❯ The Begining of The End – Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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A/N: so I have been out for about two years the idea for the story is still fresh in my head though, I will start to actually write long chapters for you guys to read and hopefully with time I have improved my writing skills. Now though the last chapters were confusing as all hell I will cover what happened again in the story. Now with no further ado Lets us begin Chapter 3!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own dot. Hack or any companies associated with them I am merely borrowing the concept of a virtual game. I did not do this story for any kind of profit but merely for fun. I am still a minor so suing me would not be the best of ideas.
The Beginning of the End: Chapter 3
The World
Cloud stood there stunned at what had just occurred, he looked around the arena he was carelessly thrown into for seconds before the graphics around him began to fade. Quickly he was sucked into a beam of light taking him back to the dark room of the clan reception hall. The counsel still stood with calm expressions plastered on their PC’s. “You did well.” The man in the green said, “Executed extremely quickly if you ask me.”
“What was that?” Cloud asked.
“That was the sole reason this guild was created.”
“But what was it?”
“A Virus in the system.”
Cloud refused to listen; he came on this game to have fun not be a cleanup man. Cloud got up irritated, “So why do you need me so bad?” he asked. “You show potential” the man said before bringing up a screen with the playback. “Just watch your performance.” The man said.
Cloud’s POV:
A tunnel of light transported him to the arena after one of the counsel uttered some words. He fell into a barren arena with a dirt floor and high walls, the sky stained with the shades of twilight, the air held a scent of iron and dust, the smell of battle and blood. Quickly Cloud took in his surroundings, gazing at what he was sent there for. His mind raced, not knowing what to do, `I will guide you’ a voice whispered. Alex responded, `Who is this?’
`I am Cloud, your player character.’
`But your just data, you can’t be alive!’
`That is where you’re wrong, my soul lives within this `World’ just as you exist in yours. I will guide you merge with me, we are one and the same.’
`I am not sure about this…’
`The enemy approaches do you want to die here?’
`What do you mean?’
`Nothing, just take my hand.’
The area went white; all Alex could see was the space that was his mind. Cloud appeared in front of him, outstretching his hand. Alex had no time to wonder on his last statement and thought it for the best to follow Cloud, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. Grabbing his hand the two merged, Cloud being the dominant at the moment.
The light faded around him and he knew what he needed to do quickly he released his blade, the weapon forming in his hands. The Cobalt Blue katana appeared into existence, Cloud looked up and spotted his opponent, without a seconds thought he quickly examined him. Iron Armor, Short Broadsword, Level at about 10, Status: Corrupt, Player: None, Type: Virus. Around the man was a dark aura that seemed to try and kill the barren land around it, not really succeeding the darkness withdrew centralizing around the player character. Knowing of the consequences of getting to close Cloud hurriedly plunged his sword in the ground, “Aria divin strik nom. (Aura divine strike down.)” A flash of white lightning struck the opponent not doing much damage, the opponent the charged at Cloud, running full force. Cloud quickly drew his sword from the ground and moved to either block or attack. Their blades met in a flurry of sparks, once determining the enemies strength Cloud efficiently pushed his blade through the virus thus eliminating it, as the virus howled in pain, deciding his job was done, Cloud let Alex take control once again. Alex soon saw the monster disappearing and froze in fear of what to do. Once the opponent dissipated into nothingness, Alex was recalled into the guild.
“ See what you have done.” The man spoke. Though Alex did not hear or see what happened, Alex had remembered the whole thing on his own. Stunned Alex didn’t know what to say or do.
Elsewhere in The World:
Crystal and Lilly walked down the riverside in the town enjoying the feel of wind and town life, Crystal turned to her friend and saw the look of amazement on her characters face. “So do you want to go see our guild?” Crystal asked her friend. Nodding excitedly, the two turned a corner and set off for the Twilight Warriors guild.
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