Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ The Conspirators ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Title: Out of the Bag

Author: Dolphin_26

Pairings: Kyo x Yuki, maybe others

Summary: Tohru is frustrated with Kyo and Yuki, who don’t realize that the feelings they have for each other are returned. She enlists the help of Hana and Uo to help her get the two of them together. Along the way she has to deal with other people’s interference and the two boys themselves.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fruits Basket or make any claim of owning it.

This will be in multiple point-of-views not just one persons. It started out as two completely different stories but I just decided to combine them to save the tiny, microscopic piece of sanity I have left.

Rating might go up once I get later chapters written

If you don’t like same sex relationships then DO NOT READ!!!

Italics = thoughts


Chapter 1: The Conspirators

Two hands slammed down onto the table startling one of the three girls sitting at it. Tohru jumped and leaned back away from her blonde friend her eyes wide in shock.

“How can you be so calm about this?” Uo demanded as her hands clenched against the table top. Hana simply sat there eating chips and sipping tea as if this was an everyday occurrence, which it was; though,
Tohru wasn’t normally the one on the receiving end of the blonde’s anger. In fact, Hana could count on one hand the number of times Uo had gotten angry at their somewhat ditzy friend.

“Don’t you love one of them?” THAT got a definite reaction from Tohru but not the one that Uo expected.

The shock melted off of Tohru’s face to be replaced by a tiny, quiet smile-a smile that radiated true happiness and contentment.

Uo blinked a few times before closing her mouth which had dropped. “Huh?” Her anger flowed out of her to be replaced by confusion.

Tohru continued smiling as she answered the blonde’s extremely intelligent question. “I can’t believe so many people think that I’m in love with one of them.” Her gaze was contemplative as it dropped to the table landing on her cup of tea. “There is no way I could ever choose between them since they both hold a place in my heart. I love them both but not like that.” She paused long enough to bring her gaze up to look at both of her friends. “The two of you are like sisters to me, you’re family and that’s how I feel about them. They’ve given me something I haven’t had since Mom died.”

Uo sank back down to the floor as Tohru talked while Hana smiled softly to herself since she’d known how Tohru really felt about the two Sohmas. It seemed like Uo finally was beginning to understand.

“They’ve given me not just a place to stay but rather a home, a true family. All of them: Haru, Yuki, Kyo, Momiji, Hatori, Ayame, Shigure, and even Hiro; they’re my brothers. I’ve never had brothers before. That’s why I’m so glad that Yuki and Kyo care for each other even though neither of them realizes that their feelings are returned. That’s why I want to find a way to help them get together-to make them happy and whole. No one should live their life all alone especially when there is someone right there that can make all of their dreams come true; someone who is patiently waiting to give them everything they need and want.”

Uo looked at her friend as the brunette’s words sank into her mind. I’ve been a fool. Instead of actually taking in to account her true feelings, I’ve tried to push her into a role that I thought she wanted even though all along she’s been trying to tell me otherwise. I’ve never seen her so happy before and I always assumed it was due to falling in love, but I was wrong. She’s happy because right now she’s got everything she wanted. I really need to listen more carefully to her. She glanced over at Hana realizing that the other girl had already known how Tohru really felt. I need to listen more carefully to the both of them, Hana’s been trying to tell me; but I just assumed that I knew how Tohru felt. “So they’re just family, right?”

Tohru nodded, happy that Uo seemed to finally understand what she’d been trying to say this whole time. “That’s right.” She didn’t want to hurt the blonde’s feelings by coming straight out and saying that she was wrong; but, for once, Tohru was ready to take Kyo’s advice about speaking her mind and be blunt because it was so frustrating to be heard yet not understood. Now she didn’t have to. What a relief.

“So how do long do think the Prince and Carrot head have had the hots for each other?” Uo’s voice turned mischievous.

Tohru looked thoughtful for a moment, “Well, I didn’t really notice anything different about their behavior until after Kagura’s last visit.”

“Who’s Kagura?” Hana asked making Tohru realize that her two friends had never met the volatile girl.

“She’s a Sohma and she also really likes Kyo.” Understatement of the year, thought Tohru. “She talks constantly about the two of them getting married, but according to Kyo the only reason why she thinks that way is because she threatened to kill him if he didn’t marry her.”

