❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – He’s Ben 10 ( Chapter 11 )

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The Titans were still trekking through the sewers, when they suddenly came to a fork in the tunnel. “Now which way do we go?” Raven asked.
Garfield couldn’t smell anything suspicious, and Cyborg couldn’t track anything either on his wrist-computer. “I guess we should split up…?” he suggested. Robin agreed with him. “Cyborg, Starfire and I will head this way… Garfield, Copy-Cat and Raven, you’ll go that way.”
Everyone agreed, And Copy-Cat copied Cyborg before they headed off so he could use his shoulder-flashlight. Then they were all off…
It sure was darker when the team has split up; not being all together meant they had fewer lights to shine. The squeaking of the rats and the pipes leaking and dripping made it feel a little creepy.
“Wait…!” Garfield said as he halted his group.
“What is it…?” Copy-Cat asked.
Garfield flipped his visor and sniffed the air, with his excellent canine sense of smell, “Something’s coming…”
Raven suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine. “I feel it too…”
Copy-Cat/Cyborg checked his wrist computer. “It is just around the next corner.” he said, “We must tread cautiously.”
They walked slowly and carefully towards the corner. They waited for a brief moment and they whipped round the bend, “FREEZE…!” Garfield shouted as the three of them shined their lights on what appeared to be a giant Stinkfly.
The creature blinked, “Hey… turn off the brights already.” he hissed. The Titans had never seen this sort of creature before, and the creature itself didn’t recognize the Titans either. A great misjudgment led to a huge battle.
Copy-Cat/Cyborg went first endlessly trying to punch and attack the giant bug, but the bug dodged him with ease. “Missed me. Missed me again…!” it mocked him. “Now it’s my turn…”
The bug drew in a huge breath, and spit out a huge ugly substance that blinded Copy-Cat/Cyborg in the face. “BLARGH! I… I cannot see!” he cried.
The bug laughed. “Ha, ha, ha… no one messes with Stinkfly”
Raven and Garfield nodded at each other and maneuvered to either side of the creature, “Try my all-powerful bug-repellent…!” Manimal shouted and sprayed the bug with a powerful odor from his glove sprayers.
“Hey!” coughed the bug, “That stuff really reeks!”
Raven then flew in heavily towards the creature and BOOTED it had in the back sending it splashing down into the water.
Down below, the bug thought he would have to try something different, and tapped the strange circle on his body…
The water erupted and out popped a new red-creature with Four-Arms. “What the–” cried Raven. “It can’t be…” added Garfield.
“Oh yes it can.” Four-Arms said, and using his huge arms his grabbed the two Titans and threw them hard against the walls. Garfield’s helmet reduced the pain, but Raven almost took a heavy concussion.
“Who’s next?” growled Four-Arms.
“Yo’… you are!” called a voice from behind, “Huh?” Four-Arms looked round just into to catch a blast from the real Cyborg’s sonic-cannon. “YEARGH…! Okay… come on! You want a piece of me?”
All the Titans now together again had the creature, whoever he was surrounded. “TITANS… MOVE!” cried Robin.
One by one, the Titans attacked Four-Arms on either end, and Four-Arms put up a good fight himself, but in the end he retreated into the shadows, and came out again as a different, flaming creature with the power of Heat-Blast.
“So… you wanna play rough, do ya?” he sneered. “Well fine… let’s turn up he heat!” and he hired a flare of fire towards the team. “Watch out…!” cried Robin, and they were all barley able to dodge.
Starfire flew in and tried her star-bolts, but Heat-Blast was able to negate her every shot with his power blasts. He looked up at the pretty alien, “Wow… I never knew aliens could be so hot before.” he flirted.
This angered Starfire, but it angered Robin more. “You quit ogling my wife!” he roared and threw his disc-bombs, but because Heat-Blast’s body was shrouded in flames, the bombs did hit him, but they did no damage. “You’ll have to do better than that, Chump.”
Robin then tried to use his metal-rod, which Heat-Blast melted in the grip of his hands, and kicked poor Robin aside. Cyborg couldn’t get near the creature because the heat was melting his joints.
Even Copy-Cat, now back in his normal form couldn’t touch the creature to copy it. “OW!” he groaned as he dunked his hand in the water, “Idiot… I should have know!”
Heat-Blast laughed, “Ah-ah-ah… mustn’t touch.” he mocked. Raven however knew the one thing that could weaken him and even he couldn’t do anything about it. “Azrarath, Metrione… ZINTHOS!”
Using her powers, she summoned a stream of dark waves to ensnare the creature and slam him hard into the water. Bam-Bam-Bam! “Hey…!”
“Cut it out…!”
Now that the creature was bound, the other Titans surrounded it and ready to attack, but before they fired. The strange circle on the creature’s chest glowed red, and beeped. “Oh, no… not now!” cried Heat-Blast, and in a huge flash, which knocked the Titans all away.
“Man… what now?” cried Cyborg.
Garfield removed his helmet, “Wait… look.”
There, where the alien-creature was before in the water, lay a teenage-boy, roughly Garfield’s age, almost twenty. “He is human?” Copy-Cat cried.
The young-man checked the watch on his wrist. “Aw, Man… what a time for it to conk out.” he cried. Then he suddenly realized that all six of the creatures he was fighting were staring at him from all ends.
The young-man got to his feet, “Hey… wait a second.” he said, “Are you, the Teen Titans?”
