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Chapter 19: The colours of the rainbow.
Fiona was breaking a little sweat, then turned to Scourge.
« That bomb was supposed to be top notch, WHY did it explode?! Did it malfunction or what?! » She snapped.
« Who cares, this is still in our favour… » Scourge said, trying to calm himself.
Fiona pointed to Kiros, who was shaking with anger, his eyes black with murderous rage. « Look at him Scourge! You think this is still in our favour? » she glanced at Heraklinos. « We’re screwed… »
« Not really, to ‘even’ the odds for the kid, we will reset the life to 4000 and reset the field. » Scourge grinned. ‘I’m such a genius.’
Kiros growled angrily as his monster disappeared with a roar. « Do what you like. It’ll just take me longer to destroy you. » he said darkly.
« In that case, let’s begin. » The 3 reset and shuffled their decks, unbeknownst to them, a 4th duel disk activated taking control over the game and occupying the 4th slot, meaning Kiros life was 4000 rather than the 8000 he should have gotten for the rules.
« So. Who goes first? » Kiros asked, not noticing his lack of lifepoints.
« How satisfactory, i guess you can go fist, since you’re the one with the disadvantage. » Fiona said. « We’re not total assholes you know. »
« Yes you are. » Kiros replied as he drew. « But no matter. Neither of you will be leaving here. I set one monster and place 2 face-downs. »
He glared at Scourge and Fiona. « I end my turn. »
« Hah, two against one and your skills don’t mean squat, brat. » Scourge spat, drawing his card. « You’re mincemeat, how about we make this interesting, hm? »
« What you got in mind? » Kiros replied.
« That girl just died on accident, and if you notice, the cards appear intact, winner takes the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck. » Scourge suggested.
« Look’s like I’ll be getting myself a new deck then. » Kiros said tauntingly. « Now get on with your move. »
« Heh, though it appears he is showing concern for someone we just murdered, looks like he’s no more greedy than us. » Fiona laughed.
« Who cares, we just scored a confirmation that we will be getting that deck, just imagine, we’d be able to take over the world with that power. » Scourge grinned manically.
« First, i’ll summon Archfiend Soldier. » The familiar monster appeared. (1900/1500) « And i’ll activate Nobleman of Crossout to rid you of that monster. »
« Thought you might try something like that. So I reveal my trap, Spell Shield type-8, to negate your spells effect. Try again. » Kiros smirked.
« Hm, no matter. I’ll end here i suppose, make your move boy. » Scourge grinned.
« Don’t mind if I do. » came the reply as our hero went to draw a card. Strangely, how-ever, his duel-disk beeped loudly at him, the words ‘illegal move’ flashing on the lifepoints display. « Hey, what’s the big idea?! »
« I’ll set three cards and summon my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat to the field. » A voice from under the shadows of the construction site said. A pink cat ran out and skidded to a halt next to Kiros. (1200/400)
« Looks like we meet on the same side this time. It will be a pleasure fighting alongside you, Gladiator master warrior. » Amethyst said. Muri walked out and took her place.
Kiros laughed. « Good to see you Amethyst. » he smiled at Muri. « And you. But I don’t want you involved. These pricks are dangerous! » Muri didn’t reply, however after seconds worth of silence, she keeled over and screamed loudly gripping her head.
« Muri! » Amethyst cried in surprise.
Kiros ran over to her, skidding to a halt as he put his arms around Muri. « Hey, hey! What’s wrong Muri? »
Amethyst then knew and moved out the way. « Move aside boy, quickly! » She called to him.
Muri’s crystal on her forehead began to glow and in seconds a large light beam shot into the ground and everything around everyone was covered in a rainbow coloured sand.
Kiros jumped back quickly, landing on his feet but supporting himself with his hands. He looked over to Scourge and Fiona. « You really are screwed now. » Muri stood upright and looked toward the evil duo.
« Now the fun will really begin. » She grinned, nastily, not something Kiros had seen in her before. « My turn is over, so make your pathetic move, once this duel is over, you’ll be in my world and there will be no escape. »
« Pfft, tough talk from just another pitiful girl. » Fiona said as she drew.
« Make your move then… » Kiros said, looking at Muri with an amused, curious look in his eyes.
