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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: I love writing poetry and it’s a great outlet, but I really hate the depressions that usually lead to the best ones. I’m so sick of feeling so helpless and lonely. I would give up my ability to write poetry to never feel this way ever again…
The Artist’s Dilemma
I hate this, these wretched feelings
I hate this sorrow, the sense of uselessness
I need to reach out
I need to hear “everything’s ok”
But I need the sadness
I need the pain
I need to have something to write on
I need to soak up all of this
I need to suffer alone to make my art
…But what if I don’t want to suffer anymore?
I’m sure others have been through this before, but I’m not going professional. I don’t need to continue making my art. Is it wrong to want to give up a talent to rid oneself of suffering?
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