❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – Saying Goodbye ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Gwen and Terra were still trying to show who was really who.
“I’m the real Terra…”
“She’s lying… it’s me, can’t you tell?”
But because they sounded alike, and both made convincing arguments, and nobody could determine who was lying due to Gwen’s magic. Cyborg felt his brain steaming, “Shut up already…!” he snarled, “I… I can’t think like this.”
Garfield stepped in a pulled off his helmet. “Hold on… I think have an idea. One guaranteed not to fail.” he said.
“And how do you propose to do that?” Raven asked sarcastically.
Garfield’s eyes narrowed at her, and then he turned back to Terra and Gwen. “Okay you two, listen up…” he sneered at them both. “There’s only one I way I can tell who’s really Terra.”
Terra and Gwen, or Gwen and Terra, gazed at each other. “What’s that…?” they both said at the same time.
Garfield pulled out his Titan’s-Communicator and held it out to Terra. “Surely you remember what you said and did to me when I offered you this.” he said and then he recited something he hoped he’d never have to say again.
“Here, take this. If your ever in trouble. In case you need me, I’ll be there.”
Terra took the communicator, and said, “Okay, I’ll take it. I won’t forget you Beast-Boy.”
Garfield already could tell he found out who was who, and he moved towards Gwen and repeated the phrase. Only Gwen did not take the communicator and said. “I don’t need it.”
Garfield’s head perked up. “But…?”
“Times up.”
Garfield smiled, “Terra…!”
Gwen smiled sadly, “Things Change Beast-boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.” Then she smiled warm and lovingly. Garfield broke the goop from her legs. “Only one person could remember that…” he said, “My Terra…!”
A tear rolled down Gwen/Terra’s cheek, and then she and Garfield shared a soft kiss which awed everyone. Cyborg even sniffled, “Man, that is some sweet vibes.”
Terra/Gwen, however was outraged, “No…! I won’t stand for this!” she thundered. “Transferra Identica Transferra Identica… TRANSFERA IDENTICA.”
“Watch out…!” cried Ben, but before long Gwen and Terra were back in their respective bodies, and Gwen grabbed hold of Garfield by the neck. “All right, nobody move! Or he gets it…!”
Everyone stood down. “Gwen… what is this all about?” Max asked.
“Explain to us at once…!” added Copy-Cat. “What is your ordeal with all this wickedness.”
Gwen said nothing. She just stood there with her eyes cast downward gritting her teeth. So Terra decided to explain…
She told everyone Gwen was in love with Garfield. Everyone gasped with strange headed-features. Gwen admitted it was true, and so did Garfield. “I remember it all now…” he said.
He finally remembered, when he first went to Murakami high, when he had amnesia from his first ever transformation, Gwen was a transfer student from Bellwood. She too was a gifted student, and had never been out bested before, until she met Garfield… a kid she just couldn’t over-power.
Instead of rivaling Garfield, Gwen fell head-over-heels in love, but because Garfield was driven by rage, grief, and solitude, and he couldn’t trust people for having the world be so cruel to him many times before… he shunned her away just like everyone else.
“Just that you talk like such a little kid.”
“How Pathetic.”
Gwen refused to give up lusting after him, but when Garfield had recovered his memories, he had fallen in love with Terra. An average student who could barely pass math class.
Gwen let Garfield go, and she was quivering furiously on the spot…
Now the puzzle all fit together. She captured the students as payback for what she never had, and to draw the Teen Titans into the open. She then planned to stay in Terra’s body and pass herself off as Garfield’s wife… so she could finally get what she wanted.
But now, she had completely snapped. “UGH! IF I CAN’T HAVE GARFIELD LOGAN, THEN NO ONE CAN!” she roared as she powered up her energy. “WACTH OUT…!” cried Garfield…
Everyone ducked for cover as Gwen blasted through the streets and out into an open lot. It was there she began to fire her energy at things mercilessly, SCREAMING in pain as angry tears fell from he eyes… “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR MY PAIN!” she screeched.
She burned a-few trees, and pounded huge craters into the ground. Then she started to attack the Titans, except Garfield and Terra who stood with Ben and Max, and Kevin. Ben changed back to his human-self. “Man… Gwen’s totally lost it. he cried.
Kevin hated to see Gwen in the state she was in and reactivated his White-suit, and dashed into the battle-zone. “Kevin… No!” cried Terra.
“Kevin! Come back…!” cried Max, but it was no good, Kevin had already been seen getting brutally beat up just like all the other Titans.
ZAP! “OHH…!”
POW!” “ARGH…!”
BAM! “YO’…!”
And Gwen was still going berserk! Screaming and crying like crazy. She really was ill… “I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR ANYMORE!” she thundered. “GRARH…!” she fired a huge burst at Kevin slamming him really hard into a fence. “AOW… Ugh!”
“GWEN… THAT’S NOT TRUE…!” Garfield called out to her, but Gwen screeched, cried and attacked away. Still… what everyone noticed was, she was growing tired from using her powers so much.
“Terra come on…!”
Terra nodded and dashed off with him. Ben and Max urged them not to, but to their surprised, Gwen was now weak as a kitten from blowing out all that power, and she was easily tackled and pinned down.
“Stop, Gwen! Stop!” cried Terra. “Look at yourself! Look at what you’ve become!”
