❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – A New Things Change ( Chapter 5 )

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The next day, up bright and early, and the girls had fresh makeovers, it was back to school. Raven was glad her first period class went smoother, because the detention she gave the other day to the slackers…
Their fingers would be sore for a month having to write out an entire chapter of one book. Cyborg got his class now studying Basket-Ball. It’s history, it’s major rules, and lots of stuff that required books. Gym wasn’t all just fun and games and running around, “Ya’ gotta’ build up your brain power first, dig what I mean?”
Robin however was starting to have things go wrong on him, as the three girls, whom the one crushing on him was part of, they began to prank him. The old spring-snakes in the drawer, thumb-tack on the chair, and the drawing a picture on the board.
Robin quickly caught-on though. “Do you ladies care to explain this…” the crush girl sarcastically quoted, “I’m not sorry…” she was trying to flirt with him some more, but before she knew it Robin had sent her to go to the principles office, “I’m very busy, and I won’t have you disrupting my class.” He slammed the door closed, making the girl huff, and stomp down the hall. “Ooh…!” she was determined to make him like her yet.
Elsewhere, more was brewing, the first of which was in Copy-Cat’s class, where he, as Mr. Seidelmen noticed two of his students weren’t present. “Where are Webster and Whim…?” he asked.
The class clown, who was a slacker student mocked by saying, “Well what do you know, guess they are smart enough to play hooky?” very few of the other students laughed, but one of the girls, who happened to be Joanie from last night, said that Webster and Whim hadn’t been seen all day. “Are you certain of this…?” her teacher asked.
Joanie nodded, “I live across from Webster, he never came home since last night.”
Copy-Cat thought that to be odd, and when Joanie mentioned that Webster had gone out on a date with Whim the other night she went out with Jason. “Mr. Seidelmen… are you okay?”
Copy-Cat snapped out of it. “I have an important message to deliver…” he said aloud to the class. “Everyone is to continue copying from the blackboard, and studying for tomorrow’s quiz. Understand? If upon my return I discover a single student slacking off… the one responsible and those of their accomplices will have plenty of time to slack in detention.”
The class quickly scrambled into their books and notes. Somehow, Mr. Seidelmen could seem to tell if they were lying… and didn’t want to get caught with more homework.
Copy-Cat stopped by Robin’s class to deliver him the information he had gathered from Joanie. Robin gave him thanks, and told him to wait until the whole gang met up in the lounge.
Aside from the mission, the Titans also had other things to worry about. Like the behaviour of their students…
In gymnastics, Starfire was pleased to see how well-behaved and well-mannered the girls were. They all moved at exactly the same sync while doing their stretches and Starfire counted.
(Music Cue)
“One… two…”
“One… two…”
-One and two. Like me an you.
That is what makes the world go round.
In and out. Round-a-bout
That is what makes the world go round.
-For every up, there is a down.
For every square, there is a round.
For every high, there is a low,
And for every to, there is a fro.
-To and fro. Stop and Go.
That is what makes the world round
Left and right. Like day and night.
That is what makes the world… go… round.
The girls were stretching and flexing their bodies perfectly. Some of them even liked Starfire’s song, even if sometimes she forgot how to pronounce a word…
“And remember my students…you must–”
-Set your sights,
on all your rights.
Do not not be a medi—
“Oh thank you…”
Do not just wait, and trust in fate
And say, that is how it is meant to be
-It is up to you how far you go
If you do not try you will never know
And so my dears as I ha
ve explained
hing ventured, nothing gained
You see my boy it’s nature’s way
Upon the weak the stro
ng ones prey
The human life it is
 also true
The strong will try to conquer you
And that is what you must expect
Unless you use your intellect
Brains and brawn, weak and strong
That’s what makes the world
 go round.
“Very good, I am most pleased you have remembered the steps.” she replied to her students. “I hope you are all aware that there will be tryouts for the upcoming event of junior-gymnastics next week. Should you wish to participate, practice-practice-practice.”
The girls nodded and then turned to gather their things before class-change. Starfire couldn’t help but overhear two girls speaking to a girl named Terri, who resembled Terra, except she had brown hair. She and her girl-friends were talking about her and guy named Garth she used to date.
“So, did you dump the brat yet?” asked one of the girls.
Terri looked down in shame, “He’s not a brat, but yeah… I told him to stop calling me, and bothering me, he has to accept that I decided it was time to change.”
Starfire’s ear twitched at the sound of the words “Dump” and “Change”
Another one of Terri’s friends complimented Terri for what she did, “I’ll bet now that kid will see you’re too good for him.”
Terri looked irritated as she grabbed her uniform, and stormed off to the girl’s change-room, but on the way, a young teenage boy, who almost resembled Garfield, only he wore glasses and had black hair, was following her…
“Why are you running from me?” he said to Terri.
