❯ The 3rd Annual Anime Beauty Contest – Digi-Girls and Steel Angels ( Chapter 1 )

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Ninja T. Kasuga and Robster80






Part 1: Digi-Girls and Steel Angels

Seto Kaiba appears on stage, illuminated by a spotlight and holding a microphone in his hand.

Kaiba: Welcome, one and all, to the 3rd annual Anime Beauty Contest, brought to you by those crazy fanfic writers Ninja T Kasuga and Robster80! I’m your master of ceremonies, Seto Kaiba. And what a great night it is for a beauty contest! The stands are filling up quickly with muses and authors alike.

Metabee: Passing out programs Programs, folks! Get your programs here! You can’t tell some of the beauties apart without a program, especially the redheads!

Rokusho: Carrying a large carton full of snacks Get your popcorn, crackerjacks, hot dogs, peanuts, chewing gum, licorice, hard candies, chocolate bars… Really fast and apickleforanickelwithmustardontop! To himself …Who’d want to eat that?! Other than Goku, I mean.

Sakura: Carrying a cooler Cold drinks! Get your cold drinks here! Pepsi to Coca-Cola to Root Beer, we got ’em all!

Nanami: Carrying a case with boxed lunches Boxed lunches! Fresh boxed lunches! Get ’em while they last!

Kaiba: Before we begin the contest, I’d like to take this moment to remind you that any form of foul play during the contest is strictly forbidden! So, boys, if your girl’s in this contest, you’ll do more good for her by just cheering her on! Because, if any of our judges and/or security find out you’ve been fixing the polls, you will not only be thrown out of here on your ears, but your girl will be automatically disqualified. With that, we have a message from the girls for you guys…


Kaiba: Couldn’t have said it better, ladies! And the rules apply to them, too. If they’re caught cheating, they will be removed from the contest. And now, a few words from last year’s ABC winner. All the way from Graviton City, Miss A-ko!

A-ko comes out onto the stage as the crowd cheers her. She’s wearing her school uniform from the 1st and 4th « A-ko » movies.

Kaiba: Welcome, Miss A-ko.

A-ko: Thank you, Kaiba, and thank you all for coming!

Kaiba: Tell us, why did you decide not to enter this year’s ABC?

A-ko: Well, since B-ko and I nearly got everyone killed at last year’s contest, I figured it would be best for all if I didn’t enter any more beauty contests.

Kaiba: Is B-ko still trying to kill you?

A-ko: Unfortunately, but I’ve managed to stay one step ahead of her so far. Still, it’s really straining my relationship with Quatre. Every time I try to go to see him at his colony, B-ko shows up at the space port and I have to start running again.

Kaiba: Really? And how is Quatre by the way? We hardly hear from him these days.

A-ko: He’s fine. Busy running his family’s company, but he still manages to smile through it all. I hate to be rude, but I should get going before B-ko shows up and starts firing missiles everywhere.

Kaiba: No problem. Thanks again for stopping by.

A-ko: Thanks for having me. Bye, everybody! Exits

Kaiba: And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s introduce tonight’s judges!

The lights come up over a long table, where Optimus Prime, Hiei, Veemon80, Gotsumon, and Yusuke are sitting at.

Kaiba: Our first judge is the current and greatest leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime! Pauses as crowd cheers and Optimus waves Next is a powerful demon with a terrifying third eye used only for extreme situations. He speaks only when he needs to and he usually lets his actions speak for him, he’s Hiei! Pauses again, but Hiei just grunts once, ignoring the cheering Our third judge is one of two Digimon judging the contest, and Robster80’s numero uno Digimon. He may be small, but he packs a mean punch as well as a headbutt. Please give it up for Veemon80! Watches as V80 gives the crowds the V sign The second Digimon judging tonight’s contest is V80’s partner in crime, so to speak. He’s built like a rock, but has a the heart of a marshmallow. He’s Gotsumon! Again, pauses for cheers And our last judge is a former delinquent turned spirit detective under the jurisdiction of Koenma, son of King Enma. Say hello to Yusuke! Yusuke smiles at the crowd and waves as they cheer. These five were handpicked by R80 and NTK themselves to make sure the contest would be judged fairly. None of these judges have any girlfriends or favorites participating, so their decisions will be based solely on each of the girls’ performances. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The lights suddenly dim and Kaiba walks offstage before several spotlights shine onto the stage.


