❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – First Day on the job ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Early the next morning, the Titans were up, dressed, and Copy-Cat had just returned from his mission, and now was in the form of Mr. Seidelmen. The other boys even got new outfits for themselves, and Robin finally took off his mask.
His face was either turned away, hidden behind an object, or out of view. “All right… let’s go.” Robin said. With the tower locked down, they were off to Murakami-High.
The school was just opening, and there were no students there yet upon their arrival. Mr. Shepard was glad to see them arrived. “Good… you’re all here.” he said. He gave them all final instructions just to lay low.
“Now remember… if ever you need to be excused from you classes, I have other sub-teachers who will fill your places while you are gone. I have full faith in you, Titans. I wish you luck.”
Robin shook Shepard’s hand. “We’ll do our best.”
As the Titans all walked down the hall to start preparing their classes, Garfield and Terra took a moment to gaze at the trophy case in the hall way. Garfield smiled at the one in the center.
“Garfield Logan: Student of the Century”
Terra put a warm arm on his shoulder, “You earned that…” she said to him. “And you deserved it too.”
Garfield chuckled, “Yeah, I guess I did. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get Teacher of the Millennium…?” Both he and Terra shared a laugh. “Good luck…”
Terra pecked him on the cheek, “You too.” then she was gone leaving him to set up in the room before him.
Before long the students began to arrive. So many new faces, so many new things waiting out there. At least some of them were singing…
(Music Cue)
(OneJock)< /i>
Time to get those books a-burnin’
Time to get those brains a-learnin’
(One nerdy guy)
Cause’ the best time of the day is here…
Let’s get going off to…
(Two Jocks)
Turn left, turn right
You know the way…
(Two nerdy girls)
Around the corner…
Don’t take all day
(A popular girl)
We’ll see many good friends we all know
Cause’ we’re going off to…
The bell rang, and first period began. All the titans got to work, telling their classes who they were, and they had expectations.
Cyborg and Starfire, as the gym teachers, they were fun. Cyborg, or… “Mr. Stone” already got the boys playing basketball, and “Ms. Starr got the girls to start by doing simple yoga moves to relax.
Ms. Raven… and Mr. Seidelmen; Copt-Cat, they were very strict, and clever. With their psychic abilities, they could tell is students were slacking off, being naughty, or attempting to throw paper-balls and planes.
Raven approached one jock who threw a paper-ball at a nerdy kid while Raven’s back was turned. She looked the jock dead in the eyes, and said very deeply, “Do we have a problem…?”
The Jock went from suave and cold to like a cowardly-cat. “Uh… heh-heh… No.”
Raven let it slide this time, and her class already realized she was not someone you wanted to get steamed-up. “Now… to continue.” Raven said as she continued to read from a Shakespearian poem…
Copy-Cat hadn’t made any enemies yet, but his students began to feel something was wrong with him. The way he would speak in long words with no apostrophes. They wondered if Mr. Seidelmen was off his mind.
Keeping in mind that he was on a mission, Copy-Cat also made sure to keep his foresight ready to watch out for anything unusual. So far he only knew that he had a very mature and obedient class that first period. No trouble-makers whatsoever.
Robin, or “Mr. Grayson wasn’t as strict, but he did have better expectations from the students he taught. In fact… one of the girls, who was a slacker, tough-girl. She slipped him a note as he passed her by and gave her the test she was due to take…
“I think I am in love with you.”
Robin, though with his face turned away, one would be able to tell he was not impressed, and simply slammed the note back on the girl’s computer-desk. The girl, who didn’t know Robin was already married, was outraged, and so were her two friends…
“Ooh… he’s askin’ for it.”
“Big time…!”
“No one shoots me down and gets away with it.”
As for Garfield, Professor Logan. He was a little of both, strict and cool. At the very first day, “Now I understand you have been studying the science of sound.” he said, “Challenging… yes, but in my opinion, not challenging enough.” He walked around the classroom handing each student gigantic textbooks, “Which is why I have upgraded the curriculum with a new textbook I personally have written.”
