Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Teacher Conference ( Chapter 47 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh =Paro
Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy/Mayik
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba
Jounouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey
Mana- Girl
Kirara ( pronounced Kilala)- Girl
Ms. Rose: Teacher at Tiny Blue Eyes

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**
(Authors Notes)

« Hi this is Yugi Dark Sanctuary doesn’t own Yugioh. »

« Well we’re finally here kaiba said as he parked in the car.**Oh why did I agree to drive those three again**
Kaiba thought remembering the car ride to Tiny Blue Eyes preschool as they entered the preschool.


« Tiba, where are we doin, » the little Yami’s asked. « Where going to visit your teacher Ms Rose and find out how you three have been doing at Preschool, » Kaiba said. (15 minutes later) « Nooooooooo tombbeeber dat my prushie swifer, dive it bat, » Bakura cried. « No Batura Mayik ted dat you hapta share, » Marik said as he continued playing with the slifer plushie.

« Teni, Mayik pwaying wit my swifer, whats Iz going to pway wit, » Bakura asked. /Here you go play with this/. //Tank you Teni// Bakura then started playing with his toy Dark Magician Girl.

Meanwhile Yugi had just given Yami a toy blue eyes white dragon to keep him occupied, which worked for a while until he noticed Bakura playing with a Dark Magician Girl plushie and Marik playing with a slifer plushie. Yami then reached over and grabbed the Dark Magician Girl from Bakuras hand. « Nooooo Paro my Teni gave dat Darp Mabician Gurl to me, »Bakura cried to get it back from Yami. Yami then grabbed the Slifer plushie from Marik. « Udi da Paro took my Swifer tell him dats mine. »

« Yami don’t take things that don’t belong to you. » « But Abu onwy da Paro tupposed to have swifer, an Darp Mabician Gurl in my pavorites, Yami said clutching the plushies tightly in his hand.

After much convincing and the threat of not being allowed to duel for the rest of the day, Yami handed Slifer and Dark Magician Girl back to Bakura and Marik.

//Tupid…..// /Yami what was that?/ //Um nutin Udi//

(End Flashback)

« Hi and welcome to Tiny Blue Eyes my name is Ms. Rose. »
« I am so glad that you all came Bakura, Marik and Yami have told me all about you. »
**Oh Ra I wonder what they’ve been saying about their lights?** Kaiba thought to himself.

Hi Ms Rose, tan I towe Udi da pitures I made him, » Yami asked his preschool teacher.
« Sure Yami, but why don’t You, Bakura and Marik go play outside on the playground, I need to talk to Yugi, Ryou and Malik first, » Ms Rose said.

« Otay Ms Rose, » Yami said as he waved for Bakura and Marik to join him on the playground.

« So how are they doing anyway, » Ryou asked? « They are doing just fine. » « It just amazes me that they seem to be very good at playing games yet they haven’t mastered their alphabet yet, but I think they’ll know it by the time they hit three, » Ms Rose said. **Three, oh what if they never turn back** Ryou thought to himself.
Ms Rose continued to talk about what the class learned this semester, and gave them their Yamis report cards emphazing some things that they could work on during the rest of the school year.

After the adults talked Ms Rose called Bakura, Marik and Yami back to the classroom. Yami then raced over to his Hikari and pulled on his arm. « Abu, tome and see my pitures, der ober der, » Yami said pointing to the side wall. « Oh my that’s wonderful Yami, » Yugi said as he looked at the picture of Dark Magician that his little dark had drawn. Yugi then excused himself to the restroom down the hall as the one in the classroom was for preschoolers. /Yami stay in the classroom okay/ //Otay//

//Teni I had pitures too// /Oh I see what a scary looking earl of demise/ « You realby wike it Teni. » Bakura asked his light. « Yes, I love it Bakura, » Ryou said as he gave his little Yami a kiss on the head.

« Mayik dats my piture ober der,  » Marik said pointing to the picture of the winged dragon of Ra. « Oh you did a really good Job Marik,’ Malik told his little dark.

Ms. Rose then called Bakura over and whispered something in his ear. The little tombrobber then ran to his Hikari his face lit up and smiling from ear to ear. Jumping up and down with excitement. « Bakura what has gotten into you, » Ryou asked? « Teni des what I dets to be Da Paro, » Bakura squealed with pure delight. « Ms Rose ted dat Im dunna be Da Paro, » Bakura told his light once again.

« Oh I see that Bakura told you the news,  » Ms. Rose said. We’re actually going to be putting on a play in one week based on the story of the Egyptian Pharoah who saved Egypt from destruction. » Upon hearing that Bakura got the part of the Pharaoh Yami ran to over to where Ms Rose stood. « Ms Rose I tuppose to be da Paro, not Batura,’ Yami said looking very upset at the moment. « Yami, Bakura got the part of the Pharaoh and thats Final, you have your part in the play too, » Ms Rose told Yami who was beginning to look even more distraut. « What part if Yami playing anyway, « Ryou asked? « Oh he’s going to play the Tombrobber, and Marik will be playing the High Priest. »

« Noo I wanna be Da Paro not Batura Ms Rose,  » Yami pleaded with his teacher. « Yami, Bakura is going to be the Pharaoh in our play I’m not going to change my mind. »
« Pwease tan I be da Paro,  » Yami begged. Finally after hearing No again Yami’s sennon eye started to glow and the next thing he had sent Ms Rose to the shadow realm but not before telling her a couple of words that two year olds shouldn’t say…

/YAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ **What in the world** Kaiba thought to himself as he saw Yami bolt underneath the coloring table and Dark Magician Appear.

Kaiba then walked over to where Dark Magican was. « Why are you here right now Mahado, » Kaiba asked.  » I am here because the Pharoah needs my protection, »Mahado said.
« From what exactly it was Yami who sent his teacher to the Shadow Realm, » Kaiba said. « Oh I see, « Mahado said. « Master who am I protecting you against anyways I don’t sense any evil near, » Mahada asked his little master. « Um from Udi tuz he realby mad at me and I don’t want a pankin, »Yami said. « Oh I see that I can’t protect you from I will be going now,  » Mahado said as Yugi bolted through the classroom door.

« YAMI come out from under the table right now »!!!!
« No Abu I taying right here, » Yami said refusing to come out.
Yugi then went under the table and grabbed his Little Dark. /Yami you leave me no choice…./ « No Udi I realby torry Yami cried, » as he found himself bent over his lights knee. Bakura and Marik stood in awe even becaming teary eyed as Yugi’s hand swiftly come down on the little Pharaohs bottom. Once Yugi had finished with Yami he walked over to Ryou. « Ryou can Bakura bring back Ms Rose, I’ll be outside waiting near the car with Yami. »Yugi said.
« Sure Yugi we’ll clean this all up and be out in about 10 minutes, » Ryou said as Yugi and a very sobbing little Pharaoh walked out the classroom door.

« Hi Dis is Mayik pwease reboo, I tow ecited tuz I dunno pway the high piest wike Seto, Darp Santuary doesn’t own Udioh. »

The Morning Of
Clean Up