❯ The Dream Demon – Ba Sing Se ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2:

Sokka stared at the bottom of Appa’s sattle. The place where Momo usually perched sat bare. He missed Momo, who had gotten captured by the Fire Nation… « Aang, what’s that thing that you picked up by that tree? »

« Huh? » Aang rolled his eyes while he was thinking. « Oh! Here. It’s a scroll that I found just beore we flew off. I don’t know where it came from, see if you can figure it out. »

Sokka undid the ancient black string that was holding it rolled up. The paper was old. It had rips and it was warped from water. He could barely read what it said, « Deieshia. The Dream Spirit Demon… » The rest was unreadable.

Then he suddenly understood. The girl was a spirit monster! She must have done something to Katara to put her in the state she was in at the moment. « Looks like we are going to need to pay a visit to our friend, Iroh. »

« Why? » Toph asked. She knew that Iroh was smart and wise but she didn’t understand. How could he help?

« At the north pole, he seemed to know about the spirits. » Sokka told Toph what had happened during their stay at the North Pole.

« Well, he is a professor at the University of Ba Sing Se. So we will go there as soon as we get their. » Aang said.

And I am going to see Suki…Sokka thought. He smiled and fumbled with something in his pocket.


The ride to Ba Sing Se had been a rather short one, for nothing really happened now that the war was over. The only big things were the rebuilding of nations. To Aangs relief, they had found a band of Air Nomads traveling in the mountains surround a desert. The South Pole was also being rebuilt. They saw Ba Sing Se and knew they were going to have a welcoming that they knew all to familiar.

Hundred of people swarmed around Appa and thanked and stared in awe at the legendary gang. When Aang asked they where Iroh was, they led them too a big dome. Iroh was in his office, writing in a scroll. When he saw the gang, he greeted them warmly, « How may I help you? » He asked after the greetings were done.

Aang explained their predicement and Iroh frowned throughout the whole story. « Sokka, what was the name of the spirit that you read on the scroll again? » Aang asked.

« Deieshia, The Dream Spririt Demon. »

Iroh’s eyes lit up but his face dropped. « You have unleashed a monstrocety among our world. » He said. « I need to gather a few things and do a little reasearch before I can help, come back tonight. In the meantime, go to the infirmary and get Katara a bed. She will be fine as long as she is not disturbed. »

Sokka was again, fumbling with the thing in his pocket. He thought of Suki and smiled.

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