The crowd roars as 20 girls walk out onto the stage. The spotlights move around the girls before the houselights come up, revealing, from left to right: Kari, Mimi, Kurumi, Sora, Tira, Akane, Chocolate, Asuka, Ami, Lita, Aoi, Naomi, Belldandy, Allenby, Rain, Diva, Miz, Shayla-Shayla, Naru, and Kitsune. They’re all in their usual outfits from their respective series.
Kaiba: Take a good look, guys and gals! We have 20 beautiful girls standing up here, but only one will walk away tonight as champion. These lovely ladies will compete in several side contests to determine which one will be this year’s Anime Beauty Queen. Now, let the contest begin!!

Kaiba walks away as the judges turn on their microphones.

Optimus: For the first part of the contest, we’ll ask you young ladies to introduce yourselves and also answer our questions. We’ll start from the left with you, miss. Points at Kari, who steps forward

Kari: My name is Kari Kamiya, or for all you hardcore Japanese fans, Hikari Yagami. I’m from Digimon seasons one and two.

Hiei: Tell us about your Digimon.

Kari: My partner is Gatomon, a Champion-level Digimon. She can Digivolve into her Ultimate level, Angewomon, with the Crest of Light, or Armor-Digivolve into Nefertimon with the Digi-Egg of Light. She can also Warp-Digivolve into her Mega level, Magnadramon, if the situation is dire enough.

Yusuke: Why did you enter this contest?

Kari: I really had no choice. Mimi and Sora made me sign up.

Yusuke: You could have just dropped out, you know?

Kari: Tell that to them! Points to Sora and Mimi, who look away and whistle innocently Besides, once my mom found out, she’s been supporting me so much, I couldn’t back out. Kurumi’s been a great help, too.

Gotsumon: What are your hobbies?

Kari: Photography, traveling the Digital World, shopping with the girls or my mom, and playing video games with my boyfriend.

V80: Last question. What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Kari: Donate most of it to charity and use the rest to buy a new digital camera.

Kari bows before stepping back. Mimi steps up.

Mimi: I’m Mimi Tachikawa, also from the first two seasons of Digimon.

Gotsumon: Tell us about your Digimon.

Mimi: Palmon’s a Rookie-level Digimon who can become Togemon, a Champion-level, and then, with the Crest of Sincerity, become Lillymon.

Optimus: Originally, you’re from Japan, but in season 2, you and your family moved to New York City. What was it like?

Mimi: At first it was very hard being so far away from my friends, especially Matt, TK, and Sora. But, as time went by, I started hanging out with new friends and adjusted pretty well. The shops in NYC are to die for, just like back home. Then, I found out I could get back into the Digital World using my Digivice, and it made seeing my friends back home much easier.

V80: Mimi, before R80 started writing fanfics, you were paired up with Joe, Tai, Matt, Izzy, and, no offense, even Sora. Fans want to know, what was it like being paired with TK?

Mimi: Not as bad as being paired with the others in some fics. Actually, TK and I get along fine. It’s like being paired with Matt, only with a younger, less musical version of him. And as far as the lemons go, as long as the plot’s good and well thought-out, I’m okay with them.

Yusuke: If you had any super or mutant power, what would it be and why?

Mimi: I’d have to say… the ability to open portals and travel across the planet in an instant, because then I could get from one place to another faster. Telepathy would have been my choice, but since I can tell when some guys have their minds in the gutter, that would be a waste of a power. No offense.

Judges: None taken.

Hiei: For your final question, why did you dye your hair strawberry blonde?

Mimi: Originally, I got it dyed on a dare. My folks liked it, and so did my friends, so I kept it as my permanent look.

Kurumi steps up after Mimi takes a bow and steps back.

Kurumi: Hello, my name is Kurumi, and I’m from Steel Angel Kurumi.

Hiei: Did you dye your hair strawberry blonde as well, or is that your natural color?

Kurumi: It’s cotton candy pink, not strawberry blonde. And it’s the color I’ve had since I was activated, at least as far as I know.

V80: What are your hobbies?

Kurumi: Good question. Hmmm… I guess my hobbies are mostly fighting with my sister Karinka and trying to seduce my boyfriend Nataku.

Optimus: Why do you fight with Karinka?

Kurumi: Well, she’s kinda… how can I put this? She’s guy-crazy, ’nuff said. Sometimes she goes after other girls’ guys, and I usually end up trying to stop her.

Gotsumon: What about Saki, your other sister?

Kurumi: Oh, she’s living with Nakahito at his family’s shrine. They finally got together as a couple. She writes me twice a month to let me know she’s okay.

Yusuke: We heard you weren’t originally going to enter this contest. Could you, for the last question, tell us why?

