❯ The Begining of the End – Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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The Beginning of the End
-Chapter 2-

The Tower 1:30 pm________________________________________

Alex sat in the pod, it was quite comfortable but he couldn’t help but get the feeling something was wrong. He brushed the feeling aside and let the virtual helmet gently fall on his head. In a matter of seconds his eyes were blinded by a vast tunnel of light. As his digital body was carried through it came to an abrupt stop, in front of him now stood a man in a black robe wielding a scythe.

“Who are you?” Alex said shakily, all the figure did was raise one bony finger up to where his mouth would be if it not had been covered by a hood. Alex blinked once and he was gone, shrugging the scene he had just experienced off he now was surrounded by a luminous water city. Alex now could not think of what he used to be called as he stared in awe at the magnificent city. “Yo’ Cloud!” a familiar voice called him, he turned to see the Level 10 warrior he knew too well. “Hey Colossus.” He said in a friendly tone, the Dark Warrior (Colossus class is Dark Warrior) grinned, “Well first order of business is to introduce you to our guild!” he said in an excited tone, “and I think you’d like to know we have some fine looking ladies in our guild as well.”

Despite the wise ass remark Colossus made, he followed him to the guild hall. “Password!” a strange, deep voice from the guild hall door said, A virtual keyboard materialized in front of Dom’s PC (Player Character). He made a few quick strokes to the keys and sure enough the voice spoke. “#7 Colossus, Twilight Hunters please come inside we shall help.” The door opened and let them through inside was sort of a tropical/oriental lounge, there had been several waterfalls scattered all over. “ These graphics seem so real.”, Cloud said in awe.

Colossus hit him in the back of the head with his scythe, “Don’t screw around! The counsel is coming to meet us I already told them all about you.” he said. Cloud could hear ringing when he got up from the unexpected blow to the head, “What the hell did you do that for!”, Cloud yelled. “Wait you don’t know?” Colossus asked, “Know what?” Cloud irritably asked. Col splashed some water on Clouds face, “Hey that’s cold, you…” then he realized `cold?’ “How in the?…”Cloud began but got cut short.

“Look, The Tower gives you a gaming experience like no other for a reason. Here, you can feel The World not just play it. CC Corp. is leading in technology these days, don’t you watch the news?” Dom explained. “My question is, when did you start watching the news?” Cloud slyly remarked. “Oh, Shut up! Who asked you?…” he said.

As they continued ranting and messing around, a sliding traditional style Japanese door materialized behind them. No later than it appeared it slid open, allowing 9 people to walk in the room. The first one to walk in, was a slender woman PC, she carried a scroll in her hand, she wore a sort of traditional dark green garb, and on her back she carried two swords that looked so rare that it made Cloud think he was seeing things. The second was a medium height slender man who wore a sort of white robe armor with red slashes upon its front, on his back he carried a staff that looked as equally valuable.

The other seven where hard to make out as if they were being shadowed, as Cloud tried to examine them his concentration was shifted when the woman undid the scroll. She read it aloud, “There has been a request to allow a new member to join the Twilight Hunters, by Colossus Team 9, #7. We shall now proceed in the inspecting of this individual to see if he qualifies for the initiation.” She read in a sort of soft voice that soothed the soul, as Cloud dazed and daydreamt the seven shadows approached him to inspect him.

“This one as a twisted past, that has led the boy to confusion and misery.”, hissed one of the shadows. “But, he holds great potential I say we put him to the test immediately.” the shadow said. In a blink of an eye he was in the midlle of an arena, “ To be a twilight hunter you must be able to spot unnatural occurrences in The World.” A powerful voice said. “We will test if you can see those occurrences.” A giant Reaper type monster appeared in front of Cloud, he jumped, he could’ve sworn he saw a regular PC behind that reaper. `What should I do?’ he thought quickly, he tried to bring out his weapon but it failed.

`What?!’ he shouted in his mind, he tried but couldn’t get it to work. The reaper was now pulling back to attack his paralyzed body, his hand began to spasm. `SURVIVE!!!’ a voice in his mind yelled. There was an enormous burst of light and it was over, a human PC lay unconscious on the other side of the arena where the reaper had been. “Perfect.” said the white cloaked man. `What just,’ Clouds thoughts were cut off as Colossus spoke, “That was amazing! I knew you had enough talent to join the guild!” Dom boasted.

The World Sector: Unknown Time: ?__________________________________________

Aura paced the area carelessly as she watched her plan unfold, this should be good she smirked to herself.

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