❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – Gwen Tennyson ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Many miles away, in another state, there was a city called Bellwood
Inside a rusty motor-home, man in his late sixties was reading a newspaper, and he got a good look at the front story about what was happening in Jump-City. “I never thought this would happen…” he said, “Her, of all people.”
Just then, there was a knock at the door, and in walked a teenage boy, with a strange watch on his wrist. “Grandpa… you’ve heard it too, right?” he asked.
His Grandfather nodded, “We can’t let her get away with this. We’re going to Jump city.”
His grandson took a seat, “As much as always wish she’d snap, I never wanted it to be like this.”
“Alright… that’s enough.” replied his grandfather. “She needs help, and we have to get to her before she hurts anyone else.”
Eye witnesses had reported the battle between the Titans, and that cloaked girl. The newspapers and the news reports had cautioned citizens, and especially couples to take heed. It was no longer wise to go on dates with the threat to the city going around.
Work and school would still go along, only the city remain under a tighter watch by all local authorities. You wouldn’t be able to even light a cigar without being seen.
Still, the Titans maintained their sub-teacher jobs, all the rest of the week there had been no more abductions, but still… that didn’t account for all those who had already been abducted.
That was another thing the Titans had to worry about, but they hadn’t a single shred of evidence at all. “Keep trying…” Shepard said to them during a coffee break. “We’re getting close… I can feel it.”
The Titans felt pleased that they were complimented by their client, but the truth was they didn’t feel as if they were getting close at all. “All that we have done so far is only unveiled more questions to answer.” said Copy-Cat.
Terra was still shocked to learn that there was someone who sounded just like her out there. “What does she have against me? That’s what I want to know.”
“We’d all like to know that…” said Robin. “But she really seems to be into You a lot, Garfield.”
Garfield noted that too, but he still couldn’t remember who she was. Yet she knew him from not too long ago. “We need more evidence. Ah! But where to find it… and what to do with it, that’s the kill bit.”
The Titans agreed to keep on investigating whenever such things came up. In the meantime, they were still teachers and still had duties to perform.
The break period was almost over, and that was when Principal Shepard came back by the lounge with a young girl about Terra’s age, almost twenty, and she had long red hair, or possibly brown…
“I know you’ll fit in well Ms. Tennyson. Shepard said before leaving.
The young lady then noticed two of the teachers over by one of the tables and walked towards them. Garfield and Terra couldn’t believe their eyes. “Garfield, Terra…” the lady said in a voice that sounded like Terra’s, “Long time, no see.”
“Dude… no way!” Garfield said with glee.
Both he and Terra shook hands with the ladies, “I never thought we’d see you again, Gwen.” Terra said.
The other five Titans were confused, “Uh, huh… who is she?” Raven asked.
Garfield and Terra introduced her as Gwendolyn Tennyson; a girl they once knew when they were in school as students. Gwen was smart, brave, and graceful. “Ahh the good old days…” Gwen said. “Now, here I am… the new Law and Civics teacher.”
Garfield and Terra were proud of her, and then they introduced her to the rest of the gang…
Victor Stone, the Gym Coach. They shook hands, and once again, “Little lady, big hand shake? Well all right…”
Ms. Raven, the literature teacher, and Adrian Seidelmen, the Geography and History teacher. “So, you read the Incredible Beast too, huh?” Gwen asked.
Raven felt a little embarrassed, the fact that she was actually reading Garfield’s book, but she was amazed that Gwen liked to read.
Then came Dick Grayson, the computer teacher, and his wife, Ms. Starr, the girl’s gymnast instructor. Starfire was grateful to meet a new friend, but this time she couldn’t just run up to Gwen and hug her like most friends.
Robin however, though his face was turned away, he felt that something didn’t feel quite right. “So, you’re the new Law teacher? What happened to the previous one…?”
Before Gwen could answer, the bell rang indicating the end of the break period, and the teachers had classes to teach. “Sorry, but I got to run, but if you’d like we can meet up again and continue.” then she left, “Bye Garfield…”
Garfield wondered why she only said bye to him, the other Titans didn’t understand it either. “Copy-Cat…?” Robin asked, “Do you know anything about Gwen?”
Copy-Cat was embarrassed to admit it but, Strangely enough… I was unable to read her mind. I tried but I just could not penetrate.”
Even Raven was shocked, “How can that be? She’s as human as anyone else is.”
Regardless, there was no more time to discuss anything. So they gathered their things and went off to their own respective classes…
Gwen peeked round the corner as at Garfield and Terra, her eyes just narrowed at them walking down the hall, arm-in-arm. “Mmm…! You know what I want done?” Gwen asked to Kevin who was mopping the floor behind her…
Kevin nodded, “Consider it done… you should have all that you need by the end of the week.”
Gwen nodded, “I had better…” and she walked off. Kevin hung his head low and shook it in shame. “When, Gwen…?” he asked himself in his thoughts, “When will all this stop?”
He thought back to the times in their own town, back when he knew Gwen and maybe even grew to like her, but being the guy he was, dark and mysterious, he did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of…
Now here he was, mopping up after other people’s messes and hurting people he knew fully well didn’t deserve it, but he had no other option…
(Music cue)
(Kevin’s thoughts)
There are really strange things,
And the chaos that it brings.
And it usually always comes from me…
There are crimes that I know
And wherever I go
They seem to be all that I see
But my dad he said…
“Son, get it through your head”
Yet my fears just grow and grow.
So what am I not proud of?
What am I not proud of?
-There are folks I knew at school
and they all were really cruel.
They just loved to hurt, and tease me.
But it just wasn’t fair
And so I did dare
To get back at them all just to please me.
Friends and goodness, I refuse
I can’t bare much more to lose
Yet the evil is strong I know.
So, what am I not proud of.
What am I not proud of…?
-I’m not proud, of the many things I’ve done, no matter what the cause.
And I’m not proud of working for Gwen, for she’s not the way she once was.
I’m not proud of being a pest, or put to the test, or being a hornets nest.
But as all this crime goes by…
I think I’d rather die…
-There are times I think.
Everyone knows that I stink.
The pain just plagues and taunts me.
If only that I could…
Make a change in life, I would
But then it always haunts me
So for now, I’m stuck,
Ain’t that just my luck.
I must work for Gwen, and not say No.
So, what am I not proud of.
What am I not proud of…?
Maybe I’m not proud of—-
Only being a crook.
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