« I’ll summon Amazoness Paladin. » The Paladin rose and drew her sword for battle. « Her ability gives her 200 attack for each Amazoness on the field. » (1900/300) « However, it’s not over, I’ll set one card and equip her with my Fusion Sword Murasame Blade! Increasing the attack by 800 points. » (2700 ATK) « Match that, the attacks can begin, my turn ends. »
« Piece of cake. » Kiros said as he drew. « I flip summon my Morphing Jar #2, which means we send all our cards back to our decks. »
« You mean our hands, right? » Muri questioned.
Kiros shook his head. « Nope. When he’s flipped, my jar returns ALL monsters on the field to their owners decks. Then, we draw until we find a monster that is level 4 or under, and special summon them face-down in defense. Any other cards we pick up go to the graveyard. »
« But the hands remain as they are? » Muri asked, making double sure.
Kiros grinned. « Yes, the hands remain as they are. »
« Pretty pathetic move for just 1 level 4 monster. » Scourge scoffed. The party did as such. Scourge and Muri didn’t seem to lose and cards, but Fiona discarded 3.
« Not really. » Kiros shrugged. « I’ll flip summon my Gladiator Beast Hoplomus (700/2100) and special summon my Test Tiger, and I’ll tribute him to return my Hoplomus to my deck in order to summon Gladiator Beast Spartacus. » (2200/1600) As Spartacus rose to the field, a card came from Kiros’ deck into his hand. « Then, I’ll summon my Gladiator Beast Secutor (400/300) and return both my monsters to the deck to summon Gladiator Beast Giaodiaz!! » (2600/1500)
« Ah, crap… » Fiona cursed.
« What’s this fucking kid made of, what a lucky bastard… » Scourge added his own, a sweat forming on his forehead.
« Luck? You idiots don’t recognise skill; you’re out of your league… » Muri spat at them.
Kiros smirked at Muri. « Thanks Muri. » he turned back to his now terrified opponents. « And to finish, I’ll equip him with the spell card Spartacus allowed me to take, Gladiator Beasts Battle Archfiend Shield. » His monster was suddenly equipped with a dark, almost evil looking shield. « Your move Scourge. Make it count. »
« Bah, this won’t take long to deal with. » Scourge bluffed as he drew. « I’ll set another monster and end. »
« So much for dealing with it. » Muri said, giving a yawn. She drew. « I’ll flip my Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth. » The mammoth appeared. « I’m going to crush the worms like the bugs that they are! » He called out. (1700/1600) « Now I’ll attack Fiona’s facedown. » Muri commanded. The Mammoth charged in.
« Waaaaaahhh! » He shouted as he charged, splattering the Unfriendly Amazon. « And I’ll end. »
Fiona drew. « For someone with lip about skill you’re hardly backing it up you little brat. »
« When Kiros has a field like this, why do i need to? » Muri questioned.
« Shut up, i summon Amazoness Swords Woman. » Fiona said, summoning the swords woman. (1500/1600) « I hope you enjoyed that stupid monster of yours, because it’s about to say goodbye! » Fiona barked. « I will use my Amazoness Spellcaster, this lets me switch the attack of my monster with another on the field, so i choose that Gaiodiaz! » Fiona roared.
« For how long? » Kiros asked.
« Long enough, the end of the turn it goes back, but it will be destroyed before then. » Fiona grinned.
‘Idiot…’ Muri thought, narrowing her eyes.
Kiros watched with amusement as the monsters points were switched. « Oh my…whatever shall I do? »
« Now! Attack! » The swords woman charged in to fight Gaiodiaz.
« I’ll trigger my trap combo. » Muri said. « Widespread Ruin and Trap Reclamation. Widespread ruin destroys your attacking monster… » And the monster exploded.
« Nooooo!! » Fiona roared.
« And by discarding one card from my hand, I can chain the Reclamation and when it’s destroyed, like now; it comes back to my hand. » Muri took her widespread ruin back.
Kiros scratched the back of his head. « Ouch Fiona, that’s gotta hurt. But, at least my monster’s safe and sound! » he said cheerily.
« Bastards… » Fiona spat.
« You’re useless, you know that?! Must i do everything?! » Scourge scolded her.
« What do you consider everything? Because if you mean fuck all, then i guess you do… » Fiona snapped back.
« I love the teamwork here, don’t you? » Muri asked Kiros.