Uo burst out laughing. Even Hana seemed surprised but she quickly giggled. Uo eventually calmed down enough to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“But, you know, I think that Yuki and Kyo have liked each other for a lot longer. Now that I look back I can see the signs I missed then. So will you guys help me get them together?”
Simultaneously Uo and Hana answered, “Of course we will.”


The following morning:

It was hard. Every day and every hour Kyo had to pretend to hate the one person he loved. Not only did he have to hate the one he loved but he had to watch as others fawned over his love getting to touch him, do things with him and see him; these were things he didn’t get to do and see all because his love thought he hated him.

It was early morning, so early that not even the sun had risen; and Kyo once again found himself sitting on the roof thinking.

Yes, he loved another guy; yet that idea had never bothered him like it seemed to do to so many people. As a member of the cursed Sohma family he had long ago understood that relationships with the opposite sex were impossible–unless you count having a relationship with Kagura, which was completely out of the question as far as Kyo was concerned. He just couldn’t handle the violence of her mood swings and really the only reason he agreed to marry her in the first place was because she was threatening his life. How she came up with the idea that his forced proposal somehow translated to true love he would never know; frankly he wasn’t sure he wanted to know anyways. She only heard what she wanted to hear.

There times he wondered if maybe she and Tohru should get together. They would make a pretty cute couple. Tohru would be able to calm Kagura down while Kagura would be able to boost Tohru’s confidence. For a while he’d thought that Tohru would end up together with either Uo or Hana but Tohru was adamant that while she loved the two girls like sisters, she wouldn’t be able to feel anything more for them. Then again Kagura might be a little too much for Tohru to handle. He could definitely see her getting together with someone like Hatori.

Truth be told, Kyo felt sorry for whoever Tohru fell in love with if they weren’t apart of the Sohma family. The poor person would have to meet all of the Sohma’s and gain their approval if they wanted to date the kind yet ditzy girl.

Kyo knew that just about everyone, his love included, believed that he loved Tohru-everyone except Tohru. They all believed that even though he denied and denied it, especially after that night when Tohru saw his other form. It was true that at the time he had only recognized Tohru’s presence though he dimly remembered Yuki holding onto him and speaking. At first Kyo had thought it was just a dream but a few days later Tohru confirmed that Yuki really had been there holding onto him, unwilling to let go of him.

That crazy rat had held on even though Kyo had hurt him.

It made the orange-haired boy’s heart freeze when he realized just how much he had and even could have hurt the one he loved that night, never realizing it. To his surprise Yuki never brought it up or used it against him; in fact, the rat hadn’t said a word about that night so many months ago.

By now the sun was slowly peeking over the tops of the trees and chasing away the dark of night. The orange-haired boy sighed tiredly; Time to act like I hate him again.


If Tohru had her way then both of her ‘brothers’ would be together. There were times when she just wanted to cry because of how much Kyo cared for Yuki and how much Yuki cared for Kyo-even though he never came right out and voiced it. She smiled happily to herself as she remembered all of the times the grey-haired boy tried to help out Kyo without Kyo’s knowledge. None of those times were over anything major, but they were always things that made school or living with the others just a little bit easier for Kyo.

Even now after all of this time it still seemed odd that she of all people was living with the Sohmas. In the Sohmas, Tohru finally found what she had so desperately been looking for after her mother’s death–a family. In them she gained something she’d never had even with her mother, a whole lot of brothers both younger and older as well as a few sisters. They understood her, accepting her for who she really was.

The sudden smell of food on the verge of burning pulled her back to reality quickly. She automatically jerked the pan off of the burner nearly spilling the contents on her in the process. Breathing a sigh of relief when she saw that she’d pulled the pan away just in time Tohru mentally scolded herself for spacing out again. A happy smile appeared on her face as she heard the sounds of the members of her adopted family moving about preparing for the day. A dull thump told her that Kyo had come in from the roof. Once again Shigure was singing off tune knowing that it would annoy his younger relatives. Sure enough,


Tohru giggled as she heard the older male reply in a sing song tone. What he said she didn’t know but even from downstairs in the kitchen she could hear the sound of Yuki’s door slamming open instantly followed by a cry of pain from Shigure. She giggled harder knowing that Shigure would come down the stairs crying and holding onto his head all the while moaning about how Yuki didn’t love him.

Sure enough not ten minutes later she heard, “Tohru, Yuki doesn’t love me!!” She hummed happily to herself as the older male came into the kitchen as expected. “Yuki hates me, Tohru!”

