❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – Gwen’s Master Plan ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Terra saw nothing but black. Long, endless black…
Then, someone was calling to her. Wake up, young titan. No… you’re not dead… yet. Only weary...
Terra opened her eyes and shook herself awake. “Mmm… Ohh…!” She suddenly realized that she was no longer at the construction-zone, or even in Jump-City at that. She was in a realm that looked nothing like she had ever seen before…
It was almost completely indescribable…
Terra then realized she was locked in a cage. “What is this? Where am I?” she demanded to know. The White Monster popped up from out of nowhere and gave her a fright, but then the cloaked-girl hovered near him. “Kevin… stop!” she ordered.
Terra was confused, “Kevin? As in Kevin Levin the assistant Janitor?
The White Monster nodded, and snapped his fingers. His body began to morph and indeed it was Kevin. Terra very surprised, and then the cloaked girl removed her hood revealing the face of, “Gwen…?! Gwen Tennyson?”
“The one and only…” Gwen sniggered. “Welcome to the Null-Void.”
Terra’s eyes widened, “The what?”
“The Null-Void…” Kevin replied. “It’s a place where people who commit crimes or make us angry are sent to. It’s desolate place like a living nightmare. I myself spent quite some time here.”
Terra then noticed all the people down below. “Hey!” It was all the missing students from Murakami-High. There were wearing funny outfits, and were in chains as they were being marched like slaves. All the students including Webster and Whim…!
“Gwen… you did this?” Terra snapped.
Gwen picked at her nails; “Duh…!” she said sarcastically, “I knew doing this would draw you and the Titans out. So I could especially take care of you!”
Terra stepped back a bit, “Me…?”
Gwen explained everything to Terra, and why she did what she did. “Fear not. The students just may be spared… but you won’t.”
Terra trembled, and realized she was stuck. Being trapped in another dimension, she couldn’t contact the Titans, and even if there were any rocks she could control, Gwen was blocking her powers.
“You’ll never get away with this, Gwen!” she thundered as she tried to pull on the bars, but Gwen just laughed, “Ha, ha, hah… you’re not in a position to do anything. This is my domain… and here… I RULE ALL!”
(Music cue)
She snapped her fingers, and in came Garth and Terri…
“Ms. Logan?” Garth cried.
Terri was amazed, “She’s a Teen Titan?”
“SILENCE!” growled Gwen. Her scream attracted the attention of the other slaves. “I want you all to welcome all new additions to you gang. Heh, heh, heh…”
The other students raised their tools and groaned, “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!”
-Welcome to my nightmare.
We’re so glad you could come.
Welcome to my nightmare.
You’re both ripe as a plumb.
-We fixed the place up specially.
We’ve even polished up your chains.
Just look at all our happy guests,
Not one of them complains, (They wouldn’t dare)
We’ll always try to keep in mind
That enslave you we must.
So pardon us when you turn green
On dirt, and smoke, and dust!
-Welcome to my nightmare.
You can live here in style.
Welcome to my nightmare.
Hope you’ll stay here a while.
-Dinner time, you’ll get to dine on
Soggy gruel, and moldy bread.
Rotting cheese, on aching knees
Until you wish… that you were DEAD!!
Please don’t mind how hard we push you.
You’ll have a chance to scream.
(Girl screams)
So glad you’ve come to this ugly prison.
Join the happy team.
Terra then watched in horror as Gwen and Kevin began to strip Garth and Terri of their clothes and put them in chains, and uniforms.
-Look at these fancy neck-ties.
And ooh… look at these shiny shoes.
They really must go.
For that seems like better news.
-Welcome to my nightmare.
Time to roll up your sleeves
Welcome to my nightmare.
Where no one…
That means you two…
No one… No one ever LEAVES—-
“BLAH. HA, AH, AH, AH…!”
Meanwhile, at Titans tower, it was already Dark, yet the Titans were wide awake and bustling about trying to deduce as much of the fabric they had gotten from Gwen’s cloak. “Well all I can tell is that it’s nothing more than ordinary jersey.” Robin said.
“And I can’t seem to pick up any traces of finger prints or hair on it.” added Cyborg.
