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Chapter 22: The Dragon Soldier Lives!
After Pegasus’s big announcement, Knuckle was hanging around the park.
« Man, 500 points? That’s it? That makes me a G ranked duellist… » He sighed.
« Guess I better start duelling away and get some points. Let’s see this thing… » Knuckles began to fiddle with his new duel disk, searching on the large screens for duellists he could get points off of. Silver and Cream walked over.
« Hey, Knuckles. » Silver said, waving. « So, what was the rank they gave you? »
« G…500 points. » Knuckles said. « You? »
« 100…making me a U class duellist. »
« Ouch. »
« Shame for you two. » Cream said. « I have 2600 points, that’s an E rank. »
« No way! » Knuckles and Silver shouted simultaneously.
« Hi guys. » Amy said, walking over to join them. « Nice job on getting E rank, Cream, I’m impressed. »
« What about you Amy? » Silver asked.
« 21300 points, B rank. » Amy replied.
« …..that’s uncool… »
« Well, I’m happy for you Amy. » Cream said.
« So, anyone know the points you need to advance? » Knuckles asked.
« Didn’t Pegasus mention? » Silver questioned.
« I don’t remember so, just when he said how many each duellist is worth. »
« I see… »
« Well, Let’s think, you’re 500 points, i’m 100, maybe 500 is for me to get to G. » Silver thought.
« Maybe… »
« I want to know why we are suddenly being ranked. » Amy said.
« Me too, maybe a big event is coming up or something. » Cream replied.
« I think Pegasus mentioned something big was coming. »
« We should get working on getting as high as we can, then shouldn’t we? » Knuckles said.
A brown rabbit with white ears wanders near the group pressing things randomly on her duel disk then notices who they are, she then almost shouts.
« Hi! »
This made Cream cower behind Silver a little.
« Wow, that was unexpected, Hi… » Knuckles said, still slouched on his bench as the other two look at her.
« Know her? » Amy asked.
« Not a clue… »
« You’re Amy, Knuckles, and Cream and…um… » The rabbit says excitedly, scratching behind her ear as she tries to think of the last name.
Silver fell over comically. « Silver…. » He told her, before recovering his composure.
« Wow! I can’t believe I am actually seeing you, please please please will one of you duel with me! » The rabbit says still excited, almost jumping up and down. Cream walked from behind Silver, no longer cowering, but not offering to duel.
« What’s your rank, little one? » Amy asked.
« Um…I’m not exactly sure » The rabbit smiles sweetly, seeming a little clueless. Amy walked over to her and activated her duel disk and began tinkering it.
« Activate your disk, could you? » Amy said. « So, what’s your name? »
« Ribbon » The rabbit says as she activates her disk. Amy clicked the scan button, and the duel disks connected.
« Duel disk reading…please hold… » It said. After some time, it spoke again. « Duel Disk belongs to Ribbon, Beginner Duellist, Rank U. » It said.
« Oh, that’s a shame, but to be expected…sorry sweety, but duelling you would seem mean. » Amy said to her. She deactivated the disk and walked back over to the others. Knuckles stood.
« A U Duellist wouldn’t get me many points…but i could go for some practise. » He activate his disk and shuffled his deck, slotting it.
« Duel disk activated, Knuckles the Guardian of Master Emerald, Rank G duellist, scanning for opponents. » His disk said.
« Yea! This should be fun. » Ribbon smiles again as she quickly gets her deck, shuffling it and slotting it in.
« Scanning disk found. Initiating duel sequence. » Her disk said.
« Let’s duel. » The said simultaneously, drawing 5 cards each.
« Ribbon is the lower level duellist, Select turn begin, please. » Her disk said again.
« Since I get to choose…I will go first! » Ribbon says as she draw’s her 6th card. « Hmm…I will start with my Ultimate insect LV3 in attack. » A small insect appears (1400/900) « and now i will put 2 face downs, your turn. »
Knuckles drew. « I’ll set one card down and summon Gearfried the Iron Knight. » Knuckles said, as his monster appeared. (1800/1600)
« I activate Light of intervention, now set cards are shown. »
« I’ll attack your insect. » Knuckles said.
