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Tenchi to Ranma Muyo!
By Wereryu64

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma ½, Street Fighter, Tenchi Muyo!, or any other series that will be used.

Notes: KONNICHIWA! The Main idea of this episode was taken from « Family Trees » where Ryu is Ranma’s REAL Dad (or at least a very good Ryu-look-a-like). Also, even though that story ALSO had the Nodoka is a daughter of Katsuhito Masaki, there were others too (« A Good Day », « Splitting Heirs », & « Ranma Saotome: Decendant of Atlantis and Heir to the Throne of Jurai » are the three I can remember…Actually, that’s the order I read them in too…). Finally, I decided to give Ranma a brother, which has also been done before, but not like this… The title means « No Need for Tenchi and Ranma! »…Okay, I could have shown what other series were in it, but, It would have been one LOOOONG title (Three other series are involved, one of which is disscussed in this Chapter!).

Ranma ½: Manga. After the Failed Wedding.

Street Fighter: Diverges After All the Alpha Series is over, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, but Before SF2 occurs. Takes place in 2002, thus the Capcom Vs. SNK 2001 tournament is over.

Tenchi Muyo!: Tenchi Muyo! OAV. After « Here comes Jurai », but « Here Comes Jurai 2 » doesn’t happen the same way as before.
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[Intro Song: « Don’t Make Me Wild Like You! » – Ranma ½: Yin-Yang Was Never So Much Fun! Intro]

Episode 1: « The Sons of the Dragon »

A woman was standing outside the Tendo household. She was carrying an object wrapped in cloth, a Katana. It was Nodoka Saotome, Ranma’s Mother, Kasumi let her in.

« Hello, Ranma? Akane? I need to speak to you two… », She noticed her husband trying to sneak by, « You too Genma…You know what this is about… »

Genma gulped, « I do? »

« Nothing you did…It’s just TIME to tell them. About…Him. », Nodoka said.

Genma sighed for a moment, but then had a look of panic. NOT knowing about HIM was the only reason Ranma hasn’t killed Genma yet…

A Little later.

Ranma, Akane, Genma, and Nodaka sat alone in the living room. Nodoka had called Ranma and Akane in here because she had something « Important » to tell Ranma. Genma was practically sweating bullets now.

Ranma spoke up, « Mom, what did you want to talk to us about? Something the old man did? »

Nodoka sighed, « Well, Now is a good time to tell you something that it is OBVIOUS that Genma was supposed to, but hasn’t. », she said with a glare, « Ranma, Genma isn’t your real father. »

« He’s not? », Ranma said, not particularly surprised.

Nodoka shook her head, « He’s not…He’s your stepfather. »

Akane now looked concerned, « So…is his dad…dead? »

Nodoka couldn’t help but laugh, « My goodness, no Akane. He could probably take on an army of demons by himself with his bare hands. His father just couldn’t take care of two children, and I couldn’t go around the world all the time. »

Ranma now was surprised, « Two? »

Nodoka nodded, « That’s the other thing Ranma. You had a twin brother…He looked almost exactly like you, although there was a bit more of your father in his appearance too. »

Akane blinked, « So…Ranma’s Father is taking care of Ranma’s twin? »

Nodoka nodded, « Yes…One of the OTHER Reasons I had to was the fact that it’s not right not to have a last name… »

Akane and Ranma shouted together, « He was a ronin!? »

Nodoka shook her head, « No…It’s not that. It’s just that, he never knew his parents. He was found by his martial arts master, and raised by him. Nobody knows for sure why who’s still alive. The only people who knew were his master, his master’s master, and his master’s brother. Your father’s master and your father’s master’s master were murdered, while the brother….Well…Let’s just say he’s in no mood to talk to anybody, and let them live. »

« Dad’s master’s brother was a murderer? », Ranma asked.

« It’s the technique he unleashed. It turns the user into a demon. », Ranma mumbled.

Then, everyone noticed Genma slinking away… »GET BACK HERE! », all three shouted at Genma at once. Genma immediatly returned.