Gwen, breathing stressfully couldn’t get what she was talking about. Garfield explained, “You’ve been hurting innocent people over something you can’t control.”
Gwen complained, “But it’s not fair. You actually forced Terra to come to her sense and love you.”
Terra shook her head, “No he didn’t… I came to my own senses because I fell in love with him long ago.”
Terra and Garfield explained everything that happened between them, and how they fell in love but always got separated. The two of them, unlike Gwen, had sorrowful, and miserable lives, one that without each other… all would seem lost and meaningless.
Many things happened to them, but nothing overpowered their love, and longing to be with one-another. Not Terra’s unstable powers…
Not her allegiance to Slade…
Not her turning to solid rock…
Not Garfield, as Beast-Boy, getting hit with chemicals and becoming The Incredible Beast…
Not even “Things Change” Terra was able to fight what was in her head, but she didn’t stand a chance against her heart, and her inner-soul telling her that she was in love and wanted to be with him more than anything.
Gwen never knew all that to be true…
Then Garfield explained, “But Gwen.. you had a lot more to live for than we did. Besides fighting and protecting, you have people who love and care for you, and you have a lot of the thing sin life that Terra and I barely have now.”
“Gwen… you have to understand, that I’m taken now… and unlike me and Terra, you do have the strength and power to move on, but you’ve just been doing it the wrong way.”
Gwen suddenly began to realize for the first time just how wrong she had been doing, and Kevin, though he was injured a little from being hit hard he agreed. “Gwen… you’re a strong babe, any guy would want you if you just acted the way you once did.” he said weakly.
Terra and Garfield were smiling sadly at Gwen now. “Now what do you say, Gwen…?” Terra asked. “You ready to clean up your act, and stop all this evil?”
Gwen shut her eyes and began to cry softly, “Yes…” she sobbed.
The next day…
After treated to their injuries, courtesy of Raven’s power, and all the students freed from the Null-Void; Ben, Max, and Kevin decided to take Gwen back to Bellwood, she would never recover if she remained in Jump-City.
“What do you think’s going to happen to her?” Robin asked.
“Well… she may not get a very big charge.” said Max, “After all, she wasn’t herself.”
Kevin also extended his apology for causing the Titans so much grief, even before Gwen came into the picture, but he was forgiven. “Well… I guess this is it.” Ben said.
“No, get real…!” Cyborg playfully said, “You mean you’re not gonna’ come by on the weekend for pizza?”
Ben laughed, “I think I’d rather just hit the hay before school starts on Monday.” He said. Then he shook Robin’s hand, “So long Teen Titans, and thanks for everything.”
“So long, Ben, and thanks.” added Robin.
Then, Max started up the Rust-Bucket, and they were off…
The team had gotten a big check from Principal Shepard, thanking them for saving the school and the town. Of course the school still had a huge chunk in it, but nothing a few weeks of renovation. couldn’t fix.
There was however one thing that broke everyone’s heart, especially Terri and Garth’s. All the students were so amazed that they were being taught by the Teen Titans themselves, and they were the best teachers they had ever had… now they would be leaving.
Terri and Garth hated to see Garfield and Terra go. “We’re sorry guys…” Garfield said, “But that’s the life of substitute teachers. They’re frauds.”
Terra sadly agreed, “One minute their teaching teenage kids to get ready for the world ahead of them, and next their off chasing some bad guys robbing a bank.”
Terri was in tears, “But… you’re the best we’ve… we need you.”
Garfield and Terra couldn’t deny that they were the best, “Things Change, remember guys…?” Terra said, “And this is one change we’re all going to have to live with.”
Garth wiped his eye. “We understand, but we’re really going to miss you a lot.”
Now Terra felt like she was going to cry, and Garfield scribbled something down on a slip of paper. “Tell you what– Whenever you guys feel downed by change, and there’s no hope of things getting better… this is all you have to know.”
Terri and Garth read the note:
“You are who you are, and you can never truly change that”
“And if you can… maybe you don’t have to”
(Music Cue)
Terri and Garth hugged their ex-teacher warmly, and all around the school the titans were saying their goodbyes to all their students…
Saying goodbye, going away
Seems like goodbye’s such a hard thing to say
Touching a hand, wondering why
It’s time for saying goodbye
They all hugged again… and almost never separated.
Saying goodbye, why is it sad?
Makes us re
member the good times we’ve had
Much more to say, foolish to try
It is
 time for saying goodbye

Do not want to leave, but we both know

Sometimes it is better to go
Somehow I know we will meet again
Not sure quite where, and I don
t know just when
You’re in my heart, so until then
Wanna smile, wanna cry
Saying goodbye
(Harmonica chorus)
Somehow I know we’ll meet again
Not sure quite where, and I don
‘t know just when
you’re in my heart, so until then
Wanna smile…
wanna cry
Saying Goodbye.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
It’s time for saying goodbye
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
It’s time for say
ing goodbye
After their final goodbyes, the Titans left to head home for the tower. Garfield took a detour to see Von-Richter to change back into Beast-Boy. Of course he lost his high IQ, and his Manimal powers…
Still… whenever he and Terra gazed at Murakami high, even though it still haunted them. They would always be grateful that it was there.
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