Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ The Battle of Tokyo-3 ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
AS A NOTE TO NEW READERS WHO HAVE JUST GOT HERE: Episodes 2-6 are mostly the same as episodes… 2-6. There are deviations, some Rebuild stuff, and some new stuff, but that’s how it goes. Episode 6 is functionally identical, and easily skippable.



Misato: « Shinji-kun! Recover him, quickly! »

A building crumples under the power of the laser and explodes.

The Angel stops using the laser.
One building falls, another is a pillar of flame.

Aoba « Target is silent! »

Misato kneels down behind Hyuga.
Misato « What about Shinji? »
Hyuga « He’s alive. »

Eva-01, being moved back into Nerv.
Ibuki (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Unit 01 recovered. Move to the 7th Cage. »

Ritsuko stands in the foreground, Misato on an elevator behind her.
Misato « I’m going to the cage. Take care of the rest. »
The lift begins to descend.

Eva-01’s lift detaches itself from the Eva.

Eva-01 restrained in its cage. The armor around the damaged areas has completely melted.
The cage seals.
Ibuki (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Unit 01 secured! »
Staff (OFF) « Hurry up and cool it! »

A life support graph.
SE: Warning beep
Hyuga (OFF) « Pilot’s brainwaves are unstable. »

Shinji unconscious in red LCL.
Hyuga (OFF) « He’s highly unstable, himself. »

Ritsuko « Full life support. Begin heart treatment. »
Hyuga « Yes, ma’am! »

Shinji convulses.

Hyuga « Pulse confirmed. »
Ritsuko is unconcerned.
Ritsuko « Force eject the entry plug, now. »

The entry plug is pulled out of the Eva.

A crane lifts it away.

Ritsuko « Emergency LCL drain. »
Ibuki « Yes, ma’am. »

The LCL is flowing out of the Plug at high pressure.
SE: hydraulics

Misato in the lift with a phone.
Eva-01 slowly appears in the background.
Misato « Hurry, get him out! Now! »

The Plug’s hatch opens.
SE: steam

It retracts.

The crane attaches to the seat.

The seat is moved to a platform.

Misato watches.
Shinji passes by, unconscious.


Blood flows out his nose.
Misato « Shinji-kun… »

The Angel, still transformed, teleports over a Tokyo-3 street.
Angel « (‘whale song’) »
It stops.

Its bottom column reshapes itself in the form of a drill.

The column lowers to the street.
It connects to concrete and begins drilling its way in.
SE: drilling

The Angel drilling into Tokyo-3.
All extraneous parts except the drill retract into the main body.

Misato and a nurse escort Shinji in a hospital bed down a corridor.
SE: footsteps, wheels

Shinji is connected to a breathing unit
SE: footsteps, wheels
Misato stops and watches the nurse continue.
A gate shuts.

A sign.
Text: « Emergency Measur (rest off screen) »
SE: gate shutting

Misato bows her head.

A healing tank close over Shinji’s naked body.
SE: breathing, pulse monitors

The Angel’s drill pushes further and further into Tokyo-3.

Text: “Episode #06: The Battle of Tokyo-3”

The sun and three radio towers.
Eva-01? goes past.
SE: boat

The false Eva-01 is lifted up.
Text: « 1/1 Balloon Dummy »
DOWN to a boat, holding Eva-01 balloon.

The balloon lifts a small gun.

The Angel does not like this, and the Angel mask fires off another laser.
A flash.

A pillar of water rises where the balloon and the boat used to be.

Nerv Command.
Hyuga (OFF) « Particle beam made contact. »

Misato looking determined
Hyuga (OFF) « Dummy is lost. »
Misato « Next. »

A train exits a tunnel.
It is pulling a UN-built weapon.
Text: « Type-12 Automatic Cannon »
SE: train stopping
The cannon fires.

The cannon’s particle beam flies over Ashinoko.
An AT Field appears between the beam and the Angel.
The beam is deflected.
The Angel lights up.

The train is destroyed.

