❯ the bond – the bond ( One-Shot )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


One warm summer night in Japan, Juna, the Avatar of time was laying in her bed, trying to get comfortable despite the hot wind blowing through her open window. She turned over and was now facing the open window where she could easily see the stars and the moon up in the sky. Even though normal people couldn’t feel the things she feels, she could always sense the spirit of the earth and its people on it. What they are feeling, what there spiritual power is. Her symbol on her forehead started to glow as she reached out and looked over the earth. How it was in a state of peace for the moment, like it was taking a rest. The glow died down as she closed her eyes, disconnecting the connection from the Earth. She turned to lie on her back and stared up at the ceiling. Another hot breeze flowed over her and she couldn’t stand it anymore, no matter what she tried she couldn’t get comfortable. She threw off her blankets and walked over to her open window. She stood outside and let the breeze wash over her, making her feel as light as a feather. She didn’t know how to explain it but she could feel a presence watching over her, like it was protecting her, keeping her save. Her symbol started glowing as her hair stood up as she transformed into the Avatar of time, her pink skin- type suit glowing in the moonlight. She hovered off her balcony and flew into the night, leaving a trail of light moon dust in her wake. She flew over Tokyo, twisting and turning in the night, like a falcon, swooping and diving. She didn’t know where she was going, but all she wanted to do was fly and watch over her homeland, a homeland she wanted to protect.

She flew for a half an hour until she landed on an all too familiar island, the island that Chris put her on when they first met. She didn’t want to tell anyone, but this island was special to her, cause Chris really helped her understand that all living things are special and we all have a connection to this world. She landed softly in a clearing and powered down so she returned to normal. She walked over to large rock that looked like it was coming out of the ground and sat down on it. The breeze seemed to be cooler here and it was a blessing on her already hot skin. Her untied hair sweeping down her neck and swayed in the breeze. She looked up and noticed that the stars are more visible here then what she could see from her bedroom window. She heard a small noise and turned around and saw to hares running across the field, playing a game of tag, where one hare tripped the other and they both fell over, making them look like a big bundle of fur. Juna gave a small laugh as they disappeared into the forest, back to there home. `Be safe’ Juna whispered as turned back to watch the stars `I will always protect you’

………………………&# 8230;…..

Back at S.E.E.D, Chris woke up opened his eyes and looked around the room. Even though in sleep, he felt Juna’s spirit grow stronger, like her soul has just open up a new powerful side that hasn’t yet been discovered. He realised that he and Juna where connected in some sort of Bond. He could always feel where she is, even if she was on the other side of the world, he could always pinpoint her location. He always wondered if she could feel it to. He sorted through his mind to find her, and gave a soft chuckle `I knew she would be there’ he said mentally. She always went there to escape; it was like her sacred haven. She thought no one knew about her favourite place, but he did. He started to glow as his spirit lifted of the ground and flew out the open window that Cindy had left open to let the warm breeze flow through.

He flew over to the island and as expected there she was, her symbol glowing, without her even realising it, looking up at the stars. A content smile, one he had never seen on her face. It was like she was at one with the Earth, feeling it. He landed softly behind her and glided over to her
`I thought you would be here’

Juna turned around to find the former Avatar of time there, looking at her. `I couldn’t sleep and this place relaxes me’ juna said turning back around when she found out it was only Chris

`Yes this place does have a very special power’ Chris said as he came over and sat next to juna and looked up at the stars just like Juna was. They sat in silence when something caught Juna’s attention

`By the way, how did you find me?’

Without even looking at her he said `for some reason I can always feel you in spirit’ he looked at her and touched the symbol on her head `it seems we have a strong bond’

`oh so that was the presence I could feel, it was our bond’ Chris nodded and removed his hand and looked back at the night. Looking at the lights of Japan in the distance.

`Say Chris, being the Avatar of time, do all ways feel at one with the world’ Juna sad as she combed her hands through the soft grass next to her

`Yes, you feel and see every little thing, even if it is in the mind. You want to protect it, even those hares that were playing chasey’

Juna blushed `you heard that huh’

Chris gave a soft laugh `yes, but I truly believe that your spirit is growing stronger, as I said I can feel you anywhere you go’ Juna smiled and just looked out over the distance, feeling at peace, having known that Chris was here, helping her.

………………………&# 8230;……

Juna yawned and looked at her watch. It read 3:00pm. `oh gosh I should be getting back I have school in a few hours’ she looked over to Chris who seemed to have fallen asleep, his knees tucked up to his chest and his arms rest on his legs with his head resting on his arms. A stray piece of blond hair was covering his face so Juna moved it a tucked it behind his ear
`Thanks Chris, now I know that you are watching over me, I hope our bond can become stronger’

Juna stood up and looked back at the sleeping form and smiled. She turned back as her symbol started to glow again as the light washed over her, turning her once more into the Avatar of time. She ran over to the cliff and jumped, spinning and twirling as she left light wind in her wake

Unnoticed by her, some certain ex Avatar of time had heard every word she said. He opened his eyes just as she took off into the night, leaving wind in her wake.

`Thanks Chris, now I know that you are watching over me, I hope our bond can become stronger’

He continued looking at where Juna had been 3 seconds ago
`Me to Juna, me to’

And with that he disappeared into the night, leaving the animals and the Earth at peace