“I’m not running form anyone. Go away!”
“Not until you talk to me…”
“You can’t keep following me, Garth.”
“Why not…?”
“Because, it’s the GIRL’S locker-room.”
Garth felt slightly embarrassed, but as he tried to move forward, Terri’s two friends blocked him by pressing their shoulders, crushing his hand. “You heard her. She’s not interested!”
“Yeah… Get lost, Growth!”
“Ugh…!” Garth pulled his sore hand out from in between their shoulders. “It’s Garth…!” he snapped and he walked off. To the boys locker room for his gym class.
Starfire witnessed the whole thing, and she was surprisingly not the only one. Garfield and Terra took the chance in-between class-change to get a cup of coffee from the lounge, and they too witnessed what had happened.
“That was exactly the same thing that happened between us…” Garfield said.
Terra nodded nervously. “It’s like it’s happening all over again.” she said, “But why…?” Terra and Garfield decided to investigate on Garth and Terri more closely, when the time came they would be in their own respective classes…
In Gym, Cyborg took his class out to play some soccer. Garth was among his students. Cyborg kept a watchful eye on his boys. “That’s it… pick up the pace.” He called.
“Keep your eyes on the ball, not on the legs.”
He then noticed that Garth didn’t seem to be on his game, he wasn’t running very fast, and had a hard time kicking the ball. “Yo’, come on Garth, you can do it!” Cyborg called, “Shoot that goal!”
Garth suddenly cracked under stressful emotions within, and found himself ridding the balls across the field, “WHA-AA-AA-AA…!”
Cyborg smacked his forehead as he cried, “No-ho-ho… No! No!”
The ball hit a small rock, and Garth went soaring over and landed in the stinky-towels bin that was outside. The other boys laughed at him. “Hey, geek… the goal’s that way.”
“Maybe you should get your glasses fixed?”
Garth felt ashamed, and angered by all the boys laughing at him. “Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off!” Cyborg bellowed as he walked over to help Garth up. “You okay, Garth?” he asked him kindly. “That was a nasty spill…”
Garth sighed, “I’m sorry Mr. Stone, I’m not just not in a good mood.” And he excused himself to get a much needed shower. Cyborg was no psychic, but he could tell something big was troubling that kid.
As the day continued to progress, Garth and Terri had Terra’s math class, and then biology in science with Garfield, and much to their surprise, everything between them was exactly the same as how Terra and Garfield had it from “Things Change”
Every word, every action…
They had learned that Garth was an average kid, that no one quite understood, and tried all his life to be someone. Then he met Terri, and they hit it off well and even dated for a whole year…
Then Terri met those two friends of her, Jessie, and Jody… wasn’t it ironic how they very much resembled Jackie and Jillian; Terra’s two old friend that treated Garfield the same way Garth was treated.
Jessie and Jody introduced Terri what it was like to wear make-up, hang out, and listen to boy-bands and stuff like that. This prompted Terri to end up spending less, and less time with her boyfriend, who was so kind to her, and cared deeply for her, and she just decided to up and dump him.
Even during a study-period during where the class went to the library it was the same things.
Terri and Garth met outside in the empty halls to talk. “Okay you’ve got two minutes.” Terri snapped.
But in the end, Terri told Garth that it was over, “Things Change, Garth. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.” Terri went back to her studies, but Garth… not caring at all that he’d be skipping school…
Just dropped his books and ran out of the building.
The Titans met up at the end of the day as they graded some papers in the lounge. They did discuss their mission status, and Webster and Whim were defiantly missing, abducted. “It had to have been that white monster…” Cyborg said. “You saw what it did to Jason and Joanie.”
“Right…” added Robin, “He must’ve nabbed Webster and Whim while we weren’t looking, we’re going to have split up when we go out on patrol, or when were called into action.”
He then instructed that half the team would cover one half f the city, and the other team would cover another half. “What do you believe the monster of white wants with all these couples?” Starfire asked.
“We are not entirely sure it is really the White Monster who wants them.” Copy-Cat said. “Terra, Garfield, do you not agree?”
No response. Garfield and Terra seemed lost as they stared down at the papers they were grading, and their pens didn’t even reach. “Uh… you two okay?” Raven asked.
They finally responded, and admitted they were think about Garth and Terri. Cyborg and Starfire felt terrible, and nearly outraged. “How can she do such a thing like that?” Cyborg said.
“Ooh… only that I may think of how upset and hurt the poor boy must feel.” added Starfire.
And indeed, Garth was just standing on a bridge overlooking the river, staring sadly at his reflection, and lost in his shame. “It’s over.” he cried.
As he walked up the lonely streets, he was being observed from above the cloaked-girl. “Hmm… interesting.” she sniggered, and she began to wonder if she could add him t other master-plan as well.
“Hmm, mm, mm…!”
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