❯ Tenchi to Ranma Muyo! – No Need for Cousins! ( Chapter 2 )

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Ranma to Tenchi Muyo! Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma ½, Street Fighter, Tenchi Muyo!, or any other series represented…they are owned by their respective Creators…Saiyanora! ___________________________________________________________________________ _ Episode 2: « No Need for Cousins! » Katsuhito Masaki was reflecting on his children. Achika, Nodoka, Yuki, and Mina. All of them have had strong children, even if he didn’t approve of Nodoka’s Choice in who to marry, after all, it’s uncalled for to marry someone like Genma when you’re pregnant with someone like Ryu’s Child…However, from what he’s heard, the children are okay. Tenchi walked up to his grandpa, « Grandpa, who are we getting ready for anyway? » Katsuhito looked up and smiled at his grandson, « Your cousins are coming. » Tenchi looked wide-eyed, « COUSINS? I have cousins? How many? » « You have Five Cousins. All of them are coming. » « Five!? How are we going to fit 5 people here? » « Not only that, but their parents…oh yes, and one is going to bring his fiancee. » « Uhh…That comes down to… » « 12 Guests. » « TWELVE GUESTS!? But we don’t have the room!! » « Don’t worry…5 of them are used to sleeping just about anywhere. It may be a problem for the others though. » « Have I ever seen any of our guests before? » « You saw Ryu and his son, Kaze plenty of times, they passed by here often, but you probably don’t remember, you saw Ranma one time when you were babies, and also his mom Nodoka, but you haven’t seen the others before. « Great… » « But don’t worry. I doubt they’ll have any trouble with the girls. If worst comes to worst, you’ll see some excellent martial artists at work… » Meanwhile, out near the front of the temple two figures stood, « This is the place, isn’t it? », the teenage figure asked. The Taller figure nodded. « Okay, I will see you later, father. », the teenager said again, and he walked toward the temple. « Looks like I was right. You got here first, », Katsuhito said with a smile. « Hello, Honored Grandfather. It has been a long time since I saw you last. », the teenager said with a bow. « You are very polite…It seems your father has taught you well…Kaze. » « Yes, Grandfather…He has. », Kaze said with a smile. Kaze had brown hair much like his dad’s. He had about the same build as Ranma, but he was a bit more muscular, although not losing any speed. He wore a Blue Karate Gi, and had on a White Bandanna. His eyes were brown, like his father’s, as well. He was carrying a white duffel bag that he always has around with him also. « Grandpa! Oh, hello there. », Tenchi said with a bow. « Hello, Cousin. My name is Kaze. » « Kaze, what? » « Just Kaze. » « Oh, now I remember, your Ryu’s son, right? » « Right. You must be Tenchi. » « How could you tell? » « You have a Ten symbol on the front of your shirt. », , He added mentally. « Oh, yeah. » , Katsuhito thought. « By the way, where is Ryu anyway, Kaze? » « He’s finishing up the last few fights in a tournament…That and trying to throw off Miss Kasugano. » « After all this time that girl is still chasing after Ryu? », Katsuhito said, not particularly surprised. « Just to train with him, but Ryu told her to stay behind. He could tell she didn’t though…Not only that, » Kaze sighs, « But her daughter, Miko, is chasing after me all the time…And Kanzuki-san’s daughter…and Wakabe-san’s daughter…and…practically the daughter every single girl who’s had a crush on Ryu… », Kaze tallied. « I know what you mean… », Tenchi says sympatheticly. , both Tenchi and Kaze thought similtaniously, Suddenly the area was rocked by an explosion. « What the? », Kaze asked. « Oh man…They’re at it again! », Tenchi said, running off to stop the feuding girls. « This will be interesting. », Kaze said as he followed his cousin. Kaze could see a floating woman (Which wasn’t to weird to him…he’s seen Some other people do it,) with cyan hair (ALSO not wierd…He’s seen some people with Gravity Defying Purplish Hair), and a royal looking woman with purple hair fighting over something. Fireballs were being thrown, Strange Logs were dropped, and property was getting damaged… « You know…I think that girl with the Cyan hair enjoys this. », Kaze pointed out. « Why do you say that? », Katsuhito said. « She has obviously got the most power, but she seems to be holding it all back. I think she enjoys it when Tenchi breaks it up… » Katsuhito nods. « Girls! Girls! One of my cousins happens to have gotten here, and all you can do is fight? » « What!? », Both girls said at once. « Hello there, my name is Kaze. If your wondering, no, I do not have a last name…I think I’ll let