« Now…What did he look like, mom? », Ranma asked.

« Here is a picture of your father, » Nodoka said, pulling out a picture of a man.

Ranma & Akane leaned forward. The man wore a white Karate Gi with the Sleeves cut off and a red bandanna. He was very muscular. It was obvious he was a great martial artist. He had Dark Brown Hair and Brown Eyes.

« He looks familiar… », Akane said.

Ranma thought so to, and realized where he had saw this man before. « Akane! Your right! I recognize him now. He’s the multi-time champion of the Street Fighter Tournament! Ryu! »

Akane blinked. Then she blinked again. Then once more for good measure. A smile appeared on her face, « Your right Ranma! THAT must be why you pick up techniques so quickly, and how you seem to be able to survive Dragons, Phoenixes, and all that other stuff without a scratch! »

They didn’t even think about how old Ryu must be. Nodoka Saotome was really glad about that. That would have gotten to an unconfortable question about their heritage.

« Why did you marry Mr. Saotome anyway, Auntie? », Akane asked.

« Well, I wanted someone to train Ranma to be a good martial artist and have alot of honor, like his father, Ryu… »

« And you chose HIM!? », Both Ranma & Akane shouted.

« I know…it was a bad choice…. », Nodoka said.

« Try terrible…Let’s see…Akane help me out here…what did he do? », Ranma said.

« Well, he engaged yoou to Ukyo Kuonji, Kaori Daijkoku, and who knows how many other girls… »

« Yeah, and he is the one who tried to get me to learn the Neko-ken… »

« He tried to take the Dragon’s Wisker from your hair, which if he’d tried sooner, your hair would have been longer than Kasumi’s! »

« Don’t forget, despite setting up the wedding, he tried to take the Nannichuan Water… »

« HE is the one who took me to Jusenkyo…HE is the one who ate the Joketzu First Prize, causing me to have to fight Shampoo and thus creating the engagement… »

« He is the one who tried to make Ranma Happosai’s student… »

« HE is the one- along with Mousse…, » Ranma mumbled ‘and Ryoga’, « Who’d rather I let Akane be cursed with a male form & get a cure, then have her stay the same…Oh yeah! And He’s ALSO the one who tried to stop me from saving Akane on Kuno Island! And there’s more too, but let’s not go into it… »

« WHAT!? Genma…how dare you engage Ranma to so many girls! He is not a poker chip to be won! And Akane isn’t expendable like that either! You call that HONOR!? »

« About the only thing that was my fault was the Casino King thing…but I handled that, myself! Every time somebody is after YOU, » Ranma points at his step-father, « Then I am the one who pays for it! », Ranma remarked.

« Ummm…You see… », Genma mumbled.

Three pairs of glaring eyes were focused on Genma…he splashed himself with water from a bucket that came out of nowhere. <I’m just a cute panda>.

« Auntie…I’m wondering…why did you wait so long to tell Ranma this? »

« Well…Today I got a letter from my father, Katsuhito Masaki. He wants all of his Grandchildren over. I’m pretty sure he sent one to Ryu as well. »

« By the way, Mom…How many Cousins do I have? »

« Five. Most are boys. »

« Oh, I see. », Ranma replied.

Nodoka got up and was about to put the letter away…

Suddenly, Ranma spoke up. « I just thought of something…How will father react to my curse? », Ranma asked.

Nodoka froze. She didn’t think of that. She knows Ryu is almost always calm, but he can get angry, and she’s seen what happens to Ryu when he loses his cool. « Let’s just hope he understands… », Nodoka mumbled, « Akane do you want to come too? »

Akane’s eyes lit up, « Of course Auntie. I’d LOVE to come! »

« Good, then we shall get going tomorrow. »

Soun broke in, « Oh Ranma! Please take care of my Akane! »

« They were spying weren’t they? », Ranma asked.

« Either that, or just Nabiki, » Akane said.

« Hello people! »

« Okay Nabiki…how much did you hear? »

« All of it…And I know somebody who would love to learn the location of Ryu’s son. »

« Your not talking about that man who’s always after him, are you Nabiki? », Nodoka asked.