Misato begins to look more concerned.
Hyuga (OFF) « Cannon destroyed. »
Misato looks like she’s thought of something.
Misato « I see. »

BGM START: E-1 Rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Misato bouncing a pen between her fingers.
Operations Staff A (OFF) « From what we’ve seen, it appears that the Angel attacks anything within a certain range. »

Misato sitting at a chair, Hyuga behind her.
Text: « Department of Operations, Nerv HQ. Analysis Room #2 »
Hyuga « All targets within that radius have been destroyed. We can’t risk close combat. »
Misato « And its AT Field? »

A freeze frame of the cannon firing
Text: « Replay image »
Operations Staff B (OFF) « Still active. »

A freeze frame of the Angel drilling.
Operations Staff B (OFF) « It’s so strong we can see it… »
The beam approaches the Angel and bounces off of him at a 90 degree angle.
Operations Staff B (OFF) « bend light. »

The Analysis Room. Others are visible behind Misato and Hyuga.
Hyuga « Pathetic attacks like cannons or bombings are a waste. »
Misato « It attacks and defends almost perfectly. It’s like a fortress! What about its drill? »

A tactical map of Tokyo-3. A flashing indicator for the Angel moves over it.
Operations Staff C (OFF) « Right above us. Tokyo-3, area zero. »

The drill.
Operations Staff C (OFF) « 17.5 meters across; the probe is immense. »

A tactical display of Nerv HQ’s defense layers.
Operations Staff C (OFF) « It’s drilling into HQ, right into the Geofront. »

Hyuga « It will attack us directly, then… »
Misato « Sassy bastard. When will it get through? »

A countdown.
Text: « JST: 14:16:xx » (seconds count up) « Penetration in 09:50:xx » (seconds count down)
Operations Staff C (OFF) « 00:06:54 »

A display of the drill breaking through the barriers.
Operations Staff C (OFF) « At that time, it will have gone through all 22 barriers and be able to enter HQ directly. »

Misato’s concerned eye, IN
Misato (MONO) « Less than ten hours. »

The drill continues. It slows suddenly, but keeps drilling.

The display shows the drill has reached the first barrier.
Aoba (OFF) « The first armor plate has been reached. »

Misato turns.
Misato « What is the condition of Unit 01? »

Ritsuko walks forward. Ibuki behind her.
Text: « 7th Cage »
Ritsuko « The defensive armor was melted down to the third layer. Luckily, the central control unit took no damage. »
Ibuki « Three more seconds and it would have been ‘out’. »

A melted piece of armor is lifted past them.
Worker (OFF – SPEAKER) « In three hours, we should have everything rebuilt. »

Misato « Roger. And Unit 00? »

Ibuki. The camera zooms out and slowly reveals Ritsuko.
Ibuki « No problems with reactivation, but there are still errors. »
Ritsuko « An actual battle is… »

Misato « Still impossible. And our injured pilot? »

Shinji in the hospital room
SE: hospital monitors
Text: « Emergency Room, Central Hospital, Nerv Headquarters »
Hyuga (OFF) « No physical damage. »

Hyuga (OFF) Nerve pulses up 0.8… but that’s acceptable. »
Rei, determined.

Ikari’s broken glasses are in her lap.

Through the lens, monitors are visible.
Aoba (OFF – RADIO) « Nine hours, forty-five minutes remaining. »

Misato « This isn’t looking too good. »
Hyuga « You think we can surrender? »

Misato raises her hand to her chin.
Misato « I have one idea before we give up. »


Misato stands in Ikari’s office.
Ikari (OFF) « You think he can do this? »

The whole office. Misato on one end, Ikari and his desk on the other. Quite a distance between them.
Text: « Nerv Commander’s Office »
Misato « Yes sir. »
Ikari « Why not use Rei? »
Misato « She’s back-up. It’s a two person project. »

Misato « Don’t you have faith in your son? »

Ikari « He has not proved himself capable of such a task… but if you are sure, Captain Katsuragi… »

Misato « Yes, sir. »
The camera zooms out to reveal Misato is now with Ritsuko on an escalator.
Ritsuko « This is the most absurd scenario I’ve ever seen, Miss Strategist. »

Misato turns.
Misato “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

The escalator. The women descend.
Misato « Besides, it can be done in nine hours and it is our most effective option. »
Ritsuko « Is it? Really? »

An immense gun is held against the wall.
Text: « Eva Special Positron Rifle (Cyclotron Prototype 20)
Ritsuko and Misato look at it.
Ritsuko « Our gun can’t handle the power your plan requires. »
Misato « We’re borrowing one of the SDF prototypes… »

A television set, on the news channel.
Reporter « Sorry for interrupting this report…

Reporter (OFF) « But we have emergency news. »
Pen² warks angrily at the television set for interrupting his soaps.

