Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ The Akane edition ( Chapter 7 )

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>When one trained too much. -The Akane edition- <
By Hiryo

Begin: 17.03.2013

Author Notes:
An idea I came up with during a talk with TheDevian.
Thank you migele and TheDevian for checking this chapter.

Chapter 7 – 7th try to . . . .

o0o0o Tokyo, Bunkyo, Cooking Class o0o0o

“Hi, want to be friends?” Akane smiles at her two neighbors in the cooking class, and extends her hand.

“Sure!” A bubbly cheery girl immediately shakes Akane’s hand. “My name is Tsukino Usagi.”

“Ahem.” A regal looking girl demands attention.

“Oh sorry.” Stepping aside Usagi gives place to the other girl.

Bowing very formally and straightens up again. “Masaki Jurai Ayeka.”

The door opens and in steps the teacher, an older woman in her late thirties. “Stand!”

All teen girls stood up.

“My name is Urashima Haruka,” puffing on her cigarette . . . “let me be frank. I don’t like you . . . so you need to work at it, so that I may like you . . . . Now I begin to read the attendant list.”

o0o0o Two minutes later o0o0o

“Sit!” Going with an egg-carton to the last row. “Now we begin with the easiest lesson there is. We will cook three minute eggs. I’ll explain in detail what you. First . . . put water in a small pot and get the water boiling. Second . . . carefully put one or more eggs into the water depending on how many you want to cook. As this is a lesson, each of you only uses one egg. Third . . . set the timer for three minutes. Fourth . . . when the timer goes off pour all of the water out of the pot and fill it with cold water so the eggs chills.” On the girl’s kitchen table in the right corner, she put the egg-carton on. “Pass the egg-carton along until each of you has one egg.”

Out of the loudspeaker, a loud voice booms. “Ms. Urashima . . . there is again a situation with your relative Keitaro.” The speaker mutters quietly, “and if that continues, I’ll have to fire you . . . .”

Turning around to address the class, “I expect you to be done with the egg when I come back . . .” continues a bit quieter “or a substitute.


And off she goes leaving the cooking class for self-study.

Creeeeeeeeeeeeak click, ominous the door closes behind the teacher.

Akane rummages in the drawer in her kitchen table and fishes out a huge pot.


“Now filling it with water that’s so easy . . . hmm maybe I should turn up the heat quite a bit.” With this, she turns on the gas herd. “Now where is the gas lighter?”

“Here you can this one.” Usagi hands the lighter on her kitchen table over to Akane.


Because of the gas flare, the girls backed away a bit from the pot and without their notice, it melted some of the plastic of the serving tray and scourged the vegetables.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEk!” all the girls scream. Most of the girls in this class immediately leap to the front seat.

Akane looks into the water. “That doesn’t look yellowish enough yet. I need some oil. Rummaging in the drawer again now where is the oil. Oh, I know!” She uses her considerable strength and rips out a cable. “Those cables usually have some oil in it.” Using the cable like a tube and squeezes the cable all the black oil out of it. “That is not right either. Hmm . . .” looking around and sees a yellow paprika, “that’s it! Oh, what is now? Why do they always attach so firmly the things I need.” Again, with her considerable strength she rips out the paprika along with the melted plastic and the little metal bar that was attached to the melted plastic. “That wasn’t it either,” looking lost at heir cooking neighbors’, “what do you suggest?”

Elegantly handing Akane a mayonnaise bottle, “That should be sufficient enough.”

Beaming at Ayeka, “I’m so glad that I got you two next to me. I’ll master cooking in no time and show Ranma that I can cook too!”

“Boyfriend? Then let me help too!”

Akane simmers a bit.

“Oh this for your boyfriend of yours?”


Usagi looks sideway to Ayeka. ‘Oh she is so in denial.’

Ayeka silently agrees with her eyes to Usagi’s statement. ‘Oh yes just like the soap operas Mihoshi likes to watch.’

Ayeka thinks, ‘I can SO relate!’

Ayeka and Usagi both say to each other, “We should help her!”

Seeing where this is going, terror set in as the rest of the girls in the class cuddle together at the other end of the room, when the three girls mentioned the word ‘boyfriend’, developing unholy auras, and eyes that are even more hellish.

Their already large dinner plate sized eyes threatened to take up their whole face at the sight of the violations of nature’s law.

“That’s nothing! Did you see what they did before? Didn’t you see how they managed to tame ‘the food’ and after one look by all of them it obediently went back into the pot?”

“I looked away as I thought they tortured a soul.”

“Um, maybe it would be best to call a teacher?”


Not minding the strange gases and coloration and even some squeaking from within the pot.

That reminded the girls cowering of a hell gate mixed with a funny mushrooms trip.

Akane looks again in the mostly destroyed drawer insides. “That red powder there should finish up the ‘love egg’.” With a satisfied grin, Akane holds out the hand with the powder in it.

“Let’s.” Usagi adds her own hand over Akane’s.

“Let us.” Ayeka as well adds her own delicate hand over the others.

Thus completing the classic storybook picture of three cackling evil witches standing over the cauldron, ignoring the purple-green fumes billowing out of it.

“Now it’s done!”

And then Akane let the rat poison fall into the pot with several shivering sentient beings in it.

A frightened Akane says “Oop-“

And then the dark field expanded and consumed Akane as if erasing reality. [Imagine the transition in Residence into the other world only that the other world here is pitch black.]

o0o0o Universal Galaxy Standard Year 666, on a space ship o0o0o

The people on the spaceship saw the Milky Way Galaxy disappear in a black space-time-continuum-singularity forever.


“Now it’s done!”

And then Akane let the rat poison fall into the pot with several shivering sentient beings in it.

A frightened Akane says “Oop-“

The sentient beings began to pray in thousands different languages.

Suddenly beneath the praying beings, an eye opened, and then a mouth in the eye opened and devours those still praying beings in the pot.

Blinking two times the eye settled on the three creators of it.

The three girls suddenly knew that they would be kept alive to create more of those ‘IT’.

Then the ‘Old One’ squelched out of the pot.

« Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m Jenny Myer, just call me Jenny. I will be teaching you how to cook today. Now so that we can begin I need first to do the attendant call. So here we go. »

“Aqua Keyne . . . ?”
“Can we begin cooking already?”

“Hakubi Ryoko . . . ?”

“Hasegawa Sora . . . ?”

“Invader Lum . . . ?”
« Hiiiiiiiii daccha, teach me a lot so I can make daaaaaaaaaarling happy, daccha! »

“Kagurazaka Asuna . . . ?”

“Kamishiro Rin . . . ?”

“Katsuragi Misato . . . ?”

“Kojima Kirie . . . ?“

“Kotabuki C-ko . . . ?“
“Sensei can you taste my cooking?” Cue puppy eye blinking.

“Kuga Natsuki . . . ?“

“Masaki Jurai Ayeka . . . ?“

“Matsumaru Yurika . . . ?”

“Minazuki Taeko . . . ?“

“Sanzenin Nagi . . . ?“

“Sawachika Eri . . . ?“

“Shimura Tae . . . ?“
« I want to make tamagoyaki!!! Er, oh, sorry, present. »

“Tendo Akane . . . ?“

“Tsukino Usagi . . . ?”
“Oops, is it lunch time already?”

”Tsukamoto Tenma . . . ?”
“Please could you treat me like a woman? Erm, here.”

The universe tries to initiate the big bang to avert its demise by the potential in this cooking class.


Author Notes:
Yep those Omake’s are a result of a conversation with TheDevian. I like those. ^^

That was fun to write and simply had to be inserted in this series of mine. 😉

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