led them to the deserted temple in the middle of a giant desert. They had found a few old instruments that Aang recognized. So they took them.

« Aang, you shouldn’t play around with it, you don’t know what it does! » Katara said. They had stopped in a lush forest where there was a pond and a waterfall. Toph was getting swimming lessons from Katara at the moment when she noticed Aang playing with the instrument. « It could hurt you! »

« Katara, I think I know what I’m doing. » Aang replied. As he argued with Katara about whether he really did know what he was doing. He moved a piece of wood into a slot and it started to glow.

« Huhh! » Katara gasped. She backed away.

A blue slit in the air gradually became thicker. It opened up and a person stepped out. No one noticed that a piece of paper rolled up like a scroll fell out of the instrument.

The slit vanished The person, a girl, had her head bent towards the ground. She had black hair. she was dressed like Katara. When she shifted her head up looking towards her, Katara noticed her eyes. They were glimmering rainbow colors. Katara stared, mezmorized. Then, taking everyone by surpise, she started to bend lighting.

But it didn’t look like lightning. It was multicolored. She moved her hands gracefully, much more pefect then the deceased Azula. With one swift movement, she shot the energy at Katara. Aang jumped into the air to defend her but it was too late.

The bolt hit her and she flew backwards, landing on the ledge above the pond. She rolled over the edge and splashed into the water. Steam came up everywhere. Sokka ran over to the ledge and dove into the pond. While Aang brought down his staff onto the girl. She seemed to move just out of reach of the staff and slid into the ground.

With that, Aang ran over and jumped into the pond. Sokka was still under the water. Toph was standing at the edge of the beach. She searched for Katara. She stamped her foot onto the ground and stuck out her fists and turned them 90 degrees. A thick pillar of rock shot up onto the surface of the water. Katara was sprawled out onto it.

Aang and Sokka surfaced and climbed onto the pillar. Toph jumped onto it. Sokka put his ear to Katara’s mouth. « She’s still breathing. » Aang waterbended some water over his hands and moved them gradually over Katara’s body.

« She’s in some sort of coma. » He reported.

Sokka let out a long sigh. « Maybe theirs a medical expert in Ba Sing Se. Lets pack up and head out. »

They packed everything up and were just about to fly away to get Katara to Ba Sing Se when Aang saw something. « Whats that? » He ran to a tree and looked in between the roots. There was a scroll in between the roots. He picked it up and climbed onto Appa. They had a long way to go. Almost 3000 miles to Ba Sing Se. Hopefully they would pass by a first aid hut before they got there.

The Dream Demon – Ba Sing Se