❯ The Darkness – I sit… ( Prologue )

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I sit, wondering why I live,

My insides cold and dead

There is no warmth, no love, no life.

I have no purpose, nothing left,

All washed away in a torrent of pain.

Searing waves of sadness,

Tear away my aching flesh,

Strip my soul bare, and plunge me into madness.

My tormented mind gasps in agony,

And my blood is a river,

Mixed with envy, hatred, revulsion

Swirling in a maelstrom,

Of death, darkness, and evil.

Slowly, it drains, soaking the earth damp.

It leaves me empty, shattered, and broken.

There is nothing left,

Everything is destroyed, and only the void remains.

My body is a charred shell,

Nothing but air flows in my empty veins.

I sit, distraught, and maimed,

Will I rise again, stand tall once more?

Shall rise from the ashes and flame?

Will I see the sun upon my brow,

And feel the wind upon my cheek?

I know not, but only feel nothing….

So much has gone, leaving only decay’s reek.

My will is broken, I rise not on my own,

Will there be a hand to help me,

Or am I destined lie here as food for the crows?