❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – Care in the world ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
When the Titans had all got home to the tower, they decided to hit the hay. Terra was hoping that Garfield would be up for a round of making-out, but much to her surprise, as much as he wanted too, “Oh, I’m sorry…” he said through a yawn, “I really want to but I’m just so exhausted.”
He climbed into Terra’s bed, as it was their night to sleep there together, he stretched out and was out like a light, much to Terra’s frustration. “Well… if he thinks he can avoid me that easily, he’s got another things coming.” She thought wickedly.
She then looked over at the nightstand where Garfield’s water-cup was, and before she climbed into bed, she silently crept over and waved her hand over the cup and whispered, “Vemorus Infecta…” a soft glow of pink energy flashed in the water. “Hmm, mm, mm…!”
Then Terra climbed back into bed, and lay down, and did not sleep, but rather waited… and waited, until Garfield reached over to sip his water. “Huh…?” he felt rather strange, “What’s happening?” he wondered.
He began to feel warm and fuzzy inside. He tool one look at Terra, a smiled…
Terra was also smiling, but wickedly.
Before long, their clothes had littered the floor, and they were lying in each others arms. Both their bodies seemed a little sweaty, and Terra’s hair was a little ruffled. Garfield was almost acting like the way a girl would, snuggling into his wife’s arms…
That’s because the spell he drank in his water was a spell that made creatures fall in love with the target, even though Garfield already felt love towards Terra, he couldn’t resist what was happening…
Terra stroked his head, “At last… after all this time, I finally have what I want.” She thought wickedly.
While in the Null-Void…
Kevin was down on the ground pacing back and forth, guarding Gwen/Terra, in her cage. He had his orders, and continued pace guarding her, but he was starting to feel just a little guilty, and the guilt grew by the minute.
Gwen/Terra was sitting sadly in a corner of her cage, staring sadly at nothing at all. She felt so helpless, almost devastated. She had no powers, not even her own. She couldn’t break out of the cage, and even if she could, she had no idea how to escape from the Null-Void.
(Music Cue)
Things really seemed hopeless now. She shut her eyes and a single tear rolled down her cheek, and she began to sing softly, yet passionately…
What did I do to get stuck in here?
Why is it that I feel so helpless and alone?
Now that everything is gone,
It’s so hard to carry on.
Have I really reached the end?
It’s such a crime to be deserted all the time.
It shouldn’t be to my surprise,
that the hope has left my eyes.
Have I really reached the end.
Kevin heard her every word, and though he believed Terra couldn’t hear him, he felt so incredibly ashamed of all the things he had been doing that he jumped into the song…
-I can’t stand it anymore.
Look at what has happened to poor me.
An evil pile of soot that’s me.
All these years of aid and devotion to Gwen.
I’m an evil, hateful, miserable, washed-out man.
-I know what I’ve done.
All my ships have gone.
I’d rather walk the plank
The watch my ship as it sank.
Yet I haven’t got a care in the world.
Gwen/Terra’s ears gave a twitch as she gazed down from her cage…
-I’m just a useless, spineless, soggy, nameless
Non-existent, it may not be fair.
Yet I haven’t got a care in the world.
No… I haven’t got a care… in the world
Finally, Kevin gave into his guilt, and he leapt up high to the cage. “What are you doing?” Gwen/Terra asked. Then she saw Kevin was unlocking the cage. “Now we’ll get out!” he said with determination.
Gwen/Terra hovered out of the cage, and as grateful she was, “Why are you doing this…?”
Kevin explained that all his life he had been nothing but a mere criminal, and time after time he tried to be rehabilitated, but it never worked. “Now Gwen’s become far worse than anything I could ever have been… and I… I…” he didn’t have to finish.
Gwen/Terra could tell that Kevin cared for Gwen, and he wanted to save her form herself. “Come with me…” Kevin said.
He lead Gwen/Terra to a special area higher than ever, toward s a glowing seal of light. “This portal is how Gwen and I escape from the realm, and it’s the only way to escape back to the real world.”
Gwen/Terra was relived to hear that, but there were still two tragic flaws. Only Gwen could open the portal herself. So the least they could do was wait. She was bound to come back eventually, and when she did, they would be waiting.
“Even still… you think your friends won’t attack you at the first sight?” Kevin asked.
Gwen/Terra knew that was defiantly going to happen “I have no choice… I’ll have to try and reason.”
The next morning, the Titans all gathered at the Rust-bucket, “Just in time for Grandpa Max’s Big-Bounty-Breakfast. The Titans gazed down at the strange concoctions on their plates with confused looks. “Pst… just pretend you like it.” Ben whispered.
Each of the Titans tried a sample of their breakfast, and even though it tasted just horrifying, they smiled and nodded. Even though Cyborg turned red in the face and fell off his chair.
The only person who seemed to enjoy it other than Max was Terra, that was to be expected, she was always digging into new things.