Hikari sits at her desk, watching the television.
Reporter (OFF) « From 23:30 to early morning tomorrow »

People watch the reporter on a television set on a skyscraper.
Reporter (OFF) « a large scale… »

A helicopter flies over a city.
Reporter (OFF) « …blackout is planned for Evangelion operations. We thank you for your cooperation. »

A mostly empty city.
Reporter (OFF) « I repeat… »

Ramiel continues his excavation.
Text: « Tokyo-3 »

BGM START: E-1 Rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

The command center.
Text: « Nerv HQ Command Center »
Announcer Female (OFF) « The Angel has broken through the 7th layer! »

Misato « What’s the status on energy supply? »

Lines and lines of power cords UP
Text: « New Odawara, Kangawa Prefecture »
Worker (OFF) « 3.2% delay, but we’ll be done by 23:10. »
The cords go all the way down the road through the city, and can be seen continuing up a hill.

Misato « And the rifle? »

A disassembled rifle, being built.
Worker « On the honor of Section 3, we’ll have it done in 3 hours! »

Misato « Defense? »

Ritsuko and Ibuki stand in front of an old space shuttle. UP
Ritsuko « We’ll be using a shield? »
Ibuki « This, ma’am? »
Ritsuko « Yes, it’s from the SSTO. »

Ritsuko « It doesn’t look good, but it’s got EM coating. It’ll resist for 17 seconds. »

Misato « Good. Firing location? »

A tactical map of Tokyo-3
Hyuga (OFF) « Considering range, the landscape, and power access, this is the spot. »

Hyuga and Misato stare at the map. They are considering a mountain.
Misato « Looks good. »
She rises.

Misato « Okay, we’re using Mt. Futago. The operation starts at midnight. Codename: Yashima. »

Close-up Misato’s eye.
Hyuga (OFF) « Yes, ma’am! »
Misato (MONO) « Now all I have to worry about is Shinji… »


A life support graph. Shinji is barely in the « safe » zone.
SE: beeps and other machine noises
The graphs increase and change color.

Shinji in the tank. The door releases.
He opens his eyes.

Text: « 7th Cage Control Room »
Someone hangs up the phone.
Operator Male (OFF) « The First Child is conscious now. His results look normal. »
Misato turns.
Misato « Okay. Proceed as planned. »
Operator (OFF) « Roger. »

Misato and Ritsuko.
Ritsuko « So he’s getting in it again? »
Misato « He will. We have to fight soon. Hurry. »

Shinji’s hospital room.
Text: « Surgery Ward 3 »
SE: cicadas

A door opens.
Something is wheeled in.

Shinji’s eyes are shut.
Rei approaches. She looks vaguely concerned.
Shinji opens his eyes.

Rei stares down at him.
Shinji (OFF) « Ayanami… »
Rei « I’ve come to inform you of the battle. It starts at midnight. »
She pulls a notepad out of her dress and reads.
Rei « Ikari and Ayanami go to cage at 1730. 1800, activate Evas. 1805; launch. 1830, arrive at temporary base on Mt. Futago. Begin at midnight. »
She puts the pad away.
She tosses something onto his bed.

It’s a plugsuit.
Rei « Here is a new one. »

Shinji sits up. He looks tired.
Rei « Even if you’re tired, you shouldn’t come looking like that. »

He looks down, and realizes he is naked and only barely covered by the blanket.
He freaks and pulls the covers up.

He hides his face in the blankets while Rei watches.
Shinji « Sorry. »

He looks up.
Shinji « I’ve been saying that a lot since yesterday. »
He turns to Rei.

START BGM B-1 [Hedgehog’s Dilemma]

A hospital meal.
Rei (OFF) « Here. »

He looks away.
Shinji « I don’t feel like eating. »

Rei « We leave in one hour. »
Shinji « Do I have to? »
Rei « Yes. »
Shinji « I don’t want to. You can say that because you haven’t had bad experiences. I don’t want to go through that again. »
Rei « I’ve had eight bad experiences. »
Shinji looks up.
Shinji « You have? »
Rei « I’ll pilot Unit 01. »

Shinji looks shocked.
Rei « You may stay in bed. »
Shinji « I can? »
Rei « Yes. Goodbye, Ikari-kun. I will not see you again. »

She turns and walks away.

Shinji « Wha-? Wait! »

The door shuts.

Shinji waits a moment, and then sighs.

Shinji sits there, ashamed.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 6: Rei II”

Another apartment building.
SE: footsteps

Hikari climbs the stairs, holding papers.
She pauses at the top step.