« Yes, Auntie, why? »

« DON’T Sell that information to him! You don’t know what he tried to do to Ryu. »

Nabiki didn’t get it. She thought that M. Bison was just some weird guy with a red hat. « What? »

« He tried to put all of his evil powers inside Ryu. If he would have succeeded…You wouldn’t be standing here right now! », Nodoka scolded.

« He’s that dangerous? »

« Yes. A Former Rival for Ryu’s Effections of mine, Detective Chun-Li, who is still one of his good friends, is still trying to prove he was behind many kidnappings. »

Nabiki decided not to press the subject. « Alright…If THAT is how it was… » Nabiki went to her room so she could faint out of the public eye…

Kasumi was listining in, but only out of concern, « Oh, my…Do you need anything for your trip? »

Nodoka shook her head, « I’ll take care of everything, but Thank You very much, dear. »

Kasumi nodded and left.

« Now…I know that not ALL of your cousins will be there at once, but I suspect that Ryu will beat us there. Also, one of your cousins live there, because his mother died…His father kept our family name, and…I’ve heard he’s had weird things happen to him. », Nodoka told her son & his fiancee.

« Well, we’d fit in… », Ranma mumbled.

« Aren’t we going to bribe Nabiki so that she doesn’t tell Shampoo, Kodachi, & Ukyo where we are? », Akane asked.

« Do you think she’d actually keep that promise? »

Akane thinks for a second. She realises Ranma is right… »I guess your right. »

Ranma & Akane got packed and headed to the Masaki Shrine…Little did they know that this would probably be the most harrowing experience of their lives…And Possibly, for Ranma & Akane, one of the most dangerous…


[ENDING SONG: « Talent For Love »- English Version. Tenchi Muyo! OAV Episodes 1-7 Ending Theme]


Next time:

Ranma: Grandpa tells me about all of my cousins, on my mom’s side, coming.

Tenchi: Almost imediately, my eldest cousin, Kaze, appears.

Katsuhito: How will Ryu’s Son React to seeing two powerful women (Ayeka & Ryoko) fighting?

Kaze: Also, My brother, Ranma Saotome, arrives, with his fiancee Akane Tendo, and my mother, Nodoka Saotome.

Ryoko: Next time on « Tenchi To Ranma Muyo! »- « No Need for Cousins! »

Akane: See you there!

Ayeka: It’s unquestionably Relative.


Author’s Notes: Okay…So it’s a short chapter!!! This Chapter is too long to be a prolouge in my opinion. Besides, it’s in Anime format, not Novel, so there can’t be a prolouge. Anyway…This episode was mainly to set up what you need to know, although the beginning of the next episode does some more of that (Explaining what Katsuhito knows about his Grandchildren). Tell me if you want me to have some of the more powerful Rivals of Ranma to end up at the shrine later (Namely, Ryu Kumon, Rouge, and Herb). Also, tell me if there is any specific KOF or Street Fighter Character (doesn’t have to be playable) you want to learn more about what happened to…But do NOT Include the Street Fighter Characters Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Sakura Kasugano, Karin Kanzuki, Sean, Guy, Maki, Cody, or Mel Masters; Also, Don’t try to ask about Kyo Kusanagi, Yuki, Saisyu Kusanagi, Shingo Yabuki, K’, Iori Yagami, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Chizuru Kigera, or Athena Asamiya. Each of those characters will have Major or Minor Roles in the Story. For Ranma ½ Characters, you do not have to Suggest ANY Character from THIS Episode (Ranma Saotome, Akane Tendo, Nodoka Saotome, Genma Saotome, Nabiki Tendo, Kasumi Tendo, or Soun Tendo), or Ryoga Hibiki, Ukyo Kuonji, Shampoo, Mousse, Kodachi Kuno, or Tatawaki Kuno. Genma, Soun, Nabiki, and Kasumi probably won’t appear again, but the others will become regulars (Except Kodachi And Kuno).

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