❯ Teen Titans High School Musical 2 – A Mysterious Confrontation ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Terri was sitting, sobbing softly in a chair, with Raven and Starfire trying comfort her. She was blaming herself for what happened to Garth, no mater how many times she was told that it wasn’t her fault.
As for the others, “You all understand… we can’t let Terri go out there like this.” Robin said.
“Agreed…” added Copy-Cat, “Still, we cannot just ignore the threat that has befallen on Garth either.”
“So what do we do about it…?” asked Cyborg.
The Titans secretly thought it over, and obviously they couldn’t escort Terri out there into town at midnight. She would be able to see the resemblance and voices of her Teachers. It would blow their cover, or worse it would anger the blackmailer, whoever they were.
“Wait…” Garfield said, “Maybe I can keep an eye on her. She doesn’t know The Manimal, and I can keep a low profile while wearing my suit.”
Terra thought that was very risky, but she agreed with it, and so did Robin. “All right… it may be the only way to figure out who’s really behind all this.”
The plan was made strictly between the Titans.
That night, no matter how many times she was told, and no matter how risky she knew it was… Terri just had to go out to the town-square. She couldn’t let Garth suffer. She had to help him, wherever he was.
It was almost midnight. “Hey! I’m here!” she called out into the empty space. “Where’s Garth…”
Suddenly she heard the sound of moaning, an grunting. She looked over, and up on a burnt-out lamppost. “Garth…!”
He was hanging on a rope and tape over his mouth. As Terri walked towards him to try and help him, Garth shook his head, and tried to make gestures warning her, “Get, back! It’s a trap!”
Too late… a large white monster leapt down from the rooftops of a building under construction and landed right before Terri. She screamed… and the monster tried to grab her…
Until he got bombarded by porcupine-quills with explosive heads, similar to Robin’s disc-bombs. Then, The Manimal came swinging in of his grappling hook-shot lines…
BAM! Kicked him hard into a pile of garbage. “Manimal…!” cried Terri.
Manimal landed, saluted to her, and then leapt up high and cut Garth down from his ropes. “Both of you, get out of here.” he said to them, “Hurry!”
Still tied up, but able to use his legs Garth ran down the street with Terri, leaving the Manimal to face the white monster. It glared at him angrily. “Bring it on…!” Manimal sneered, and the battle began…
And when the monster tried to merge with the, Manimal wouldn’t let him get away this time. “Come back here…!” he called as he chased after it…
Garth and Terri ran as far away as they could. Once they felt safe they stopped for a moment so Terri could completely untie him, and pull the tape from his mouth. “Yeow…! Ooh, that smarts.” groaned Garth.
“You okay, Garth…?” Terri asked as she handed him his glasses.
“Yeah… I think so.” he answered, “Why did you come, Terri…?”
Terri blinked twice, “I was worried about you.”
Now Garth was the on who felt confused, “I thought you said you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore…? You know, Things Change?
Terri had a feeling he would’ve brought that up, she was going to have to come up with the biggest, most sincere way ever to show she was sorry, but Garth could already see it in her eyes. “Terri… take it easy.” he said softly to her.
Terri looked into Garth’s eyes, “Terri… I know how you feel about how other see you. I felt the same way for a long time, and began to think no one would ever like me… but when I met you, you helped me change the way I think. You showed me care that no one else did.”
Terri blushed, and tried to look away, and Garth didn’t bother to turn her head back to his. He knew that Terri had just been confused, and let Jessie and Jody lead her down the wrong path.
“Terri… I like–” he paused when he realized, “No… in the year that we dated, I love you just for who you are, and I know you feel the same for me.”
(Music cue)
Even though people thought Garth was a nerd, he did have a very good soft singing voice. Terri looked back at him and smiled.
They walked home, with her head resting on his shoulder, and they shared a soft song that they always sang while they dated…
Come along
Will there be sunshine shinin’?
Will we find a silver linin’?
Come along
Sing a song
When today becomes tomorrow
Will we find joy or sorrow?
Sing a song

Is it wrong
To put all our hopes together
And wish for somethin’ better?
Is it wrong?
To be loved
To face the future with another
who means more than any other
Is to be loved
We’ll paint the grey clouds
With pretty rainbow hues
And we’ll brush the gloom away
And save it for a rainy day
Rainy day…
Oh, today
If troubles cast a shadow
And shadows make the sun afraid to stay
But it’s okay
‘Cause there’ll be sunshine shinin’
And we’ll find a silver linin’
Another day
That stopped where they were and gazed into each other’s eyes, Terri even took of Garth’s glasses slowly…
Tomorrow is another day
How I hope you’ll always stay
As their faces moved closer towards one another, and their eyes slowly began to shut. A mysterious figure in a dark cloak and hood dropped down from out of nowhere, frightening them both.
Terri screamed and held onto Garth tightly. Garth quickly got on his glasses, “Ah… oh no… not her!” he whimpered.
The cloaked-girl walked towards the couple. “Aww… walking home under the stars?” she mocked. “Well isn’t that all lovey and dovey? Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!”
Terri and Garth were suddenly backed into a wall with no where to run, and the cloaked-girl moving in closer towards them. “Hold it!” yelled a voice from behind. The girl looked round, and leapt out of the way before she was hit by a pack of disc-bombs.
The other five Titans had leapt onto the scene, “So… it’s you who’s been abducting the students.” Robin sneered.
“Girl, I don’t know what your dig is… but you got a nerve.” added Cyborg.