However, there was something different about this morning. Normally by now Kyo and Yuki were already trading their usual insults with Kyo usually yelling about how he would beat Yuki, instead there was only silence. Shigure was too busy moaning about his head so he didn’t notice. It’s a good thing too. If he noticed then he’d be upstairs making jokes-jokes neither needs to hear if they ever want to get together. He’d only embarrass them. Even Tohru had times when she couldn’t handle the dog’s comments. Glancing over at the dog to make sure he was still preoccupied with his head, Tohru turned off the stove and slipped out of the kitchen. As she walked up the stairs slowly she wondered what she would find at the top.

When she reached the top the sight she saw made her want to squeal. But if I do that then I’ll disturb them and I don’t want to do that. Giggling to herself silently, Tohru crept back down the stairs to try and keep Shigure from realizing the absence of his relatives’ normal antics.


After coming down from the roof, Kyo went through his usual training regimen before coming back into the house and taking a shower. The routine did nothing to ease the ache in his heart. He had just finished dressing in his room when he heard Shigure walking in the hallway singing a popular song horribly off tune. The orange-haired boy gritted his teeth in irritation. Damn! It’s bad enough he sings off tune, but why the hell does he have to sing a song he knows I can’t stand. I know for fact that Yuki also hates this song. He sighed in relief as the damn dog sang the last verse but his relief was short lived because the dog started singing the song from the beginning. THAT’S IT!!!
He jerked his door open and stomped into the hallway just behind Shigure, who had just walked out of the bathroom. “WOULD YOU STOP SINGING THAT DAMN SONG ALREADY!!”

The dog grinned goofily, “Good morning, Kyo! I just thought I would sing a song to brighten up everyone’s morning so that we’d all have a good day”

He was interrupted by the sound of a door slamming behind him. Kyo could only watch as a gray blur came from Yuki’s room and smacked the dog in the head with what appeared to be an encyclopedia. The dog huddled on the floor with exaggerated tears for a few minutes before standing up and went down the stairs whining, “Tohru, Yuki doesn’t love me!!”

Kyo grimaced at the thought of the older man crying to Tohru, who would more than likely baby him. He looked over to his cousin who was obviously still asleep. This is why I don’t attack him when he first wakes up. Getting my ass handed to me once was enough. God that was embarrassing.

If any of Yuki’s admirer’s, especially his fan club, saw the rat looking like this they would probably try to rape him. He’s adorable. Yuki’s normally stiff and perfect posture was relaxed; his violet eyes, which were usually alert and sharp, were soft and warm; his clothing was a simple pair of pajama pants and a loosely buttoned shirt giving Kyo a nice view of a pale collarbone and a neck that was simply begging to be kissed and licked; and, finally, Yuki’s hair was still messy none of it in place. The overall effect made Kyo want to pull Yuki into his arms just to hold him and not let go. The second thing he wanted to do was drag the rat back into his bedroom to show him just how much this was affecting him.

However, much to his body’s displeasure he was able to restrain the urge-though, for how much longer he could continue to restrain his urges he didn’t know.

A sudden weight leaning against him pulled away from his thoughts. While he was lost in his own little world Yuki had moved to lean against him. The orange-haired boy rolled his eyes since this was a familiar occurrence. For some reason, Yuki seemed to like leaning on him whenever he first woke up. Not that Kyo would complain; after all, it gave him a reason to touch the other that didn’t involve fighting. More and more of Yuki’s weight leaned against him. He’s falling back to sleep, thought Kyo with amusement.

Without him consciously realizing what he was doing, he gave in to the urge to hold his love. His arms came up and wrapped themselves tightly around the smaller boy. He could vaguely hear Yuki mumble something about warmth as he nuzzled his head against Kyo’s chest. Kyo knew there was a smile on his face.

He was so lost in the feeling of holding on to the boy in his arms he failed to see Tohru come up the stairs and the delighted look that graced her face when she saw them.

Kyo’s heart felt like it was going to burst from how hard it was beating. Every time this happened Kyo wanted to cry since even just having Yuki in his arms for this little bit seemed to perfect to be true. After what seemed like forever, he regretfully let go of his cousin knowing that if Yuki didn’t wake up now then he would be late to school. And there is no way in hell that I want anyone at school to see him like this. He barely bit back a possessive growl at that thought. Especially Haru.