Robin decided to stir up conversation to take his mind off the bad-food. “So, uh… Garfield. You are Terra sure had fun last night?”
Garfield looked up from sipping his soy-milk, “Hmm…?” he asked, “What are you talking about? I was so pooped I went out like a light.”
“But… we had heard you and Terra doing the… the thing?” Starfire said.
“Yeah, you almost kept me awake.” added Raven.
Garfield hadn’t a clue of what they were talking about. He’d remember if he and Terra were making-out. “I don’t remember a thing.”
Terra/Gwen, was glad to see that her love spell had worked, even though it wore off, but she had to act quickly to keep up her act. “Actually… I don’t remember either.” She simply said.
This struck all the Titans, as well as Ben and Max as odd. Copy-Cat tried to read Garfield’s mind, and he found nothing. “I do not understand…!” he hissed softly. Then he tried to read Terra’s mind, but something was blocking him out. “Hmm…”
Terra/Gwen gazed at him. “Something wrong…?” she asked.
“Uh, no, no… I believe not.”
After breakfast, plans were made. Terra/Gwen lied telling them, “I managed to trap Gwen in the Null-Void, she can’t get out. She’s still there, so we can grab her and arrest her.”
Robin was very curious as to how Terra was able to easily overpower Gwen, when the fact was even all of them together wasn’t enough. He was beginning to feel something wasn’t right, but he went along with it.
Ben and Max agreed to go along too. Max armed himself with a special gun. “You ready, Ben?” he asked. “You bet I am, GOIN’ HERO…!”
POW! He tapped the Omnitrix and transformed before everyone’s eyes into, “XLR8…!”
Cyborg whistled, “Man, I gotta’ get me one of those.”
XLR8 winked at him, “Let’s go…!” he cried before taking off at an incredible speed and the others followed him.
Once they caught up with XLR8, or Max told Ben to slow-down, Terra/Gwen took the lead once they had reached the sewers. “This way…” she said as she lead the others down the ways to the correct area.
She was planning to enter the Null-Void with the others, but only to get rid of Terra for good so that she would never interfere again. As for Kevin, “He’s served his purpose, and he’s used to the Null-Void. He can stay for all I care.”
Finally, the arrived an old maintenance room, where it became obvious that Gwen had been living in as a hideout. “Two words…” Raven groaned as she plugged her nose, “Air-freshener.”
“You’re sure this is it…?” Max asked.
“Positive…” Terra/Gwen said, “If I remember… Gwen touched a stone along the wall, about here.” she felt along the wall, pretending she didn’t know what she was doing. “I think this is it…”
She sneakily used her powers to open the portal, then suddenly. CRASH! Gwen and Kevin flew out from it and landed right on top of her.
“Gwen…!” cried Ben and Max. Kevin got to his feet, and so did Terra and Gwen. “YOU…!” they both shouted and pointed at each other. “Titans… get her!” Robin shouted and he dashed straight at Gwen.
“Robin, wait…” Gwen/Terra tried to warn, but she already got a taste of his disc-bombs. “UGH…!”
Kevin, as the White Monster rushed off down the sewer-lanes, in hopes that some of the Titans would follow him. “Yo’… get him!” cried Cyborg as he Starfire, Copy-Cat, and Raven dashed after him.
While the others were left to attack Gwen, who was desperately trying to convince the others, “Guys… it’s me!”
“Yeah… it’s you all right…!” snapped XLR8, and then he transformed into “Stinkfly…!”
“Ahh this is gonna feel great!” and he spat out his goop all over Gwen’s boots trapped her in place. The allowed Max to set his gun to ensnare her with a strain of energy. “No, guys please…!” she cried.
“Shut up…!” Terra/Gwen growled, and she tried to use Terra’s powers to slam her with boulders. Terra, what are you doing? shouted Garfield.
Gwen/Terra braced for her bombardment, when suddenly the boulders were stopped by Raven’s magic. The others all turned and saw her and the others along with the White Monster. “It’s alright… Raven said, “He’s on our side.”
“Our side…?” Robin asked.
The monster nodded, and transformed into Kevin. “Long time, no see, Ben.”
“Oh… it’s you.” Ben said sarcastically.
Robin really wanted answers. “Don’t listen to them!” Terra/Gwen cried, but Cyborg told her to can it. “We know the whole deal. You’re not Terra, are you?”
Robin and Garfield gasped, and gazed at Gwen’s body, “That’s what I was trying to tell you.” she said, “Gwen cast some sort of spell on me and swapped our bodies just so she could be with Garfield and make me suffer.”
Terra/Gwen however tried to persuade them that it was all a lie. “I’m the real Terra! Can’t you tell?”
Even Max and Ben had no way of knowing. Even though Kevin said he was trust worthy, Copy-Cat was still unable to read any minds due to Gwen’s interference. Nobody could tell who was telling the truth…
What were they going to do?
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