« Oh yes. » Kiros replied, almost like a professor lecturing his students on a video. « I particularly like the way they complement each other’s skills, and make the other feel like a very important part of the team.. »
« Fuck you, you little brats, my turn is over. » Fiona was pissed.
Muri giggled. « Looks like compliments go all round. » She giggled cutely.
« Oh, i’m going to enjoy killing you when we are done… » Fiona scowled.
« Not when I’m done with you…. » Kiros replied angrily, his fist clenching with anger and sheer hatred at Fiona.
‘Giaodiaz, my friend. Help me protect Muri from these bastards…help me prevent them from repeating what they did to Pen…’
Gaiodiaz looked down at Kiros and nodded. ‘I’ll do what I can my young friend, but it is Heraklinos you must count on to protect Muri.’
« Are you going to make your move today? » Scourge asked, impatiently.
« Why? You in that much of a hurry to lose? » Kiros replied shortly as he drew. Grinning, he looked at Muri and winked. « I’ll set one monster and end my turn. »
‘I left Fiona wide open, why is he so hesitant to attack?’ Muri asked herself. ‘He must have a plan or something…oh well…’ Muri waited.
Scourge drew. « This is where it ends. I’ll flip my Brain Jacker and take control of your Gaiodiaz! » Scourge laughed manically.
Kiros shrugged as his monster switched to Scourge’s control.
« Now I’ll tribute my Archfiend Soldier and bring out Dark Ruler Ha Des! » The Dark Ruler appeared and laughed loudly. (2450/1600)
‘Yes, because the idiot wouldn’t think to use Gaiodiaz as the tribute, ridding Kiros chance of getting it back…morons…’ Muri thought.
Kiros laughed. « Nicely played Scourge, I can see why you’re such a terrifying duellist.. » he mocked.
« Now that that’s done, lets have some fun, first i’ll use Dark Rular Ha Des to attack that Mammoth! » Ha Des fired a nasty looking blast towards the Mammoth.
« I’m sorry… » Muri said. « But i need to use your crystal form to fix the mistake that Scourge made. » She said.
« Do not worry, little Muri, I’m sure the idiot will find out shortly what an idiot he truly is…Ahhh!! » Boom, he was gone. An Amber appeared next to Muri as she blocked debris. <3250>
« What crap were you and that stupid monster talking of? » Scourge demanded. « Who cares, Attack my new slave! » Scourge commanded, though hesitant to break his word to Kiros, Gaiodiaz was forced to charge Muri.
« You fool, no go, you have no right to command such power, even in slavery. » Muri barked loudly. « I’ll use my Crystal Raigeki by tributing the Amber you just created, i can destroy any card i choose on your field and the Brain Jacker says good night! » The Brain Jacker was destroyed, just before Giaodiaz impacted Muri, he regained his composure and returned to Kiros.
« Welcome back buddy. » Kiros said happily. Giaodiaz nodded, before bowing to Muri.
« My thanks. » he boomed.
« No problem, i’m wide open unless i get a good draw, be a pal and keep an eye on me, would you? » Muri asked politely.
« Don’t you worry about that Muri. » Kiros smiled. « Me and Giaodiaz have it covered. »
« Good… »
« Damn it! Oh well, i still have Ha Des… » Scourge spat. « My turn ends. » Muri drew.
« I’ll summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus and use his effect to place Ruby in my spell and trap zones. » Sapphire landed as a ruby appeared on Muri’s field. « Now i’ll use Crystal Blessing to bring my Mammoth back as an amber. » The amber appeared.
« I’ll set one card and use Rare Value. You choose a crystal beast in my spell and traps to send to the grave and i draw 2 cards. »
« Fine, that Amber. » Scourge said.
« Bad choice, but okay. » Muri said as she drew two cards, losing the amber. « Now i attack Fiona directly with Pegasus. » She said. Fiona got a full pelt from Sapphire. <2200>
Kiros laughed bitterly. « Hey Fiona, how did that feel you bitch! Just wait till you get a taste of what I have planned! »
« I’ll fit in my Crystal Tree and end my turn. » Muri said, as a tree appeared on her field.
« Cocky shits…I’ll show you in due time… » Fiona snapped, then drew. « I’ll summon my second Amazoness Paladin. » (1900/300) « Now, attack the Pegasus scum! » Fiona ordered.
