Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ The Deal ( Chapter 4 )

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“Hey, where did 2nd lieutenant go?” Fuery asked as he set a new radio on his desk.
“I saw him clock in.” Breda stuffed some chips in his mouth. “Then I saw him go to the library.”
“2nd lieutenant Havoc went to the library to gather information on a case.” Riza told them. “Today we will be doing his work as well so we will be having lunch at a later time.”
“How late will it be?” Fuery asked.
“Not until 3:15PM.”
Breda sighed and tossed his chip bag in the trash.
At 3:15PM, Riza left the office and went to meet Havoc at the café.
“I was able to get about 5 more pages, front and back, done.” the male lit a cigarette. “Same thing as before: recipes, weird ingredients, and pentagrams. Well not all the same. I missed the actual first page.” he handed the woman across from him the paper.

From the binds of darkness,
where the shadows are so thick,
no light can reach through.
While blood runs cold,
the souls scream in eternal agony.

Words bled onto unholy parchment,
so no damage could be done to the oaths within,
from the binds of an ancient Past,
Where sins freely taint the white butterfly wings,
and to those who recite these cursed vows
shall be doomed to enter this book upon their life’s end.
The blood on our hands is the wine,
as you become the next sacrifice.

“Oh my…do you know what this could mean?”
“If had to guess, I would say it’s some kind of warning.” Havoc put his cigarette on the ash tray. “I don’t exactly understand this book but, I did some searching and everything say’s there have been books like this since the dark ages. There have been incidents where the things in this book have come true.
“…do you believe any of it?”
“I can’t say I don’t but I do know you should be careful. If something were to happen to you, many people never forgive themselves.” Jean frowned slightly.
Riza smiled some and shook her head. “I’ll keep that in mind.” she giggled softly at the blushing man across from her.
It was late into the night before anyone was able to go home.
“Come back early tomorrow morning. We’re still behind in our work and we need to catch up. We’ll be having a late lunch as well.” Riza told her co-workers. “You can bring something to eat while you work, just don’t get any stains on the papers.” she watched as Breda gave a small cheer.
Not too long after, Fuery, Breda, and Falman left, leaving havoc and Hawkeye alone in the room.
“Have a good night; I’ll do more of the translations tonight.” Havoc reached for the book but Riza got to it first.
“There’s no need, besides; you should go rest, you need a break anyways.” she put it in her jacket.
“Oh, well thank you.” he smiled. “I’ll be going then.” he smiled and let, leaving the woman alone.
After closing up the office, Riza quickly made her way back to the shop.
“Hello? Is anyone here?” the woman made sure to look all around to make sure Rapbit wasn’t lurking around like last time. “Excuse me, ma’am?” stepping in all the way, she let the door close, causing the bell to ring.
“Ah, you’ve come.”
Riza turned around fast and saw the dark haired woman standing behind the counter. “I’m sorry if I came when you were about to close.”
“Dun worry about it dear. Now, what brings you back here?” the woman snapped her fingers and the candles that were placed around the room were lit up, brightening up the room.
Riza jumped in surprise. “How did you do that?” she looked around the room and the various candles.
“Don’t be so surprised darling. If you believe and practice enough you’ll be able to do that and much more.” She snapped her fingers again and this time she stood right in front of the blonde woman. “So, waddaya say? Wanna join me?”
Riza was starting to get nervous but despite that, she didn’t bother moving. She could feel that her life was about to get very dangerous if she agreed to this woman’s proposal but that didn’t matter right now, what did matter was that she found out what was going on and what everything that had happened in the last two days meant.
“Join me my dear, join me and become something better.” the strange woman started circling her slowly, like a vulture who circled its food.
“Better? What do you mean?” Riza asked, turning her head to watch the woman move around.
“Say yes and find out. With my help, we can make everything you ever wanted possible. So, waddaya say?”
Riza stared into the woman’s’ eyes. ‘That would be amazing, to have powers like hers. I could get work done faster and have myself know Latin so Jean wouldn’t have to work so hard…Jean…I could I get him to fall in love with me if I say yes? I’d just use the magic to do it…it would be so simple, right?’ she looked down for a moment then back up at the woman.
“Well, my darlin’?”
“I’ll do it.”
“Ah, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”
The candles flicked and the woman pulled the blonde close then kissed her on the lips, sealing the deal.

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