The Titans gazed at each other with confused looks, “Yes… we are.” answered Robin, “But who are you…?”
The young-man shook Robin’s hand, “I’m Ben Tennyson.”
Garfield’s ears twitched, “Tennyson…?” he asked. “Any relation to Gwendolyn Tennyson?”
Ben nodded, “Yeah, we’re cousins. Though personally I think she was adopted.” he said, “I thought you guys were spies working for her.”
“My friend and I, spies?” asked Starfire. “We are no such thing.”
It became clear now that there had been a misunderstanding. “I think we need to talk.” Robin said.
Ben lead the Titans out of the sewers and to the par where the Rust-bucket was, and Grandpa Max was there. “It’s an honor to meet you, Teen Titans.” he said, “I’ve heard so much about you all.”
Max, and Ben told the Titans everything about the Omnitrix, the aliens, how Max was a plumber, which a secret force to alien-fighting.
(Music Cue)
« It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he’s got super powers, he’s no ordinary kid
He’s Ben 10.
So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
He’ll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He’s slimy, freaky, fast and strong, he’s every shape and size
He’s Ben 10
Armed with powers, he’s on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He’ll never stop till he makes them pay
‘Cause he’s the baddest kid to ever save the day
Ben 10
“Man… now I have heard everything.” Cyborg said.
Suddenly, Max noticed there were only six Titans, “Say now… isn’t there supposed to be seven of you?”
“And what happened to Beast-Boy?” added Ben.
Garfield pointed out, “This is just a temporary alter-ego body I use, but I do hope to change back soon.” Then he showed Max a photo, of himself and, “This is my wife, Terra. She was kidnapped by a cloaked-girl and a white monster.”
The words cloaked-girl, and white monster, that made Ben and Max look down in shame. “I knew Gwen would do something like this.” Max said.
The Titans’ ears twitched. “Gwen…?” asked Raven. “You mean to tell us that Gwen is the cloaked-girl we’ve been after.”
Ben nodded, “Yep. Pretty much.”
He showed them a newspaper clipping about the night Terra was taken away. “You won’t find your friend in the sewers, or anywhere in this whole city.” Max said. “The nearest we can figure is, Gwen’s been sending all her captives to the Null-Void?”
Ben and Max explained the best they could, and the Titans were now more concerned for Terra’s safe return, and all the students that were captured. “Be that as it may… it still explains not why Gwen would do all this” said Copy-Cat.
Ben could only think of one thing, “When we were in high-school. Gwen got transferred here to Jump City, and attended Murakami High, and she came home to Bellwood really upset about something.”
“Murakami High…?” Garfield thought, and he began to have more and more of those flashback memories. Now he remembered that the mystery girl was Gwen, and he did now remember that something happened between them when he went to school…but he still couldn’t quite remember what it was.
When he came to his senses however, he overheard the Titans calling Gwen mean things. “That girl is twisted!” snapped Cyborg.
“She is no better than a Zalworg Tobeckplizing Zorgmorker…!” snapped Starfire, whatever that meant…?!
Robin and Garfield, however, protested. “No, she’s not crazy.” Robin said. The others gazed at him. “Say what…?” asked Cyborg.
Garfield agreed with Robin, “Gwen’s not crazy; she’s sick.”
Even Ben and Max were curious.
Garfield explained that he had done some research and it was indicated that whenever someone is overtaken by extreme anger and sadness, caused by certain events or experiences, “Then it’s possibly for that individual to become mentally-ill and exhibit actions they nearly don’t intend, but feel they must.”
Garfield knew what he was talking about because he too had felt something similar; The time when he couldn’t live with his traumatic life anymore, Terra dumped him for selfish needs, and the Titans no longer cared about him…
So he swapped his green body for a flesh one, and still got mistreated by everyone in town. He too was overtaken by anger and saddened, that was motivated by Rage, grief, and regret.
He was rude to people, and very insulting, and he did all for the purpose to protect himself from ever getting hurt by anyone again, and showing them what it was like to be alone and near helpless.
“Wow… and I thought I had it bad?” Raven said.
Just then, there was a knock at the rust-bucket’s door. Garfield opened it, “Terra…?”
His wife nodded at him, and jumped up into his arms. The other Titans were relieved, but not as relieved as Starfire was. She hugged Terra very tightly. “Oh, friend… I am so happy to see you are safe.” she cried.
“Ugh… yeah… now can you let me go. You’re choking me.” he groaned. Starfire let go, and Terra climbed into the RV. “Wow… sweet digs.” she said.
Ben and Max were glad to see the seventh Titan was back, but they were surprised to hear, “You sound just like Gwen.” said Ben.
The other titans assured him Terra always sounded like that.
Now that Terra was safe and sound, the next plan was to go after Gwen. Unfortunately, Ben regretted to tell the others that the Omnitrix needed to recharge, “All that fighting we did really took power out of it.”
Max even pointed out that it was really getting late, “We’ll have a better chance in the morning once we’re all rested-up.” he said.
With that settled, the Titans decided to head back to the tower, and let Ben and Max stay in the park. “We’ll check back with you in the morning.” Robin said.
“Good night Titans.” replied Max.
“Yep… it is going to be a good night.” Terra thought wickedly. A very good night for me” she eyed at Garfield with hungry eyes, but Copy-Cat and Raven began to feel something a little strange abut Terra.
Something… they couldn’t sense with their powers, but wicked.
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