❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – Abducted ( Chapter 9 )

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The first few days since Gwen became a teacher, things had certainly improved. She was just as strict as Raven was and wouldn’t tolerate slackers. Garfield was impressed, yet he couldn’t help feel something strange about Gwen. Something… he just couldn’t put his finger on.
He did have much time to worry about that, he and the Titans were still working with what little evidence they had. However, soon, things started to turn bad. No student had been held in detention, but some of the couples who volunteered to stay and help with chores after school had gone missing the next day.
The students were once again frightened and concerned about their well-being. Some of the parents of the students who had heard of the commotion kept their kids at home where it would be safe.
This seriously worried Principal Shepard, he even told the Titans the next afternoon after the students had gone home. “My superiors have phoned… if anymore students are abducted, the school may very well be closed.”
“It gets far worse…” Robin said, “I just got off the phone with the police. They’re insisting starting a curfew.”
“Curfew…?” groaned Cyborg, “You mean everyone’s just gotta’ stay home and bore themselves to death…?”
Robin nodded, “That is… unless we crack this case within the next week or so.”
Starfire was trembling in fear, “Oh, we must not let this happen. We cannot allow innocent people who have been affected not by this crime to suffer.”
“She is right…” Copy-Cat said, “What are we to do now? We still have not that many clues to lead us where we need to be.”
“”Maybe we do…” Raven said. She sat everyone down at the table and began to go over a few things they had experienced the past few days. The White Monster, and that cloaked-girl. They were the ones abducting all the couples…
During the fight against the monster and the cloaked-girl, Copy0Cat wasn’t able to read their minds as if something was blocking him out. Something like magic…
Copy-Cat suddenly realized there were two people in the school he was unable to read the minds of. Kevin, and Gwen. “Are you saying they may be more involved in this than you think…?” Terra asked.
Raven nodded, “It could be, but I’m still not sure.”
Garfield suddenly found himself drifting deep into his thoughts. He was remembering something about the time when he went to school. When he was driven by rage, and didn’t trust anyone…
He could see a young girl with brown hair, like Terra’s, and a voice identical to hers as well. She was following him everywhere he went, and even trying to run into him accidentally on purpose.
He was brought back to Earth by Cyborg calling at him. “Yo’ man… you okay?”
Garfield shook his head, “I was remembering something– Ahh… I can’t think of it now.”
With the students all gone home, and before heading home to the tower, the Titans had some papers to grade each in their respective classrooms. Garfield even got to see Garth and Terri washing the black-boards in the science-class.
Terri even rubbed a wet mark in the shape a big heart, and put and -I to the left of it, and a U. Garth smiled, and… before the water lines faded. To the left for the -I he wrote an -&, and to the right of the -U he put in a great big number two.
Garfield could see those two needed some time alone, so he picked up his papers, and left the room. He decided to go outdoors, just outside the windows so at least if Garth and Terri got into trouble he’d be close by.
He didn’t dare to peek through the windows, and he didn’t have to, he could tell that Garth and Terri were sharing a kiss…
(Music Cue)
As Garfield continued to grade his papers, he kept thinking about how much Garth and Terri reminded him of all the times he spent with Terra, and how he gave her that heart-shaped mirror-box, just one of the many ways to show how much she meant to him…
(Garfield’s thoughts)
(Sounds like Randy Travis)
-Darlin’ I’ve somethin’ to tell you today.
But I’m kinda’ confused, cause’ there’s more than one way.
I could put in two words, what I’m longin’ to say
Tell me how should I tell you… I love you.
-Should I call on the phone? Should I drop you a line?
Should I write you a book? Should I put up a sign?
If I just knew the answer dear things would be fine.
Tell me how should I tell you… I love you.
-I could call up the paper, and take out an add.
I could scribble a note with a pencil and pad.
I can make up a poem, or leave word with your dad.
But I can’t choose between `em, so please don’t be mad.
-Should I send you a card? Carve a heart in a tree?
Or make a big speech, that they’ll put on TV…?
I’m afraid this decision is too much for me.
Tell me how should I tell you… I love you.
Please tell me how… should I tell you…
I love you.
Garfield smiled and felt his face turning red a little, “Hmm…”
Then as he looked upwards, he could swear he could see Kevin up on the roof. “Hmm?”
Kevin quickly moved out of the way. Garfield had a bad feeling about this. He put his books down, and made sure nobody was watching, and using his animal abilities, he leapt up high and onto the roof, but upon his landing at the top, “What…? Where did he go…?”
Kevin was nowhere to be found. He couldn’t have made it to the door to the stairs, not that fast. Garfield sniffed around, literally, and bent down to see if Kevin was hanging onto the building from the sides…
Alas, he wasn’t there at all. Garfield couldn’t understand it in the least. Yet as he passed by the stone-columns to enter the door, he didn’t notice a pair of red-red eyes sticking out from the bricks, and gazing at him…
By the time it came to close up the school for the night, “Oh, Dude, I totally forgot about Garth and Terri.” Garfield said.
“Really, and I thought you were the sensible teacher.” Terra joked. Garfield laughed and went off to check on his students. Surely they had to have finished their scrubbing job by now.
As the Titans gathered up all their things They had left the building but wondered what was taking Garfield so long… Until they heard a loud crash, and the sound of a girl screaming.
The Titans realized that was coming from inside the school. “Let’s go over there…” Robin said. He and the others ducked behind the dumpsters where no one could see and swapped outfits, and wiped off their makeovers.