my father explain that. » « I’m Ryoko Habuki. » « My name is Ayeka, it’s a pleasure to meet your aquantince. » « The pleasure is all mine, », Kaze responds, with a polite bow. Ryoko begins to growl. « By the way…how are you Tenchi’s cousin…I mean, are you related to Achika or Nobiyuki? », Ryoko asked. « My mother, Nodoka, is Achika’s eldest sister. » « Oh. », Both girls said at once. , Ayeka thinks. « By the way Lo…Kaze, where is your mother? And your father? », Ayeka asks. « My father is busy finishing his last fight in a fighting tournament…It’s how he trains, and my mother should be arriving with my brother soon. » « Are they divorced? » « No…But they never really got to get married. It was complicated. After all, live life on the road as long as father did, and you’ll end up being like that too. Anyway though, it’s not my HALF brother though, it’s my twin she’s arriving with. » « Twin? Identical? » « I wouldn’t say that. My brother and I looked alot alike back then, but we have our differences…expecially…. », Kaze said. The girls & Tenchi didn’t catch the last part. Suddenly, they heard a kind voice. « Hello? » « THAT Would be Okaasan… », Kaze said smiling. Later, out in front. « Now Ranma, Akane, you two aren’t going to fight while we are here, okay? » « Okay, mom. », Ranma said. « Yes, Obaasan. », Akane added. Nodoka walked up the steps and then saw, for the first time in years, her son Kaze. « Kaze? Is that you? » « Yes mom, it’s me. » « Wow Ranma. He does look like both you and your real dad. » « Yeah…Oniisan? », Ranma asked questionably. « Hello, Ranma. », Kaze said with a smile & a bow. « How do you know my name? », Ranma asked. « Mother kept us posted, » Kaze smiled, « on everything she knew… » Ranma & Akane gulped. That means his dad knows about « Ranko ». « So…You studied martial arts, right? » « Yeah…The Saotome-School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. » « Also called the Indiscriminate Grappling Style…I’ve always wanted to see that style…Father is an expert at Shotokhan Karate, which he has taught me. Today, I’m pretty tired, but maybe tommorow…we can spar. » « Alright…Where is dad? » « Finishing a tournament… » « Oh. », Ranma said. « Oh, I’m sorry, Ranma, could you introduce me to this young lady. » « That? Oh, Akane, This is my brother Kaze, Kaze, This is Akane Tendo, of the Tendo-School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. », Ranma introduced. « Hello there. Mother said you were engaged in her letters, » at that point he noticed the two look away, « If it’s about how he acts towards you sometime, it’s probably from Mr. Saotome. » Akane was quiet. « Give it time Akane. You’ll see. » Kaze could here 2 female *AHEMS* behind him. « Oh jeeze…They your girlfriends. » Kaze clenched his hand for one minute then breathed, « No. Why would I bring TWO here? Besides…My girlfriend is at her house. We came as soon as we got the letter. » They all walked up to Tenchi & the girls. « My name is Tenchi Masaki, and these two are Ryoko Habuki and Ayeka. » « Hello, », Both girls said. Nodoka looked tense after Tenchi said « Ryoko ». « Mom, Calm down…I’m sure that it means nothing… », Kaze told Nodoka. « Thank you, Kaze…You know, your as calm as your father. » « Thank you, Mother. » Suddenly there was thunder heard. « Oh no… » « Ranma, get inside..now! », Nodoka told Ranma. « Right. » « What’s with him? Water-Phobic? », Ryoko askd. « No. », Kaze & Akane answered. « Then what is he? », Ryoko asked. « It’s not our secret to tell. », Kaze told Ryoko calmly. « Boy…are they calm or what? » « Wouldn’t you like to know? », Akane said. Everybody walked in before it started to Rain. « Well, now some introductions are in order…you have met me, Katsuhito Masaki, and my Grandson, Tenchi Masaki already. I also believe you met Ryoko Habuki and Ayeka. » « Yes, everybody, My name is Kaze. », Kaze said respectfully. « I am Ranma Saotome, » Ranma said. « I am their Mother, Nodoka Saotome, » Nodoka said kindly. « And I am Akane Tendo, » Akane stated. « I am Nobiyuki Masaki. », He was staring at Akane and Nodoka, however Ranma and Kaze’s death glares ™ were keeping him from going perverted. « My name is Sasami. I’m Ayeka’s sister. » « I am Kiyone Mabi. » « I am Washuu Habuki! But call me Little Washuu. » Kaze got the picture right away and nodded. « I’m Mihoshi Kuramitsu, » was all they could catch from the blonde Gaijin woman. She kept on babbling… « Wait you forgot about Ryo-ohki! », Sasami pointed out. « Who’s Ryo-ohki? », Ranma asked. « Miya! », Ryo-ohki said. « C-c-c-c-at! », Ranma said springing into the air. « *sigh* Akane, can you calm him down? », Nodoka asked. « I’ll try. » « What’s with him? », Ryoko asked as Akane Calmed Ranma down. « His step-father… », Kaze