❯ Tenchi to Ranma Muyo! – The Dragon, the Wind, and the Wild Horse! ( Chapter 3 )

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Ranma to Tenchi Muyo!

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Episode 3= « The Dragon, the Wind, and the Wild Horse »

« Ranma! RANMA! », Kaze was loosing his patience, something which not even the most irritating person he’s ever met (Dan Hibiki) could do…<Akane was right when she said that Ranma was a sound sleeper…>, Kaze thought to himself. <I know!> « Ranma Saotome, Prepare to die! », He whispered in Ranma’s ears and backflipped out of the way of a now alert Ranma.

« Wha? Kaze, whatd’ ya do That for? », Ranma asked.

« It was either that, or splash you with a bucket of cold water. Ranma, it’s morning, » Kaze said, with his calmness renewed. « Akane told me that besides getting you wet, that that’s the only way to get you up…Seems she was right. »

« Oh yeah, my real Dad’s comin’ today isn’t he? »

« Yeah, Dad’s coming…Dad’s life is almost as wierd as yours. That’s why we know about Jusenkyo. »

« Dad didn’t get cursed, did he? »

« He knows Chinese, Ranma. He dated Chun-Li before…That was before he met Mom, by the way…Now, let’s get some breakfast… »

« Who was cooking today? »

« Sasami. According to Tenchi, she usually cooks here. »

Later, at the table, the usual people of the Masaki household were there…Ayeka and Tenchi were fighting over Tenchi- who was trying to make them stop, Washuu was typing away some sort of Data she found, and Mihoshi was embarresing Kiyone, Katsuhito was sitting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, Nobiyuki was reading a newspaper, Ryo-Ohki was emptying out the stash of Carrots, and Akane & Nodoka were waiting for Ranma and Kaze. The twins could hear Sasami humming a tune, which Ranma, Akane, and Nodoka all found familiar.

« Ohiayo gozaimasu, Ranma, » Sasami said cheerfully.

« That was familiar. She acts exactly like Kasumi does, » Ranma said as he sat down.

« Yeah, I’ve noticed she acts like my oldest sister too, » Akane commented.

« Maybe it’s just a coincidence…It’s not like it’s an In-joke or something from Anime and Manga. »

* * *

Meanwhile, in various places in Japan, the people who made Ranma Nuuben No Ichi, Aa! Megami Sama, and Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki all sneezed, as did the Seiyuu for Belldandy, Kasumi, and Sasami.

* * *
Meanwhile, outside of the shrine.

« Guess I’d better knock, don’t want to be impolite, » A man said. He was dressed in a White Martial Arts Gi with torn sleeves, and also wore a red bandanna and had a White Duffel Bag. His hair was a dark brown, almost black, and he had Brown Gloves on.

Back inside of the Masaki household.

« Sasami, you’d better make more. I think I sense dad, » Kaze said as he spoke up.

« I don’t sense anyone, » Ranma replied.

« I’ve been around dad for practically my entire Life, Ranma. Even if he hides his Ki, I can tell where he is. »

« I think that Kaze is right. I too sense an immensely powerful person nearby, but he’s not evil. I think it is Ryu. »

A knock came at the door.

« Dad, the door’s open, you can come in, » Kaze shouted.

The man walked in. His Dark Brown eyes shown with intellegence, and experience. He was very muscular, and he looked like he had just won a hard battle.

« Good Morning, this is the Masaki Residence, right? » the man said. He did in fact have Ranma’s muscular build, Akane Noted, and by combining the looks of Tenchi and this man, that is probably where Ranma’s apperance came from…But still, the red hair doesn’t come from anyone in the family.

« Hello, Ryu, » Nodoka said to Ryu.

« Hello, Nodoka, » Ryu said with a bow. He turned to Ranma, « It seems that despite everything that Genma put you through, Ranma, you’ve still grown to be a strong martial artist, and as your mother would put it, ‘A Man Among Men’, although that pledge was a little much… »

Nodoka began to blush, « Well, I… »

« I’m not angry, Nodoka, I know you ment well, and you wouldn’t have killed my other son like that. »

« Father, » Ranma said quietly. Akane heard Ranma and raised an eyebrow.

<Ranma’s not calling him « Pop », « Old Man », or anything? He must really respect this guy.>

« We have about 16 Years of being your father to catch up on, » Ryu said with a smile.

Sasami walked in, « Oh, hello sir. You must the father of Ranma & Kaze. They look alot like you. »

« Thank you, » Ryu noticed a familar ki strand, « Princess Sasami…Or should I say, Tsunami? »

Sasami gasped, « How did you know? »

« Your Ki seems to be more than one, and it’s similar to the one that I felt in a dream some time ago, before I met Nodoka. »

Washuu Blinked, and then again. Then once more for good measure. « He’s amazing. Not even I, Washuu, the greatest Scientific Genus in the Universe noticed…And I’m supposed to be a goddess too…There is something about him… », she smiled inwards <I’ll have to make him my guinea pig>

Sasami smiled, « Are you hungry? We’ve got plenty. »

« If you don’t mind. »

« Of course not. »


Meanwhile, In Nermia…

« Hello, there Ukyo…Shampoo, » Kasumi said in her ever-so-nice-voice.

« Hello, Kasumi…It’s been a While since Shampoo or I have seen Ran-chan and Akane so… », Ukyo began before getting shoved by Shampoo.

« Shampoo and Spatu…Ukyo want to know Where Air…Ranma and Vi…Akane are? », Shampoo said, trying not to be rude in front of the very nice Kasumi. The only person in Akane’s Family that Shampoo thought of as not a threat.

« Auntie Saotome took Ranma and Akane to Ranma’s family Reunion in Okayama, » Kasumi Said.

« WHAT!? », Both girls shouted, then they pardoned themselves, « Oops…Sorry Kasumi. »

« Do you have an address? »

« Right here.. », Kasumi gave both of them the address.

« Oh my, maybe I should…No, on second thought, Ranma would be expecting them. Even If I didn’t give them the address they’d end up there somehow, maybe by following Ryoga, » Kasumi said as she went back in.


This is by no means a complete chapter. Why is it like this? Because, I wanted to get this part out, to show you I’m still working on all of my series. Also, that scene of Kasumi giving the address is similar to « Family Trees », but there isn’t a Kodachi. In my fic, all three Kunos have been admitted to the Psychiatric Ward…For now.

Tenchi to Ranma Muyo! – No Need for Cousins!