Inside, Garth and Terri were being apprehended to the White Monster, which Garfield had no idea how it got in, but that’s what was going on. The desks were turned over, papers were scattered about… and to top it all off, Garfield didn’t have his Manimal costume; no weapons to defend himself, and not enough room to use his animal skills.
“Give them back!” he thundered as he charged at the monster, only to get smacked hard into a shelf where as all the beakers, boxes, and books fell on him. This allowed the monster to grab Terri and Garth and smash through the window.
No sooner had he gotten outside however, “TITANS… MOVE!” The monster peered round and saw the Titans coming after him, prompting him to go faster , right into a construction-zone.
The Titans were gaining on him, but were suddenly bombarded by energy-blasts. It was the cloaked-girl, “Going somewhere, Teen Tykes?” she hissed, “I don’t think so…!” and another battle had begun. No matter how hard the Titans tried, they couldn’t seem to get past the cloaked girl.
Suddenly, Terra had an idea… “Hey, Hood-Head! Care for a little Rock and Roll…?” and she used her powers to summon forth a shower of rocks and boulders to bombard the girl from all ends.
Tera Trimo Verdadicome the cloaked girl shouted, and used her magic to break every last boulder into dust, but while she was distracted, Terra was able to sneak past her and try to head for The White Monster.
“Go for it, Terra!” Robin called. “We’ll handle things here…”
Terra gazed back at Robin, and winked. Then hopped on a flying boulder, and chased the monster who was scaling up an unsafe, half demolished building. “Hey… ugly!” she called.
The monster gazed back…
“Watch out…”
The monster didn’t see where he was going and let go of Garth and Terri before he fell into a vat of hot goop. Terra quickly used two more boulders to save the kids from their drop…
And escorted them safely to the ground, but not before the cloaked girl had broken away from battling the other Titans, and grabbed them back. “You’re coming too.” she hissed at Terra. Before Terra could react…
Domenzo Totalis…!”
Terra SCREAMED as the she felt herself being frozen ice-solid. “TERRA…!” the other Titans cried, but they were all weakened immensely from their battle. That’s when the Manimal came in, swinging on his lines. “STOP… YOU FIENDS…!”
The cloaked girl and the White monster, with all three hostages began to scale up the crumpling building with the Manimal, using his leaping, and monkey-nimbleness, scaling just near them.
Finally, they came to the top, Manimal took one giant leap, but the villains leapt-up high and levitated in midair. Manimal landed with a thud onto the building which made it start to crumple, and break…
“YO… AVALANCHE!!” cried Cyborg as he and the others ducked down. The whole building crumpled into a pile of rubble, and the cloaked girl laughed manically. “So long Titans… Mah, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!” then she, the monster, and the hostages vanished into a portal and were gone.
After the dust had settled, the Titans were scrambling through the rubble search for Garfield. “Friend…! Friend… please speak to us.” cried Starfire.
“Yo’ man… where are ya?” added Cyborg.
Robin and Raven were off search the other end of the pile, and suddenly, “Hey! Over here!” Raven called.
Garfield had survived the fall, and the collapse, just barley, and was now trapped up a rock pile. Raven urged everyone to stand back, “Azarath Metrione… ZINTHOS!”
KAPOW! The rubble was safely blasted away without hurting Garfield. Raven helped him up, and Robin helped get his dented helmet off his head. “Are you okay?” Robin asked.
Garfield nodded, “Aw, man… my helmet’s busted.”
Starfire grabbed onto him and hugged him tightly, “Oh, friend… am I so glad you are not injured.” she cried. Garfield, using his gorilla strength pushed her off. Oh, cut it out!” he sneered as he stomped away from her and brushed his suit off.
“Yo’ man… chill.” Cyborg said.
Garfield turned to face him, “Chill?” he grunted, “They got away, and they took Terra with them, and you expect me to chill?” He roared fiercely as he kicked a boulder high up into the air with his foot alone. Then he fell to his knees in shame and pounded the ground with his fist. “Terra…Garth… Terri…! I should never have left them alone.”
The others could understand how he was feeling. In a sense, they too were to blame for what happened. Robin approached him, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, we’ll get them back.”
Garfield wasn’t so sure about that, “How? We don’t even know where they are, or where they went.”
The other Titans all joined in with Robin explaining how they were surprised to see him giving up like this. After all… who was it who had the most traumatizing life, and struggled hard to pull himself from the gutter…?
It was him…!
Who was the big hero in the fight against the Brother Hood of Evil?
It was him…!
Who lost Terra several times over, and always managed to seize her back into his life, whatever the outcome?
“It was me!” Garfield snapped. “You’re right…we can do this.”
The Titans smiled, glad that he was back. “There is but only one problem…” Copy-Cat pointed out. “We still have not a clue of where they have taken the hostages.”
The Titans realized he was right . With no clues, how could they possible find out where the cloaked-girl and the White Monster might have taken them. Until Robin felt something strange on his belt. “Huh…? Hey what– what’s this?”
He pulled off a small shred of blue fabric. Nobody recognized it, not even Raven’s. “IT can’t be from my cloak. It’s too bright…”
Copy-Cat then suddenly realized, “Wait… perhaps this shred of fabric came form the cloak of our enemy.”
“What…?” Garfield snapped as he snatched the fabric out of Robin’s hand. “Robin! Dude, you did it! This shred of fabric is exactly what we need.”
“HUH?” the others exclaimed, but Garfield was already dashing down the road, “Quickly! Back to Titan’s-Tower!”
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