She walks down the corridor.
Hikari (MONO) « It’s just Suzuhara… »

She stops at a door and presses the doorbell.
Hikari (MONO) « I don’t have to be afraid. »
No one answers.
She sighs, and leaves.

She pauses at a window at the end of the corridor.
Hikari « Wha-? »

The hill moves. Eva-01 appears.

Hikari’s eyes are wide with amazement.
Hikari « They’re so… »

Eva-00 is lifted out as well.

Hikari « The Evangelions… So amazing. »

She starts walking away.

The Evangelions begin to walk as well.
Hikari (OFF) « Good luck, pilots, we’re depending on you… I wonder if the new boy really is one of them… »

BGM START E-1 Rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

The Angel continues its drilling operation.
Text: « 2011 hours »

The drill up close. It is sinking in deeper.

Dozens of trucks ascending up a hill.
Text: « Near Ashi Falls on Mt. Futago. »
Aoba (OFF – SPEAKERS) « 17th armor hull breached. Three hours, fifty-five minutes. »

Six bright lights.
Staff (OFF – SPEAKERS) « No problem with hub synchronization. »

Power lines
SE: electrical hum
Hyuga (OFF – SPEAKERS) « We now have power from Kyushu and Shikoku. »

Dozens of fans.
Woman (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Begin testing cooling system. »

An Eva puts the rifle in place.
Ritsuko « It’s delicate, so be careful. »

Bird’s eye view of the rifle.
Text: « Eva Positron Sniper Rifle »
Shinji (OFF) « It’s only a prototype. Will it really work? »
Ritsuko (OFF) « It’s our only choice. »
Shinji (OFF) « So it’ll be okay? »
Ritsuko (OFF) « Theoretically, yes. But we won’t know for sure until you fire. »

Shinji in shadow.
Ritsuko (OFF) « We haven’t done tests with so much power. »

Misato, Shinji and Rei.
Misato « Now I’ll tell you what you’ll be doing. Shinji. »
Shinji « Yes. »
Misato « You are the gunner. »
Shinji « Yes. »
Misato « Rei, you are defense. »

Close-up on Rei.
Rei « Yes, ma’am. »

Misato and Ritsuko.
Ritsuko « He is the gunner because he has a higher synch. We need precision. »

More lights.
Ritsuko « The gun is affected by magnetics, gravity, and the earth’s rotation. It will not go straight. Don’t forget to compensate. »

Ritsuko « You must hit the core precisely. »

Shinji « But I’ve never practiced. »

The gun, panning RIGHT.
Ritsuko « No problem, just follow the textbook. When the markers align, pull the trigger. And it’ll take awhile to reload because of… »
Eva-01 comes into view.
Ritsuko « Cooling, reloading, and exchanging of fuses. »

Shinji « Then… if I miss and the enemy shoots back… »

Ritsuko « Don’t think about that sort of thing. »

Shinji (MONO) « We’d be in big trouble if that kind of thing happened. »
Rei (OFF) « I’d… »

Rei stands alone.
Rei « I just have to defend Eva-01 then? »
Ritsuko (OFF) « Yes. »

Rei close-up.
Rei « I understand. »

The shadows of the group.
Misato (OFF) « It’s time to go get changed. »

Shinji and Rei (OFF) « Yes Ma’am. »

Shinji’s clothes folded.

He presses a button on the plugsuit wrist.

It becomes form-fitting. Rei’s shadow in background, she is changing.

Her clothes are strewn on the floor carelessly.

She removes her underwear.
Shinji (OFF) « We… »

Shinji close-up.
Shinji « …might die. »

Rei close-up. Shinji’s shadow in background.
Rei « Why do you say that? »


Rei’s shadow becomes distinct as the plugsuit wraps around her.
Rei (OFF) « You won’t die. »

Shinji turns.

Rei looking determined.
Rei « I’ll protect you. »

Ritsuko on the phone.
Ritsuko “Yes, he did go visit her.”
Ikari (OFF – PHONE) “Do you think they’re closer?”

Ritsuko takes a drag of a cigarette.
Ritsuko “Maybe. I don’t know.”

Ikari’s office.
Ikari “Unacceptable… If they don’t get closer…”

A shot of the Subterminal.
Ikari (OFF) “Our plans cannot come to fruition.”

BGM START C-6 [A Crystalline Night Sky]

Pen² watches the sky.

A traffic light turns off.

A road light turns off.

Skyscraper lights go off.

The whole city goes dark around the Angel as it drills except for spotlights near it.

Pen² continues to watch the sky.

An emergency shelter goes dark.