« Sorry but…Sakuretsu armor! » Ribbon smiles.
Knuckles snuffed as his monster exploded. « I’ll end. »
Ribbon drew « Alright, I will start by letting my insect evolve. » Ribbon’s insect grew to LV5. (2300/900) « Now I sacrifice my insect to bring out my Gigaplant. » (2400/1200)
« Which will allow me to special summon my Doom Dozer, by discarding the two insects in my graveyard » The doom dozer rises to the field from the ground. (2800/2600)
« Nice move… » Silver said.
« An insect user, this should be fun. » Amy replied.
« Now…my Gigaplant may have the first attack on you » The Gigaplant throws a vine at Knuckles. Knuckles was struck by it and knocked away. <5600> « And now…My Doom Dozer. » Ribbons Dozer charges at Knuckles.
« No go, I’ll use MY Sakuretsu Armor! » Knuckles activated his trap.
« Pff… » Ribbon sighs as her Dozer gets destroyed. « And now I will end. »
Knuckles drew. « I’ll summon my Warrior Lady of the Wasteland in Defence position. » (1100/1200) « And end. »
Ribbon drew. « Hm…oh yeah, mind if I ask something? » Ribbon smiles sweetly.
« What? » Knuckles asked.
« After this duel please could you take me to see your other friends? please please please. »
« …Why? » Knuckles questioned.
« I really want to meet them, pleeeease. » Ribbon twists slightly and does puppy dog eyes. Knuckles and Silver sweat drop.
Amy smiled. « I don’t see why not. »
« Yea!! And if I win, will you hold my hand while you take me there, Knuckles.? » She winks sweetly.
« Wait…what?! » Knuckles backed off a little. « Silver…Be a bud and…help me… »
« You’re on your own, man. » Silver chuckled.
Knuckles growled. « Okay, but if I win, you have to ride Silvers back all the way there. » Knuckles said, as revenge on Silver. « Also, if you do win, he has to hold your other hand. » Knuckles added.
« Hey! Don’t involve me you idiot! » Silver barked.
« Hehe! Fine with me, now let’s continue! »
Ribbons Gigaplant disappears and a giant beetle appears to replace it « I will speed things up by sacrificing my plant for my saber beetle as you may see, now attack his warrior! » The beetle dives at the warrior. (2400/600)
« What do I get if I win, though? » Knuckles asked, as his monster was destroyed.
« You already made those rules, I ride Silvers back there. » Ribbon smiles again as the beetle lands, then dives at Knuckles.
« That’s just benefitting you, so I still want something if I win. » Knuckles countered. « And what the hell?! » He was struck and knocked back. <4400>
« Oh yea…you take damage to the different between my beetles attack and your monsters defence, and if you want something else just ask. » She smiles again.
« Not that i can think of anything i need from a perfect stranger… » Knuckles thought to himself.
« Just shut up and duel. » Amy barked in frustration.
« Oops…seems we annoyed Amy…I end. » Amy rubbed her temples, with pulsing veins, trying to calm herself.
Ribbon waves over at Knuckles « Going to take your turn…? »
« I still want something though. » Knuckles said as he drew.
« How bout she gives you a kiss! » Amy barked at him.
« Are you nuts! I got a girl, you know! » Knuckles barked back.
« Tikal has been missing for weeks! It’s clear it’s over between you two! » Amy and Knuckles finally stopped barking and Knuckles concentrated on the game.
« Well…we will think of what I will do if I lose, but I doubt it. » Ribbon smiles.
« I summon Gearfried The Iron Knight. » Knuckles said. (1800/1600) « And end my turn. »
« He won’t win at this rate… » Cream said.