Garfield had been going through the tons of research he had gathered over the years and decided to try a little experiment. Perhaps if they couldn’t determine who owed the cloak, then maybe they could determine where the clock the fabric had come from had the wearer been hanging out at the most…
“But first… a closer inspection may tell us something.” he said as he gazed at the fabric through a microscope. “Ah ha… take a look at this.” He clicked on the projector so everyone could see what he was looking at…
A few black specks were smudged all over the fabric. “Dust…?” Raven asked. “That’s it? Just plain ordinary dust?”
“Not just any dust…” replied Garfield. “It’s coal-dust. Cleary the type used in sewer-lamps.”
The other Titans gazed back and forth at each other, and as Starfire tried to look at the picture, it had vanished. Garfield had taken the fabric off the microscope, and BURNED it in a bowl.
“Friend…! What are you doing?” Starfire asked.
Garfield didn’t answer, and continued with his experiment. He mashed the fabric into a dash of dust, poured the dust into ordinary water. “Okay… this is it.” he said as he placed the beaker over a burner.
The Titans, though they had no idea of what he was trying to prove, stood by Garfield and waited, and waited until… POW! A bright burning flash erupted. “HAH! I KNEW IT!” Garfield cried for joy.
“Uh huh… what have you done now?” Raven asked.
Garfield explained, “Can’t you see? This sort of reaction could only have been triggered by the fabric’s extreme saturation with distillation of sodium-chlorine.”
Raven and Starfire raised their eyebrows, and that’s when Copy-Cat looked at the beaker, and pointed at it with his eyes half open. “Hmm! Salt water. Interesting… I suppose.”
Raven and Starfire felt like they just didn’t understand a thing.
Garfield went through the maps. “Which can only prove beyond no doubt… the wearer of the cloak the fabric fits, is hiding somewhere at the riverfrontarea.”
Robin was impressed, “Good work, Garfield…” he complimented, “But where should we start looking for Terra?”
Garfield gazed at the map all over. “Well, the nearest I can figure is… we should look around for an entrance at the only possible place… where the sewer is connected to the waterfront.”
Later on, after his costume was fixed, Garfield and the other Titans were at waterfront, and already sidestepping along the narrow ledges to climb into the sewers. They hadn’t even climbed in yet and Raven already stepped in something gooey. “Ugh…! gross” she moaned.
“Be thankful you are not barefooted.” Copy-Cat said, showing his stinky feet. Starfire almost gagged. Garfield lifted his helmet-visor “Focus you guys…” he said, then he clanged it back down and flicked on his VNV, Visor Night Vision. “We don’t want to give ourselves away now.”
“He’s right…” Robin said. “Every stay close, and keep your voices down.” With that settled, they all hopped in through the nearest porthole they came across, and turned on all their flashlights, or star-bolt…
Copy-Cat saw a few rats slip past, and he flexed his claws hissing like the cat he was. Cyborg patted his shoulder, “Not now man…”
Copy-Cat retracted his claws, “My apologies. When it comes to rodents I am near unable to control my biological-urges.”
The continued to trek forward, hoping they could find out where Terra was being held captive…
Back in the Null-Void… Gwen had caged herself up in with Terra who was really growing nervous. “W-W-What are you going to do?” she fretted.
Gwen eyed her wickedly. “Heh, heh, heh…! Relax, it’s not going to hurt at all, but even so… what I wish for will soon be mine.”
She lay her hands upon Terra’s forehead and enunciated, “Transfera Identica…! Transfera Identica…! TRANSFERA IDENTICA…!!”
Terra began to feel funny, “What’s going on… UGH—-!”
W large flash of light flared, and Terra suddenly blinked her eyes. “Oh… what was that? WHA–!” she suddenly realized that she was staring back at her own body… from Gwen’s body.
Gwen, now in Terra’s body, felt her new form all over. “Mmm, hmm, mm, mm… Eh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! Not bad at all, kinda’ cozy in here.”
Terra could tell exactly what Gwen was up to, and before she could do anything about it, Gwen had already vanished and left Kevin to watch over her. Although Terra was in Gwen’s body, she had none of Gwen’s spells at all, nor even her own powers.
She was stuck… “Oh… Garfield!” she cried.
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