All of Japan begins going dark.

Lightless Tokyo-3 DOWN

Lights against the moon.

Rei and Shinji sit on platforms together.


Shinji in front of Eva-01.
Shinji « Ayanami… why do you pilot? »

Rei in front of Eva-00.
Rei looks down, then up again.
Rei « Because of my bonds. »

Rei in front, Shinji and Eva-01 in back.
Shinji « Bonds? »
Rei « Yes, bonds. »

Shinji and Rei.
Shinji « With my father? »
Rei « With someone else. »
Shinji « You’re strong, Ayanami. »
Rei « I have nothing else. »

Shinji seen behind Rei.
Shinji « Nothing else? »
Rei rises.
Rei « It is time. Let’s go. »

Rei. The moon is in the background.
Rei « Goodbye, Ikari-kun. »

Zoom in on Shinji, looking afraid.

The Angel continues its drilling.

The drill pushes further in.

The Angel in the front. The camera is centered on Mt. Fugato

The generators. PAN
Announcer (OFF) « The time is now midnight. »
A UN car.
Text: « Type 14 Large Mobile Command Car »

Text: « Japan Standard Time. 23:59:57
Countdown 00:00:03″
The countdown continues.
SE: beep

Text: « Inside Command Car »
Hyuga « Start the operation! »

BGM START E-1 [Decisive Battle]

Misato « Shinji-kun, we’re ready to begin. »

Shinji sits in his Entry Plug.
Misato « Good luck. »
Shinji « Thank you. »

Misato, Ritsuko, Ibuki, Hyuga, Inoue.
Misato « Begin the first connection. »
Hyuga nods.
Hyuga « Sectors 1 to 803. Begin. »

A hand pushes a switch.

A display.
Lights begin flashing on.
SE: buzz

The generators begin to hum.

The mountain UP
Staff (OFF) « Number 1 transmission system nominal. »
Staff (OFF) « No problem with hub synchronizer output. »
Staff (OFF) « Conversion efficiency staying within estimated values. »

The generators.
Inoue « Voltage approaching operational level. »

Hyuga « All cooling systems functioning. »

The fans turn on.

Steam flows from each cooler.
Staff (OFF) « Electron condenser system nominal. »
Staff (OFF) « Auxiliary system activated. »
Man (RADIO) « Temperature stable. »

Inside the cooling car.
Inoue « Positron charge is nominal. »
Misato « Second connection. »

A second column of lights turn on.

The three bridge bunnies.
Inoue « Start accelerators. »
Ibuki « Activate convergence unit. »

Nerv Command Center, still lit up.
Man (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Transmitting all power to Mt. Futago temporary substation. »

Man (OFF – SPEAKERS) « No problems reported with tertiary connection. »

Misato « Release the safeties. »

Hyuga « Pull the bolt back! »

Eva-01 pulls back on the bolt, loading the rifle.

Text: « Safe | Empty »
…is replaced by…
Text: « Armed | Loaded »

Shinji sits in the plug. A specialized targeter moves over his eyes.
Operator (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Adjust for gravity and rotation. »

The targeting unit. The markers line up on the Angel.
Operator (OFF – SPEAKERS) « Plus 0.0009. »

EVA-01 holding the rifle, PAN
Operator (OFF – SPEAKERS) « 0.2 to firing voltage. »

The generators begin to whir.
Sparks flash.

The cooling fans spin in a frenzy.

Smoke emits from the wires.

All columns on the display light up.
The bar reading « Eva-01 » lights up.
Hyuga (OFF) « 7th Connection established. »

Eva-01 and the barrel of the rifle.
Staff (OFF) « All energy to rifle. »

Shinji grits his teeth.

Misato watches and tenses.
Hyuga (OFF) « 8… »

The Angel’s floating triangles reform and glow.
Hyuga (OFF) « 7…6… »

Ibuki turns.
Hyuga (OFF) « 5…4… »
Ibuki « A high energy reaction has been detected! »

Ritsuko gasps.
Hyuga (OFF) « 3… »
Ritsuko « What?! »

The rifle and the Eva.
Hyuga (OFF) « 2… »

The markers on the display line up.
Hyuga (OFF) « 1… »
They are replaced by a circle.
SE: beep

Misato « Fire! »

Shinji pulls the trigger.

A flash of Shinji’s perspective.
A rainbow is visible.

The rifle fires.

The Angel fires.

One beam of light.

The other.

They approach over Ashinoko.
They twist around each other and continue.