Ribbon drew « I place a face down, and attack your Knight with my Beetle. » Ribbon’s beetle dives at Gearfried. Gearfried is destroyed. <3800>
« Your turn. »
Knuckles drew. « I’ll use Smashing Ground, this destroys the monster with the highest defence on your field. »
« Oh…damn. » Ribbon frowns slightly as her beetle is destroyed.
« I’ll use Reinforcement of The Army to bring my Gearfried the Iron Knight back to my hand and then resummon him to the field. » (1800/1600)
« Sorry…I don’t feel like taking lifepoint damage, Bottomless trap hole. »
“Darn… » Knuckles said. « That’s it, my turns over. »
Ribbon drew « Oh…This card will do great; I activate Premature Burial to bring back my Saber Beetle. » (7200) (2400/600) « Now…direct attack! » Ribbons beetle dives at Knuckles
Knuckles was knocked on his ass. <1400> « This sucks… » He said.
« Your go, I end. »
Knuckles drew. « I’ll set one card and summon Mystic Swordsman LV2. » (900/0) « And end. »
« Knuckles is owned… » Silver laughed.
Ribbon drew « Oh…what luck, i activate mystical space typhoon on your face down. »
« Ah, crap… » Knuckles said as his Magic Cylinder was blown away.
Silver was now rolling on the floor in tears laughing.
« Hehe…finish it my beetle. » Ribbons beetle goes in at the swordsman. With that, the duel was over. <0> The duel disk began making noises and the point system appeared where the life points were. Ribbon looks down at the numbers for a moment not sure what they were for, before running next to Knuckles, she holds her hand out. smiling.
« Knuckles Guardian of Master Emerald loses 110 points and is downgraded to U Class Duellist. » His disk said as he comically started crying.
“Ribbon has earned 220 points. No advancement.” Ribbons said.
« It’s not fare…It’s not fare i tell ya… » He moaned.
« Oh well, you win some, you lose some, where to? » Amy asked. Knuckles shook it off, then defeated, took Ribbon’s hand.
« Tails house is where everyone usually gathers. » He said.
« See ya then. » Amy began to walk off.
« Amy, you can’t avoid Tails forever, let’s just go… » Cream said to her. Amy sighed
« Fine… »
« I can’t believe I am a U Class… » Knuckles comically cried again.
« It’s ok… » Ribbon leans against knuckles slightly then looks at silver, holding her other hand out « Knuckles said you had to as well… »
Silver now started comically crying and took it. The two looked like scolded babies, which made Cream and Amy laugh at them.
« Sooo, which way we going? » Ribbon smiles at Amy and cream
« To the station. » Cream said, marching on, giggling still at the two boys. Everyone followed her.
Mitsuko and Zewl entered the dark alleyway that led to the city’s crime ridden underworld. The stench that came from the dark depths was so strong Mitsuko had nearly thrown up when it had first hit his senses. But now, he and the old man made their way to the place they knew Kiros would be. Strangely though, as they walked through what should have been packed streets, it looked just like a ghost town.
« I don’t get it Zewl… » Mitsuko whispered. « You said this place was Crime-Central of the city… »
Zewl nodded. « It is…or at least, it should be.. »
« Then where is everyone? » Mitsuko asked as he looked around.
« I mean, it’s Friday, and as it’s payday everyone should be out taking drugs and screwing whores. »
A figure in a pitch black cloak walked around the corner, looked at the two and halted, standing still.
Both Mitsuko and Zewl activated their duel-disks, and slotted their decks. « I thought these goons were gone. » Mitsuko muttered.
Instead of the figure activating a duel disk, it drew a shockingly familiar sword. The sword of the Black Luster Soldier.
« Hiei….. » Zewl said. « Is that you my old friend?! »
« ‘Old friend’…don’t pity me like we were ever chums… » Hiei said from within the darkness of his cloak as he pulled his sword into stance.
« Humph! » Zewl grunted. « I see your attitude hasn’t changed at all since we last encountered each other. »
« We weren’t friends then, we’re not friends now, and i don’t ever expect us to be in the future, after all, i saught to kill you all and seal your souls, for what reason would you like to befriend a monster like that? » Hiei questioned.
