❯ The Begining of The End Part 1: Prologue ( Prologue )

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The Beginning of The End Part 1: Prologue (Sort of…)
By: Cloud Dragon 19

Real World 5:00 am_____________________________________________
It had been 5:00 am when Alex woke up that Saturday morning anxious to go to “The Tower” as people called it. “The Tower” was just a nickname the building was actually one of the many stations around the world that you could play the popular online game “The World” if you brought your game disc there it provided “The Best Gaming Experience Ever!” said everyone at school even his best friend Dominic. It had just been a week since he had bought “ The World” and he still hadn’t tried it yet `how lame’ he told himself but today was different, he would actually get to play!

He had gotten his clothes on and grinned with enthusiasm he had black hair and a pretty good attitude about things today he wore a plain black t-shirt and regular blue jeans he was instructed by an E-Mail that said:

Dear, Alex

Please meet Dominic at “The Tower” at 1:00 pm tomorrow evening to play The World, thank you that is all…
You soon to be friend,
he had some time to spare but what troubled him was that it was sent from `someone’ named Aura. He knew Dom’s screen name was Colossus, so who could’ve done it? It couldn’t be forged, it was sent from within “The World”, so whoever sent the E-Mail already knew him, this disturbed him. “Oh well nothing I can do about it,” he said to himself and no one imparticular since it was still about 6:50am he decided to kill some time, but before he took off … “GOOD MORNING!!!!” yelled his father after carefully sneaking up behind him. Alex had jumped and nearly had a hear attack due to his father and almost dropped the case containing his copy of “The World”. “Dad! What are you doing up so early, god you almost killed Me.” said Alex a bit ticked off. “Aw, come on I was just having some fun anyway I just wanted to say bye.” said his father. “Well could you do it a bit quieter you almost woke up the whole neighborhood!” he said.

After saying “good bye” to his father Alex headed for the Park to meditate and kill some time. Meditating was one of the things he did that did not involve gaming, which he loved. “Damn, he seriously almost woke up the whole friggin’ neighborhood,” he said to himself.” Jeez, he’s a frickin pain in the ass.” After spending almost an hour at the park he went to go get breakfast, he had left in such a hurry he had forgotten to eat anything he realized this after his stomach woke him up from his meditation. After getting something to eat he went to the arcade to play some games with the money he had, and somehow (knowing this would happen) found Dominic at the Subway right next to the arcade. “Hey, when were you going to “The Tower” today?” he asked, Dominic glanced up from his food which apparently he had been drooling on by just the aroma. “About 1 o’ clock this afternoon, why and how did you find me?” he said. “ Dom you always love some Subway on Saturday morning for breakfast before going to “The Tower” to play The World,” he said plainly “and I was planning about going around the same time.” “Cool! Lets go together than!” he exclaimed “but wait for me to finish breakfast.” Alex didn’t mention the strange E-Mail to his best friend but in his mind he was questioning madly. `How? It couldn’t have been a fake this is really weird’ he thought quickly.

Elsewhere, Kim had gotten the same E-Mail only it said:

Dear Kimberly,
Please schedule an appointment with you friend Crystal to play The World at “The Tower” tomorrow at noon, thank you for your time.
You’re soon to be friend,
Kim had been wondering about the E-Mail all night and all day since she woke up at 8:00 am but shrugged it of because the deed was done, after she read that she immediately called Crystal to schedule with her it was now 11:00 and she just had one hour to reach “The Tower” in time to meet Crystal. “Stupid step dad always dragging me down” she huffed as she ran to the train station.

“Oh well,” she said to herself.

The World ______________________________________

“Perfect,” said Aura in her dark dimension she had sent the E-Mails and knew all too well that the twins would accept her offers now she just had to wait…

Author’s Notes:
Okay, no action yet but trust me it will pick up … somewhere along the way (I hope…--‘). Anyway, please tell me how I did and could you please tell me what I’m missing for my Disclaimer cuz I would reeeaaaalllyyy hate to be sued for some idiotic mistake… and no this isn’t a self-insertion it kinda is cuz some of the people are actually my friends but anyway I need to know how I did so tell me if you’d like … Oh! By the way I also make videos on Youtube so please check me out I go by the Name of CloudDragon9 so just search on that, ok see ya next time…(I hope… ><)

The Begining of The End – Chapter 1