Most of the students were shocked, “Textbook…?” one of them cried. “More like a set of encyclopedias.”
Garfield wrote the assignment on the blackboard, “Please read chapters one through seventy for tomorrow.” He said, “And yes… you will be tested on the material.”
Some of the students got right down tot heir reading, but a few of them were whimpering in shame and begged to wake up from this horrid nightmare. Garfield however sniggered cheekily… while he did get his IQ of two-hundred by a machine, to maintain and increase it, he studied three times as hard…
He was planning to whip this class and all his other classes into shape.
Terra, Ms. Logan, however was a kind teacher, though she was keeping her strictness hidden and only planned to use it when needed. As long as she didn’t have t teach Geometry, the one subject she always sucked at…
“Open your books to page forty-five please.” she said kindly. As she jotted down notes for the students to copy from the blackboard, she kept asking herself over and over, “Am I really doing this? Am I actually teaching a class…?”
She kept answering herself that yes it was true. Terra knew she was going to fit in just fine here, just like she did before when she was a student.
After the first few periods, all was well. The Titans hadn’t done so bad, and the met in the teacher’s lounge for some coffee. Raven got two boys in for detention for disrupting her class twice. “Ugh…! I’m starting to think I should’ve refused.” she groaned.
Cyborg patted her back, “Yo’ girl… chill. It’s only the first day.”
Robin was reading the newspaper, with his face hidden behind it, “At least you don’t have a student who’s crushing on you.” he grunted.
He showed Starfire the note, and she lost it in a heartbeat. “Who… is this girl?” she demanded to know. “How dare she show affection to my husband.”
Garfield calmed her, “Easy Star… sometimes it’s natural for kids to crush on their teachers.”
Terra nodded, “He’s right… when Garfield and I were in grade twelve I had a crush on my history teacher.”
Garfield gazed at his wife, “You never told me that…”
Terra twiddled her fingers, “Sorry…”
Suddenly, Copy-Cat’s head perked up, “Hmm…?”
“Copy-Cat… what is it?” Robin asked.
Copy-Cat gazed all around the room, “My foresight is tingling…” he said. “Someone else in this lounge is thinking strange thoughts.”
The only other people who were in the room were other teachers, Principal Shepard, and Kevin Levin, a young-adult male who got a job as assistant janitor. He was mopping up a coffee spill, and didn’t notice Copy-Cat was staring at him.
But he did sense something, and he ran off before Copy-Cat had a chance to read his mind. “Hmm…” Copy-Cat began to wonder if maybe he had located the first clue that would help him and the others crack the case… but it was too early to confirm.
So he decided to play it cool along with the others.
Kevin however had left the school entirely and had ducked behind one of the dumpsters behind the building. Where a cloaked figure, the same one who sounded like Terra, but her face was hidden by her hood, was waiting…
“You are late!” she hissed at Kevin.
“Sorry…” Kevin said. His voice sounded identical to Garfield’s. “Do you have any idea what’s it’s like being a janitor and cleaning up other people’s messes?”
“Enough…!” snapped the cloaked figure. “Be prepared… we have new targets going out tonight. Find them and bring them to me. Understand…?”
Kevin sighed, “Yeah, I get it…”
The cloaked girl nodded, “Oh, and Kevin…? You may be a slip-shot ally, but you lack of abilities and stamina. Don’t screw this up for me.”
Kevin gritted his teeth and went back to work, while the cloaked girl carefully peeked in through to one of the classrooms, where she found two couples; a jock and a pretty girl, and two nerdy students, they were ogling at each other as they did their assignments.
The cloaked girl snickered under her breath, as her eyes glowed pink from within her hood “Hee, hee, hee… I love it when I think nasty.”
Then her hands glowed, “Transportus Viogra…” and she vanished from where she stood, and was gone. For now at least…!
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