❯ The Begining of The End – Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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The Beginning of The End
-Chapter 1-

Real World 1:00pm

Alex and Dom headed toward The Tower with eager looks on their faces “Man I can’t wait til’ you see this game it’s incredible!” Dom yelled at Alex with excitement. “Geez, do ya have to be this excited. Anyway I’m just glad I can make a profile finally and not be a loser at school.” Alex said flatly.

They approached The Tower casually, Alex soon saw why its nickname had been The Tower in the front was a regular building but it was attached to a lighthouse like tower behind. Alex assumed that’s where they’d play this “Great Game” he kept hearing about. They entered the building and Dom walked up to the register and said “Hi Alice,” the lady behind the desk turned around and saw Dom smiling at her, “Hi Dom, logging in I suppose,” she said cheerfully. “Yep, and I’m helping out my friend Alex he’s new so I figured I’d go on his first time.” Dom said. “Ok, let’s get your new friend an I.D. then get hi started.” Alice said. “Hey Alex, follow Alice here and she’ll get you an I.D. I’ll meet you in The Tower Ok.” said Dom. “Fine by me…” Alex said casually.

Alice then led him into a bright white room with a keyboard and two hand scanners “Ok, this is where you will register for The World.” said Alice. “ use your dominant hand to input your name into the keyboard and place the other hand in a scanner.” Alice instructed. As Alex approached the keyboard a Holo-Screen pulled up in front of the keyboard “Whoa…” Alex stared in awe at the technology The Tower was with holding. He did as instructed and the computer a moment later said “Player Alex Registered” in a toneless voice “Now fill out the information,” Alice further instructed as another screen opened in front of him. “and now create a Character.” She ended. Alex id as he was told and started designing his character he gave him white hair in contrast to his black hair, the character had a red slash on his right eye, he had chosen the character’s beginning weapon to be Cobalt Blue, he made his class Magic Swords Master. After he had completed that he had to complete the hardest part so far, a name for his character, he thought for a second then after awhile he decided to name his character Cloud after his favorite character in FF7. “Character: Cloud Created” the computer tonelessly said again. “All done!” sang Alice “Time to login!” she said then led him to The Tower. There he saw a lot of pods were people seemed to e sleeping but he knew this is why it was so realistic. Alice had escorted hi to a vacant pod next to one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen, she had a blackish/ bluish shade of hair and her face seemed almost perfect from behind the glass. Alex read the screen next to the pod monitoring condition. It read:
Condition: Good
He then noticed Dom had been in the pod next to his own then he noticed his own pod sprung to life as the screen read:
Condition: Unknown
“Hand me your Disk please.” Alice requested, Alex handed her the game disk she then slid it into a hidden disk port on the top of the monitor that showed each players conditions, after doing that she entered a few codes into a keyboard that slid out from somewhere. “All set!” she said cheerfully.
“Now, please enter the pod.” said Alice Alex did as he was told and as he entered what seemed like armor clung onto his arms and legs. “Calm down,” Alice said as she noticed his struggling, Alex did as he was told and soon a helmet covered his head for a moment afterward then he fell into what seemed like sleep. His screen suddenly changed and read:
Condition: Good
Program: Ready!
All Systems: GO!

Real World 12:00 pm (One Hour Earlier) ____________________________
Kim ran toward The Tower for fear of being late. She had been to The Tower before, in fact it is where she and Crystal had created their profiles and played for their first time. She saw Crystal patiently waiting in the front for her she had a smile on her face as usual and her mysterious blue eyes wandered til’ she saw her friend. “Hi!” Crystal greeted “Ready?” she asked excitedly. “I’ve been here before you know, with you in fact.” Kim said. “I know.” Crystal said. They entered the building “Hi Alice!” said the girls in unison, Alice looked up “Oh hi Girls!” she said cheerfully. “Well, I suppose you want to log in…” she said.

The World Sector: Unknown / Time:?_______________________________
“Perfect,” Aura said somewhat cheerfully “ Now that they are both here I must make them meet somehow.” Aura planned. “I think I know how to do it.” She said to herself.

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