Thankfully, Yuki never seemed to remember these times when Kyo was able to show some of his feelings for him.


During the time Yuki had lived in Shigure’s house he’d been woke up in many various ways-only a handful of them had been pleasant. So to be woke up by Shigure’s off tune singing made the grey-haired boy very unhappy. The dog could not-in any way, shape, or form-sing to save his life; and the song he was singing was one that Yuki absolutely hated with a passion. This particular song was really popular with the girls in his school and it seemed to give them way too many ideas. Since the song had hit the airwaves Yuki had been given some very interesting looks along with looks that blatantly told him the girls were scheming.

A sudden bang alerted him to Kyo’s presence. How can he be awake so early?


They were standing close to his door so he could hear Shigure’s response, which pissed Yuki off. Without even realizing he was doing it, Yuki found himself out of bed and grabbing the first thing he could reach-he didn’t know what it was-and hitting that bloody dog with it. After that all he knew was that he was out of bed and he was still so sleepy.

Conveniently, Kyo seemed lost in thought and didn’t realize that Yuki was still there.

On some level Yuki knew he was standing in the hallway leaning against his so called enemy, but he could care less-not when said enemy was willingly letting him stand there, was comfortably warm, and not when Yuki cared for him.

So in reality Kyo wasn’t his enemy.

That was just fine with Yuki. He couldn’t say that he loved the orange-haired boy, not yet; but he did care for him and everyday those feelings grew stronger. He’d noticed those strange feelings right before Kyo had disappeared and those four months had been hell. Stupid cat, you left and I had no clue if you were all right or not. The relief he’d felt when Kyo suddenly reappeared had been staggering to the rat. Of course, he wouldn’t let the stupid cat know it.

One of the things that drew him to Kyo was that he was always so warm. That was one of the reasons why he always leaned against the orange-haired boy when he was just barely awake in the mornings; the other reason was that Kyo was comfortable and made him feel safe. Touching Kyo like that made Yuki forget about being the rat, forget about Akito, and everything that had happened to him. Touching Kyo made Yuki feel whole.

He wanted to go back to bed so badly but a tiny voice inside of him warned him that if he did then he wouldn’t make it to school on time. So in order to shut that stupid voice up he nuzzled his head against Kyo’s chest liking the feel of the other’s body against his. He was more than pleased when Kyo let him stay in his spot. He was even more pleased when Kyo’s arms wrapped around him, holding him. This ensured that he wouldn’t fall and that he was completely surrounded by the warmth he loved. “So warm,” he mumbled against the other’s chest.

Time seemed to stop while Kyo held him. He was almost totally asleep when Kyo’s arms left him. Complaining softly Yuki tried to bury himself even closer to the source of his warmth. A warm chuckle made shivers run down his spine.

“If you don’t wake up you’ll be late for school.”

Yuki frowned refusing to move and said just loud enough for Kyo to hear, “Don’t care.”
Kyo didn’t seem to have a reply to that so Yuki thought he’d won that little argument. However, his joy at the prospect of going back to sleep was ruined when Kyo started speaking again.

“If you don’t wake up, Tohru will get worried and will convince Shigure to call Hatori; and you know that more than likely somehow Ayame will hear about it and will come along with Hatori to check on you.”

Yuki’s frown morphed into horror at the idea that his brother would come to see him. Ayame was hard enough to deal with when he was wide awake; there was no way he could deal with the eccentric snake’s personality when he was still asleep. He pulled back far enough to glare at the other boy and said, “Meanie.” Kyo seemed to be very amused by this. The other’s hair was still damp so he must have taken a shower right before Shigure woke him up. Internally Yuki was disappointed that he missed the chance of seeing Kyo in nothing but a towel. Well, damn.

Finally giving into Kyo and the little voice that kept insisting that he wake up, Yuki reluctantly moved away from the other boy and went to get ready for another exciting day of school.

Exciting-yeah, right.


That’s the end of the first chapter. Originally I hadn’t planned to make this a chaptered story but alas it hasn’t turned out that way. The way I think often confuses me. The first chapter is always the hardest for me to write-it took me all of Spring Break to write it, how sad. I’m so disappointed in myself. I was so determined to get this posted yesterday but got distracted and forgot about it until today.

Anyways, I hope you like it!

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