« You seem to have forgotten your place…and what i pulled back earlier, Widespread ruin, however, since dark ruler is the strongest, i guess he takes the bite. »
« What!!! » Scourge was not happy as Ha Des was vanquished. Amazoness Paladin continued to charge for Pegasus.
« Not so fast Fiona! I activate Defensive Tactics! » Kiros yelled as Giaodiaz launched himself in front on Pegasus, blocking Fiona’s assault.
« God damn it! You two are getting right on my nerves! » Fiona barked.
« Teamwork over your so called company. » Muri replied calmly.
« My turn is over then. » Fiona said, ending the turn.
Meanwhile, the mysterious figures from before appeared, along with the one who now was recovering from being launched by the bomb and they began to treat Penelope, who was still smouldering from the blast.
« You’re not strong enough to kill us. » Scourge said.
« Maybe I’m not….but there’s an old friend who I think just might be up to the task…. » Kiros said darkly, a strange glow in his eyes. « I summon Gladiator Beast Laquari! » (1900/300)
Scourge and Fiona burst into laughter. « Pathetic…you’re going crazy with over confidence, kid. » Scourge mocked.
« Only idiots would forget what happened the last time… » Muri sighed.
« We’ll see. I now flip summon my Gladiator Beast Dimacari (1600/800) and then I’ll use Monster Reborn to bring back my Test Tiger. (600/300) Remember what he does? »
Kiros grinned evilly. « As you wish. By tributing my Test Tiger, I can return one Gladiator Beast from my field to my deck, and summon another. So, by returning Dimacari to the deck, I can summon this….Gladiator Beast Darius!! » (1700/300) « Oh, but wait, it gets so much better. See, when he’s special summoned by the effect of a Gladiator Beast, I get to summon another one from my deck. So, say hello to Gladiator Beast Octavius! » (2500/1200)
Now the fear struck. « Okay…now we are screwed. » Fiona said, sweat on her forehead.
« For fucks sakes, Fiona, get a grip, we still have a chance. » Scourge snapped at her.
« You really think so? » Kiros snapped at Scourge. « Then get a load of this. By sending Laquari, Octavius and Darius back to my deck, I can summon a monster you saw only briefly before you bastards killed Penelope. Gladiator Beast Heraklinos!! » The ground beneath the duellists began to shake, the half finished buildings all around them creaking and groaning as Kiros’ ultimate monster returned. (3000/2800)
Fiona stepped back. « Screw this, I’m out of here… » She said, fearfully.
Scourge grabbed her. « Shut up, you’re not going anywhere! » He yelled at her.
« Gaiodiaz….attack her Amazon if you will. »
« With pleasure. » Gaiodiaz said, charging the Paladin. The Paladin was destroyed, Fiona blocking herself. <1500>
‘Heraklinos…’ Kiros said silently. ‘Never before have we fought together…but I ask, that in vengeance for Penelope…for the protection of Muri…stop Fiona from doing more harm…’Heraklinos looked down at Kiros before looking to Muri. He stood before her for a few moments, as if studying her. Muri looked up at Heraklinos, and as if on cue, a faint image of her rainbow dragon surrounded her almost protectively.
Heraklinos nodded. « Kiros. » he boomed. « Your request is noble in it’s nature, and this girl is indeed worthy of your protection. I shall do what you ask….. » he turned to Fiona and Scourge, dropping his sword and conjured a huge spear. « Fiona, your evil and cruelty have walked upon this land for far too long. Taste now the steel of vengeance!! » he roared, as he threw his spear with all his might. Fiona barely had time to say a word before Heraklinos’ spear struck her, sending her flying back and impaling her against a building wall. Her cries of pain echoing throughout the construction site as blood began to trickle down the wall in small rivers and streams. <0>
Scourge was none the less shocked at the sudden assault, as he watched Fiona bleeding and falling somewhat quiet. He quickly fell to his hands and knees and cowered. « Oh please, spare me! I have learned my mistake, the duel is yours! Just don’t kill me! » He tried the oldest trick in the book. Heraklinos looked down on Scourge. « I will not kill you. My master asked only that I punish her. He said nothing about you. »
« I’ll surrender anyway… » And Scourge places his hand over his deck. « I’m clearly beat, i know nothing in my deck that has the ability to stop that assault… »
« Co…ward… » Fiona tried to spit at him, and ended up barfing blood.