« Daddy, stop it… » Said another voice, which made Hiei stand down a little and look over his shoulder. A small girl in a black cloak, though not hooded, with long pink that covered half her face all the way down to her waist appeared.
Mitsuko turned to Zewl. « Look old man, as interesting as this is, we have better things to do. » The mole nodded, and they carried on walking.
« You’re looking for that brat kid, aren’t you? » Hiei asked, taking his hood down. Kerin looked at the group with her strange, yet beautiful Imperial Violet eyes.
Zewl turned. « We are indeed. As perhaps you are looking for Aqua? »
« Not at all, I know exactly where she is. » Hiei said. « And i can help you as well, if you want it. »
« And why would you want to help us? » Mitsuko asked suspiciously.
« Because it’s not you I want to kill anymore. » Hiei said. « We’re both after the same enemy and right now they are more formidable and annoying than your group. »
« Whatever you might think pal, we aren’t after anyone. We just want to find our friend. Whatever business you have ain’t nothing to do with us. » Mitsuko replied defensively.
« Hold on Mitsuko. » Zewl interrupted. « Would this enemy be those we encountered at your fortress? » the old man asked.
« He’s my enemy and soon he’ll be yours too. » Hiei said. « That is if he isn’t already. »
« So where is Kiros then? » Mitsuko demanded.
« My daughter ran into him just before he came here, we were able to prevent him from getting himself killed. » Hiei replied calmly.
« I sent him in a direction that should have interested him, though not telling him what he’d find or why, but I told him that the direction led to the ones who finished the job he changed heart on. »
Zewl bowed before the girl. « We owe you our thanks then it would seem. »
Kerin shrugged. « He was cute. » She said.
« So once again you manipulate others to whatever twisted schemes you have. » Mitsuko flared. « Now tell me where you sent him so we can find our friend and finally be rid of you. »
Hiei walked over to Mitsuko and knocked him to the floor. « Actually… » He said. « I never manipulated him at all. »
Kerin ran over and tugged on Hiei’s right arm
« Daddy, stop it! » She cried out.
The lion growled as he rose to his feet. Zewl shook his head. « ENOUGH!! » he boomed. « We are no longer enemies, so let’s at least try and act with some civility. Now, Hiei, where did you send Kiros? »
Kerin glared at Mitsuko. « Go to the forest outside of town beyond the big arcade, Kiros should be there. » She said.
Hiei looked at Mitsuko. « I have no problem ripping your skull out from your head, but i’m not going to since i no longer give a two bit shit about your well being. If you are wise, rather than an idiot, you’ll concentrate on how you’re going to counter a blow by Nazaruda before he screws you up far beyond what i did to you. » Hiei then walked off, Kerin bowed to the two.
« Sorry about him. » She said, before running after Hiei.
« What an arse…. » Mitsuko growled. Zewl chuckled and gripped the lions shoulder.
« My friend, proud as you are, you are no match for Hiei. Let it drop, and let’s concentrate on finding Kiros. » The lion nodded, and they headed off to the forest Kerin had mentioned.
Meanwhile, in said Forest, Kiros was sneaking around, hoping he would surprise his enemies, rather than be surprised by them.
« I must be mad to actually go after these bastards…. » he muttered to himself. « But I have to take out Oryas, and if I can, Nazaruda, before they can hurt anyone else…….Like Kirika… » he finished as he walked into a clearing, and found the young woman lying, beaten and bruised in a heap. Running over to see if she was okay, he tripped on a uprooted branch and ended up face-down in the mud. Kirika looked almost lifeless, not moving even when Kiros fell over. He picked himself up, and sat down beside the fallen woman, checking her over quickly before trying to wake her. « Kirika…. » he whispered. Kirika moaned a little, she was definitely still alive, if not nearly dead and bleeding all over. « Oh shit… » Kiros cursed as he began to rip and tear his t-shirt into makeshift bandages, trying to stem the loss of blood. « Kirika! » he said a little louder. « Wake up Kirika! »
Kirika slowly opened her eyes a little. « Huh? » She moaned.