The girl sniggered, “I’m glad you came out here Teen Titans, now I can finish you off myself.” she hissed.
“TITANS, GO…” cried Robin. The battle was on…
Robin charged at her with his metal-staff at the ready, but she back flipped out of the way and kicked him hard in the back, which really angered Starfire. “How dare you hit my husband…!” she roared as she fired her star-bolts.
The cloaked-girl stood her ground and chanted, Kemo Chaa…” and she unleashed swarm of energy-blasts that countered the star-bolts. Starfire was shocked, which left her wide open for another spell…
“Hmm, mm, mm…! Tiwat Legora…!”
The cloaked-girl had created a huge twister to intercept Starfire and blow her hard to the ground. Robin rushed over to help his wife, “Starfire….!”
Cyborg and Copy-Cat managed to get close enough to try and engage a fist, and claw battle, but whoever this girl was, she sure could move. Copy-Cat wasn’t even able to read her mind for some reason. “Her powers… they must be blocking me out.” he cried.
POW! “Argh…!” he got hit.
“Copy-Cat…!” cried Cyborg, “Oh, now I’m mad…!” and he fired his sonic-cannon.
“Devorsis Nebuli…!
BING! Cyborg’s beam bounced right off of her, and shot him instead, “Yo’… Uhn…!”
Raven flew in, “AZARATH, METRIONE… ZINTHOS…!” and tried to attack the girl with several garbage cans on the street.
“Puh-lease…!” snapped the girl, Inspera Desperia!”
Raven watched in horror as the dark energy left the garbage cans causing them to crash down hard. “She… she can dispel my own magic?” she cried.
“Ha, ha, ha… give it up Titans. My magic is the greatest there is.” The girl laughed, but she began to feel pretty woozy as she was wiggling a lot to keep on her feet. Still, she wasn’t down yet, and turn her attention to Terra.
“Oh, how I’ve waited to get back at you for along time.” she hissed.
Not only was Terra surprised to hear that the girl’s voice sounded exactly like her own, “What are you talking about…? What have I ever done to you…?”
The girl didn’t answer and dashed towards her like a stampeding rhino, roaring angrily. “AAARRR– Insinyu Invisibiss…!”
Terra felt the ground shaking below her feet, as big rocks popped up from the ground and came right at her. “Ah…!” Terra quickly used her own powers to hold the rocks steady and send them right back at the cloaked girl, she evaded the bombardment, “WHOA…!” and actually landed with a thud.
“GRR… You’ll pay for that…!” she thundered.
All the Titans tired their best, but this girl was just too much for them. It was as if she had a spell for everything they could throw at her. They needed help and fast…
The White Monster had assumed the form of a shadow to try and outwit his opponent, but he Manimal had bat-sonar, and night-vision included in his helmet-visor. “You can’t hide from me.” he thundered.
Just as he was homing in on the creature, his Titan-Communicate went off. “Come in Manimal… we need your help!” cried Robin. The creature had escaped, and Manimal would never find him now. Dude! This isn’t over. He growled as he fired his hook-lines and swung away…
The other Titans were battling their best, but none of them had gotten close enough towards the cloaked-girl. Still, no one was willing to give up. The girl had seemed to stop using her magic for a while, though nobody knew why…
Robin was battle her using his staff while she did her best to evade every strike. Her cloak began to look a little tattered… and a small chunk of it ripped off and fell onto Robin’s belt without him noticing.
But Robin was growing exhausted, and he got kicked hard and down. “Heh, heh, heh…What a shame?” she hissed, “Now who wants a taste of what’s in store for them first…?” she hissed as her hands glowed.
“You do…!” shouted a voice from the side.
The girl looked up, “Huh…? BLARGH…!” just in time for Manimal to swing in and kick her hard in the side. The girl rolled along the ground, and shook her head, “GRR…! Huh? Well… if it isn’t the Manimal.” she hissed.
Manimal got a good look at her, but he couldn’t recognize her at all with that hood over her head. “Who are you…?” Manimal sneered at her.
“Hmm, mm, ah, ah… Gee, for a genius, you certainly forget people you once knew.” The girl mocked. “Sorry, but I gotta’ run… but we’ll meet again Teen Titans. And as for you two…” she hissed at Manimal and Terra, “We’ll meet under different circumstances…”
“Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah… AH, HA, HA, AH, AH…!” then she vanished, and was gone. “She’s gone!” cried Cyborg.
“She sounded just like me…” added Terra.
The Titans all escorted Garth and Terri home, and it was lucky they hadn’t recognized who they were yet. So the Titan’s profile was safe. “Friend…?” Starfire asked Garfield when they headed for home, “You know this cloaked figure…?”
“Who is she…?” asked Raven.
“I… I don’t know…” Garfield remembered. “All I remember is, I knew someone once who sounded just like Terra. Some time ago…”
Copy-Cat tried to read Garfield’s mind to maybe look for an answer, but since Garfield couldn’t remember well. “It is no use… I have found nothing.” he said.
The Titans now knew who they were up against, but now the question was…. Who was this young-lady in the cloak, why was she after high-school couples, and where did she learn all this magic…
“Whoever she is, she’s tough.” Cyborg said. “We barley managed to even land hit on her.”
“I know…” Robin said, “But whoever she is, we haven’t seen the last of her.”
As they all walked back to the tower, nobody noticed the little shred of fabric hanging in Robin’s belt… a vital clue.
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