Both shots miss, one flies over Eva-01.

The other collides with a forest.

Two pillars of flame on either side of the lake.

Shinji in the Entry Plug shakes. The pillar has enveloped the Eva.

Eva-01 is red in the light.

The Command Car is shaken.

The glass of the Command Car breaks.

Ritsuko is shaken around and falls.

Ibuki and Hyuga duck. Light flashes.
The light returns to normal. Misato looks out the window.
Misato « Missed? »

BGM START E-7 [Marking Time, Waiting for Death]

The Angel floats. A pillar of fire is behind him.

The drill continues despite the explosions.

It pushes through the Geofront.

Text: « Caution. Alert. Caution. Alert. »
Aoba (OFF) « The enemy has entered the Geofront! »

Misato « Hurry up with the second shot! »

Eva-01 replaces the first shot with a second.

The Bridge Bunnies and Misato.
Hyuga « Exchanging fuses. Start recharge. »

Rifle PAN
Inoue « Begin cooling. »

Eva-01 and the barrel of the gun.

The Angel glows again. The Angel mask appears.

Its eyes flash.
Ibuki (OFF) « Another high-energy reaction! »

All of The Angel glows.

Shinji gasps.

An immense positron beam fires.

And is blocked.

Misato « Shinji! »



Shinji opens his eyes.

Eva-00 is using the shield to defend him.

White light is all around, the trees shake, but Eva-00 remains strong.

The shield melts.

Ritsuko « The shield won’t be able to hold! »
Misato moves into the shot.
Misato « Are we ready yet?! »

Hyuga « Ten seconds! »

Shinji grits his teeth again.

The markers start lining up…
Shinji (OFF) « Come on… »

The shield is now melting beyond recognition.

Shinji close-up
Shinji « Hurry! »

The markers line up.
SE: beep
Shinji gulps.

He pulls the trigger.

A shot fires across the lake.

It hits the Angel’s core dead on.
The Angel bursts into flames.

Misato, Ibuki, Hyuga, smiling.
Misato « Gotcha! »

The Angel begins to bubble and melt.
Angel « (pained ‘whale song’) »

Blood flows through the streets of Tokyo-3.

Eva-00 hits the ground. It is highly melted.


Shinji « Ayanami! »

The drill bubbles and melts.

The Geofront. Blood pours through the hole like a waterfall.

Eva-01 grabs part of Eva-00’s armor.

It chucks it away.

The Entry Plug pops out and vents LCL.

Ramiel is now almost completely gone.

A melted Eva-01 arm clings to Eva-00’s Entry Plug. Shinji at the door.

The smoking emergency release.

Shinji strains to open it.

The hatch opens.
Shinji sticks his head in.

Ayanami is limp.
Shinji « Ayanami! Are you okay? »

Ayanami’s eyes slowly open.
Shinji (OFF) « Ayanami! »
She lifts her head.

He fades into view. Rei’s perspective.


She lays in the LCL.
Shinji pushes himself further in.

Tears are in his eyes.
Shinji « Don’t say you don’t have anything else. »

Rei is shocked at Shinji’s emotions.

Tears continue to well in Shinji’s eyes.
Shinji « And don’t say ‘goodbye’ before a mission. »
He bows his head, and starts to cry.

The Entry Plug.
SE: sniffling

Eva-01 and Eva-00 PAN
SE: sniffling

Rei and Shinji.
SE: sniffling
Rei sits up.

She looks at Shinji.
Rei « Why are you crying? »

Shinji cries.

Rei looks away.
Rei « I am sorry. I don’t know what to do in situations like these. »

He grins.
Shinji « Try smiling. »

Rei close-up. Shinji reflected in her eyes.

Ikari smiling at Rei. (flashback)

Rei blinks.

Shinji continues to smile.

Rei smiles back. Holy shit!

Eva-00 minimized.
Pan to moon.


Text: “To be continued…”


Text: “Next Time”

Jet Alone begins marching.
Misato (OFF) “The anti-Angel humanoid robot developed by civilians goes wild”

Misato and Ritsuko sit at a conference table.
Misato (OFF) “and Misato must stop its reactor meltdown.”

A pilot, dressed in a completely covering plugsuit labeled ‘05’.
Misato (OFF) “Meanwhile, a new pilot”

The 3rd Angel roars.
Misato (OFF) “receives a dangerous training lesson.”

EVA-01 chases after Jet Alone.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘A Human Creation’.”

Rei's Heart
A Manmade Problem