« Not so fast. » Heraklinos boomed. « Your fate is to be decided by the one who controls the Rainbow Dragon. » Muri then gripped her head in pain and cried out. She looked toward Scourge, now on his feet. Her crystal glowed once more and fired a large rainbow flashing beam at Scourge, who was hit directly with it. Muri then looked at Fiona and the beam fired again, the two then began to change colour and in moments disintegrated into nothing more than seven coloured dark matter. Muri fell on her butt as the effects of the duel wore off. Gaiodiaz bowed slightly before Kiros and Muri, then he vanished. Heraklinos however, remained. « Kiros. » he boomed. « While today I was needed, you have seen the power which I command. Therefore, I must ask you to summon me ONLY when it is absolutely necessary. »
Kiros nodded solemnly. « I understand Heraklinos. I’ll only summon you when the situation is similar, when someone’s life is in danger. »
« Good. » Heraklinos smiled. He turned to Muri. « Look after him little one, he has much work ahead. You both do…. » he said as he faded away. Muri’s crystal beasts appeared around her.
« Are you alright, Muri? » Emerald asked. Muri nodded in the usual shyness, not replying in word.
« One more thing… » Heraklinos’ voice sounded from nowhere. « Muri…. » Muri looked around curiously.
« A small gift….. » his voice faded away into the wind as one of Muri’s chains broke, snapping instantly before crumbling to dust. Muri looked at the remains of the chains, her legs now released.
« Interesting… » she uttered. « The dark chains are not easily destroyed… »
« He’s quite a powerful spirit, isn’t he Muri.. » asked Kiros, smiling down at her as he offered her a helping hand. She took it, stood and dusted herself.
The figures from earlier picked up Penelope, having finished treating her and looked at the two. « The real owner of Blue Eyes will return for the cards, do with them as you will, we won’t remove you of your prize yet. » The middle one said.
« What do you mean? » Kiros asked in awe as he held the legendary cards.
« Enhance your question. » the woman questioned.
« What do you mean ‘do with them as we will’? »
« Whatever you choose to do with them. »
« Well in that case… » Kiros grinned. « I bet Mitsuko would love one of these! »
« Give another to that dragon duellist you know. » The left cloak said. « Also, I don’t care what anyone says, don’t give them to that girl…in fact… » She walked over. « Give me the remaining 3 pieces. » She said, holding her hand out.
« What girl…Muri? » Kiros asked confused as he handed over the cards.
« Yes. » The woman replied, taking the cards. « As trusting as she may appear…I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and I think I can throw her a very long way. »
« I think I know a few who would disagree with you on that. » Kiros replied defensively.
« Such as…? »
Kiros’ Gladiator Beast spirits appeared around him and the cloaked figure, Heraklinos casting a rather large shadow over the pair. « Us. » he boomed. A bunch of dragons appeared around the woman and defensively protected her, a large shadow of a powerful entity appearing behind her making Kiros largest Gladiators look inferior.
« And my dragons back me as well…look at that girls chains, I highly doubt they are for fashion. »
« Chains are usually worn by slaves. » Kiros said coldly.
« Yeah!! It’s you we don’t trust! » Secutor squeaked.
« I work for the master of all the duel world and am the current guardian of Slifer the Sky Dragon…and as a slave, the Blue Eyes would fall instantly into her masters hands and those who have slaves are clearly not good people. » The woman replied.
« Then it is her master you should fear, not her. » Gaiodiaz said. « But as 2 of her chains have been removed, I’m sure the hold her master has is weakening. »
« You’ll find out soon enough just how enslaved she really is. And no, the chains are not weakening his grip on her. » With that, the figures vanished with Penelope, the dragons fading.
« I really….really don’t like her. » Dimacari growled.
« Well…. » Kiros said as he looked at Muri sadly. « We’ll just have to take her master out… »
Muri looked up into the sky, then back to Kiros.
« I have to go now… » She said, as she turned to walk away.
« Muri!! » he called after her. Muri stood still, not turning to face him.
« Thank you…for all your help. » he said kindly.
« I didn’t do anything…not really. » She then proceeded to walk away.
Kiros sighed. « Damn. Guys, we have to help her… » he said, turning to his beasts.
« Well, perhaps bringing it up with the other friends of yours… » Secutor suggested.
Kiros nodded. « I think we should. All of us. Let’s head back. »
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Chapter 20: So comes the next enemy…