Kurumi: I’m not really into these sort of things, and sometimes crowds make me nervous. When I heard Mimi and Sora were making Kari participate, I signed up with her because we’ve been friends since I joined the 80 Crew and friends look out for each other. Even if I don’t win, I’m hoping she will. Bows before stepping back.

Sora: Steps up My name is Sora Takenouchi. Like Mimi and Kari, I’m from Digimon seasons 1 and 2.

Optimus: If I am not mistaken your crest is Love, correct?

Sora: Yep, my Digimon partner is Biyomon, her Champion-level is Birdramon, and Ultimate-level is Garudamon. Her Mega-level is still unknown

Yusuke: While in 02, the creators paired you up with Matt making Sorato official couple canon, yet most people cry foul and demand Taiora. What is your say on this?

Sora: Tough call. Honestly both Matt & Tai are good to me, and are great friends. I don’t really mind the pairings with either of them.

Hiei: How about R80’s taste for Sokeru?

Sora: Another pairing I do not mind. TK’s a good guy, and while in most cases I’d go for Tai or Matt, why waste a good option? Smiles

Gotsumon: How come you play Tennis and help your Mom do flower arrangement, when in 01 you enjoyed soccer and HATED flower arrangement.

Sora: In 01, I was a serious tomboy, and as most know my Mother and I didn’t get along until my time in the Digital World opened my eyes. As for the sports change, I just lost interest in soccer, and began to take an interest in tennis. As for the flower arranging, hey I got a great knack for it. Hard to believe I actually hated it before.

V80: What are your thoughts on R80’s plans for the rewrite of New Path?

Sora: Your referring to the scene between TK and me about his falling-out with the rest of the 02 kids?

V80: Bingo.

Sora: It was actually pretty tough. TK and I had to study the one scene from X/1999, but then R80 told us not to try and duplicate the whole thing after he wrote the first chapter of Road Not Taken. Originally, Tai was supposed to ask TK to keep his promise he made to me during the fight with Piedmon, and TK would reply that he’d forgotten it and that Tai should as well. My part in the scene was that Tai told me what happened and I try to get TK to promise me again that he’d protect Kari, and I nearly get a basketball in the face.

V80: Thanks for your time Sora.

Sorareturns to the line-up, but before Tira can walk up, Vegeta flies in and lands by Kaiba.

Vegeta: Gimme the microphone for a second, will ya?

Kaiba: Uh, sure, but make it quick.

Vegeta: Takes the mic Listen up! You all know me as Vegeta, Saiyan Prince, but today I am head of security for this contest. Since R80 or NTK events are prone to crashers, no need to name names, I’m going to show any wannabe contest wreckers how foolish that would be!

Vegeta snaps his fingers, and his ‘infinity posse’ come out. Consisting of Beelzemon, Jango Fett, Frieza, Piccolo, Ginyu, Burter, some Clone Troopers, and Kirika.

Kaiba: Isn’t that Kirika from Noir?

Vegeta: Arch loaned her services to us just in case. And to discourage any fool who dare use an MS or other mecha… Well, tilt your heads upward.

The ground shakes lightly as the 6 G-Gundam MS, and 6 G-Wing MS walk up. Consisting of the God, Spiegal, Dragon, Maxter, Bolt & Rose Gundams for the G-crew. Wing Zero, Altron/Nataku, (piloted by Wufei), Sandrock (with Ranma piloting since Quatre couldn’t attend), Heavyarms, Deathsyche, & Tallgeese III (with Zechs at the controls)

Vegeta: And last, but not least, our trump cards should any fool dare bring an unconventional monster and/or mecha that could trample an MS.

A nearby street opens up as Eva01 surfaces on its elevator, disengages from its locks and steps out, sporting the Lance of Loginus. Then a huge shadow covers the area behind the contest as the SDF-1 Macross descends from orbit. Thus hushes the crowd who clap at the display.

Kaiba: Well… you certainly pulled out all the stops for securing this contest.

Vegeta: We even got Puchiko in the Liger Zero as backup. Well, I’ve said my piece. Enjoy the show! Hands Kaiba the mic and takes off

Kaiba: Raises an eyebrow Puchiko can pilot a Zoid?! Shrugs Oh well. We’re gonna take a short break now, and then it’s back to the contest!

NEXT: Interviews with the Misu sisters, Akane, and Asuka, who has a surprise announcement…

The 3rd Annual Anime Beauty Contest – Redheads, Blue Bombshells and a Pink DOminatrix