❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – First Clue ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
That evening, the Titans crept back to the tower, with the help of Raven’s teleportation so no one would see them. So far it had been a smooth first day, but as for the mission, so far nobody had had anything to work with, not even Copy-Cat’s suspicion of Kevin.
“Well… if anything else happens, we’ll be ready for it” Robin said. “In the mean time we’ll keep up the act and snooping.”
The others all agreed, but little did they know they were just about to have some action.
In town, those two couples from school were out on dates. The cool kids were Jason, and Joanie. “Heh… glad my dad let me borrow his car tonight.” Jason said. Joanie giggled, and she really impressed and their date barely just begun…
But just as they had pulled up to a red-light, a creepy shadow slipped under the car and lifted it up off the road. Joanie screamed, and Jason was shocked, “Whoa…! What the–?”
The couple got a glimpse through the mirrors or what was holding up the car– A White Monster that began to carry them off. “Hey! Put us down…!” cried Jason, but the monster just continued to carry them off.
Suddenly the monster ran into trouble. There, up ahead, The Teen Titans, in their hero forms and outfits, and The Manimal; Garfield’s alternate hero form. “That’s as far as you go…!” Robin shouted, “Now put those kids down!”
The monster’s eyes glared an angry red and threw the car up high. Jason and Joanie screamed. “Raven…!” cried Copy-Cat as he held out his hand, “Quickly…!” Raven grabbed his hand, and Copy-Cat copied her form.
The two Ravens’s used their powers to hold the car steady, allowing Terra to bring a giant boulder to mount the car on and safely land it on the road. “Hey, thanks a lot, man!” cried Jason.
“Hey, no sweat.” Terra smirked, “We’ll deal with the monster, you two get out of here.” added Raven. The kids agreed and tore down the road quickly. Now the White Monster was surrounded by all seven of the Titans.
Garfield went first, Whoever you are, prepare to be crushed. Like all those who dare to cross The Manimal.”
The monster motioned with his hand to come and get it. Manimal charged with his leopard speed and rammed the monster hard in the chest before he could react. “Hey, great shot, man…” Cyborg complimented. “Let’s get him…!”
The Titans all flew in and began to bombard the monster with star-bolts, disc-bombs, and Cyborg even used his sonic-cannon. The monster got hit from all ends, and was covered in a little ash, but now he was madder than ever.
He looked up at the lamppost he was rammed into and leapt up towards the light transforming into a sparkling-form with volts of electricity. “Watch out…!” cried Terra.
The monster fired electrical-jolts at the Titans, Starfire got hit, and so did Cyborg. “Man…! That really fries ya’ up…!” cried Cyborg.
“No matter what… don’t let it get away.” Cried Robin as he and the others chased after the monster. Sadly, Robin was able to even get close to it as he couldn’t shield himself from the electrical-blasts.
The two Ravens used their powers to nock the shots away, Terra used her rocks to shield herself, and recently, Manimal’s cape and outfit were shockproof, as well as flame and waterproof. “One can never be too careful when facing danger…” he gloated.
The four of them chased the monster into a dark alley where he reverted back to white and then blended in with his dark surrounding. “I can’t see a thing…!” cried Raven.
Copy-Cat changed back to his normal form, “He is close… I can sense him.”
Garfield removed his helmet and used his excellent sense of smell. “I think I found him…” he cried. Then, without warning, he flicked on his helmet-visor’s light… like a lantern-fish. “There…!”
The four of them all leapt in after the monster at once. The monster didn’t even move, and the CRASH. The four Titans collided into each other ranting and thrashing about trying to pin the monster down… only to realize.
“He’s gone…” said Terra.
Garfield punched the wall angrily, nearly breaking it with his gorilla strength. “GRR… he got away again!”
Robin, Starfire and Cyborg joined their friends in the alley and knew the monster got away. “Never mind that, we’ll never catch him now.” Robin said.
Cyborg nodded, “Besides, at least the Jason and Joanie are safe. That’s all that matters.”
“And we have gathered more information of the abductions of students, have we not?” asked Starfire.
The others knew she was right. Now they knew the white monster was abducting the students, but the question still remained why. “Let’s head home… we have a big day ahead of us.” Robin suggested.
The Titans agreed, and headed for home, unaware that while Jason and Joanie were safe, elsewhere in another alley the second couple the nerdy kids, Webster and Whim… they were at the mercy of the White Monster, and the cloaked girl.
“Who are you…?” cried Webster, “What are you going to do to us?”
The girl sniggered, “Hmm, mm… Who am I? What do I plan to do?” she hissed, and her answer to both questions was, “Your worst nightmare!”
Her hands began to glow, “Omento Aravelto…!” and she had conjured up an evil-looking portal, then she focused on the teens, and zapped them right into the portal and off to another dimension.
Webster and Whim screamed bloody horror as they vanished and the portal sealed. The girls was by herself with pride, but she felt a little weary for a moment, and then it slowly faded into anger at the white monster, “I told you to nab Jason and Joanie as well… and you didn’t!”
The White Monster was ashamed, “It wasn’t my fault…” he groaned in a monotone version of a familiar voice, “It was the Teen Titans interfering.”
The girl clenched her fists, “I knew they would give us trouble.” she hissed. When the monster asked if he should run off to dispose of them for good, “No…” the girl replied, “Perhaps I may just be able to use this to my advantage. Hee, hee, hee…!”
I don’t understand…” The monster asked, “What is it that prompts you to do this to couples all the time…? Can’t you just let them be…?
The cloaked girl refused to explain. “Never mind…! Just continue to standby until I need you again.” and she walked off and disappeared.
(Music Cue)
The young lady was sitting at an area near the river front, in the dark by herself. She sighed heavily as she gazed down at something in her hand, which were two photographs, but they were hidden in the shadows, and couldn’t be seen.
She pulled off her hood, her face was still hidden in the shadows, but she had long red hair, and her eyes were green, like Garfield’s.
She sighed heavily, almost as if she weren’t always proud of what she was doing…
(The Girl)
(Sounds like Lea Salonga)
Will I ever pass off, as a perfect lady.
With a perfect someone, can it be?
Yet here I am, playing this part?
ow I see That if I were truly
To be other than myself it would break my heart

Who is that girl I want to be
Someone standing with me

Why is my reflection some
I don’t
 want to know?

Somehow I cannot change
Who I am
Though I’ve tried
When will my reflection show
 I wish I were?
When will my reflection show
Who I wish I were…?
She stared down at her reflection in the water, her long red hair hide her face and reflection form the back. Then she replaced her hood and walked off into the sewers and out of sight.
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