« Oh thank god… » the hare sighed with relief. « Kirika, what happened? »
« Huh? What? » Kirika looked around a little. « Where am I? »
Kiros helped her sit up. « You’re in the eastern forest. You look like you got beaten up pretty good. »
« What? Who…? » Kirika rubbed her bruised head and face. « My head hurts… »
Kiros chuckled. « I’m not surprised. You look like you got hit by a train! »
Kirika looked toward Kiros. « Oh…um…do I know you…? » She asked.
Kiros blinked. « Don’t tell me you have amnesia….do you know who you are? » he asked. Kirika thought for a moment.
« No…. »
Kiros fell over comically. « Oh hell…. » he muttered. « Come on, let’s get you out of here. This is not the place to be sitting down for a rest…. »
« I… » Kirika then went dizzy and fell back unconscious.
« Hey Kiros!!! » a familiar voice shouted from behind him. Kiros turned, and saw Mitsuko and Zewl emerge from the trees.
« Hey guys!! » he waved. « Need some help here!! » he shouted as they came closer towards him and Kirika. Mitsuko hefted her onto his shoulders while Zewl hugged the young hare.
« You’re in trouble young man! » he said sternly. « But I think we should leave this place as soon as possible… »
« Hang a carrot in front of a donkey and it’ll go wherever you lead it. » Said an eerie voice that seemed to be around them all. All 3 readied themselves, Kiros and Zewl activating their duel-disks, Mitsuko doing the same after he’d placed Kirika on the ground gently. Nazaruda walked out from the higher ground, hands in pocket, long coat following on the floor. He walked toward them, but stopped a good distance away. « So, you found the girl and now you’re going to save her by trying to defeat me pointlessly. »
« I’ll manage it. » said Kiros confidently. Zewl and Mitsuko sweat dropped at him, but he just winked at them.
Nazaruda yawned. « I’m sorry, but i don’t feel like wasting my time on you. Just go ahead and take Kirika, she’s all but used up her worth to me now and not being able to remember as i see from here, then she’ll be of no bother to me anytime soon either. Have you looked at your duel rankings yet? » Nazaruda asked them.
« Erm…..duel rankings? » Kiros asked blankly. Zewl shrugged. Only Mitsuko was able to provide him with an answer.
« Apparently I’m an ‘S’ rank, if that means anything. »
« It suits your typical skill. » Nazaruda said. « I’m interested to know the other two, though. »
« Not a clue I’m afraid. » Zewl replied. Kiros still looked blank.
Nazaruda pulled his duel disk and put it on, activating it. « It’s simple, you press the info button which usually tells you information about the model of the duel disk, it’s been systematically altered so that when you press it, you get information on yourself as a duellist. » He pressed it.
« Duel disk belongs to Nazaruda, Dark Dragon Lord, Rank Z. » The duel disk said aloud. Kiros and Zewl both pressed the buttons on their disks.
« Duel disk belongs to Zewl, Earth Master, rank S++ » The moles disk beeped.
« Duel Disk belongs to Kiros, The Gladiator, Rank A+ » Kiros’ answered.
« S++….that’s not a bad score, old man. » Nazaruda narrowed his eyes.
Zewl smiled back politely, his eyes flashing slightly. « Well, I try. » he replied.
« Naturally, you’re merely a score away from the best of the best, such as me. Hopefully we’ll meet one day in the duel arena, until then, I look forward to it. » Nazaruda said.
« So do I… » the old man muttered.
« Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run a few errands before the day is night. » Nazaruda then proceeded to walk toward and past them. He stopped momentarily. « By the way… If you want to save that girl, you might want to make haste; even she only has so much blood in her body to keep her alive. » Then he continued. The three shook themselves, Mitsuko picking Kirika back up and the three heading back to Tail’s place.
Changes all around.
Things turning for the worst, for friends and foes alike.