said. « Huh? » « Akane, you know this story better than Kaze or myself, can you tell them? », Nodoka asked. « Yes, Auntie…Should I include…? » Akane asked. « Yes…Even that… », Nodoka said. « Right, Dad & I know about it. », Kaze added. Akane explained everything that Genma put Ranma through. INCLUDING Jusankyo, the Multiple Fiancees, what he tried to do to Akane on Togenkyo, the times he tried to stop him from Rescuing Her on Kuno Island, and everything else. « ARE YOU KIDDING!? That curse seems totally impossible! », Ryoko screamed. « Oh is it now? », Kaze said as he grabbed a nearby bucket of cold water (Funny how they seem to be everywhere), and splashed Ranma with it. Of course, inside was cold water. « WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!? », Ranma-Chan screamed. « Oh, my! », Sasami said. Akane sweatdropped. « Sorry, Ranma-niichan, but there was no other way to get them to believe me. », Kaze told Ranma, as he handed him a kettle. « Gee, Thanks a lot. », Ranma-Chan said sarcastically. « No hard feelings? » « Hai. », Ranma-Chan said with a nod, after all, if he stayed with their birth father, no doubt Kaze had alot more power than he did…Actually, even if he didn’t live and train with Ryu, Kaze had a LOT Of energy flowing through his ki. If Miss Hinako drained him, she probably wouldn’t need to Use the Happo-Goen-Satsu again for an entire MONTH! « What’s with you, Ranma? You usually don’t cheer up that easily! », Akane said. « I can tell that Ranma has enough Ki to supply Miss Hinako in ONE DRAIN for an ENTIRE MONTH, although it’d probably take that long to drain him in the first place. « Who’s Miss Hinako? », Kaze asked. He was puzzled, as his mother never mentioned her in any of the letters. « She’s a teacher that the crazy principle at Furinkan High School Hired. She drains Ki using Circular objects with a hole in the middle. There was 5-Yen, 50-Yen…oh yeah, and Basketball-Hoop, » Akane told him. « THAT’S CRAZY!!! » « Yeah, that’s what I said, » Ranma added. « Now what about you Kaze? Anything unusual happen to you? », Tenchi asked. He wanted to learn ALOT about these two. « Oh, nothing much. Except for the everday job of overthrowing an evil orginization or two bent on world conquest. Nothing to wierd. » « That’s not normal either. » « Yeah, but I haven’t met up with Curses or anything like that yet. Besides, It was on the news. I think it was called…Shadowloo », Kaze said. « Oh, I remember. That was you and your father who defeated that evil dicator guy? » « Yes, but he got away… », Kaze muttered, « He escaped just a few days ago. Chun-Li still keeps us updated, as Ever since we were born Ranma, M. Bison has been after me and Otousan…Not to mention Kasugano-san and her daughter… » « Woah…We’d better be careful then. I’ve heard that M. Bison Guy can control anyone’s mind. », Ranma said. For once, he was slightly worried about his life. « Well, before we get you guys to tell us about your lives, Tenchi… », Kaze yawned, « It’s getting late. Otousan should be here in the morning. » The group agreed and went to bed. To Be Continued… _____________________________________________ Authors Notes: Long chapter, wasn’t it? There will be more chapters like this as the other families are introduced. Also, PLEASE Review! If you like my story, or ANY Of them. This is one of my three main stories- « PokeBall Z » the Pokemon/DragonBall Z Crossover, The EXTREMELY Long « Ranma 1/2: Rival Fighters » Series (Which « Rival Fighters » is only the first « Volume » of…It’s a MEGA-Crossover), and this story…I’m THINKING about making a Street Fighter/DragonBall Z Fan Fic LATER, but not until at least ONE of these stories gets to a satisfactory stopping point for a sequel or something. Anyway, I noticed somebody has reviewed the story… Spaceman, I’ve noticed you said you liked Akuma & Iori? Well, Although Ranma doesn’t have Iori’s kids as cousins, Iori and Family will appear later on. Why did I chose the Kusanagis? Well, that’s because of two things. 1, Kyo’s Girlfriend/Fiancee had a FIRST Name Already, so I just gave her a backstory, which crosses two family lines and makes his kid very strong, and 2: Ryu knows both Kyo & Iori, and while Iori probably doesn’t like Ryu, I wanted a neat scene that when Ryu & Kyo meet again, Kyo’s son gets enraged and attacks Ryu & Sons, because he’s upset about his father losing repeatedly to the « World’s Greatest Street Fighter ». As for Akuma, he’s a BIIIG Part of the Story, remember who’s son I said Ranma is? Remember, Akuma wants Ryu to become evil like him, and he won’t give up just because he has a family! Also, I’ll try to get in as many fighters, or their decendants, as possible.

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