Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ talking leads to answers ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shun sighed, looking down at herself. She figured that it didn’t mater what she wore, that most of them had seen her in a bathing suit, that they could see her in Hyoga’s boxers and shirt. She kissed Takura’s forehead, then headed down stairs towards the kitchen for something to eat.
Shun entered, finding the black haired women standing at the stove.
“You’re Kioko right? Shiryu’s wife?” Shun asked, making her give a startled cry, turning look at her. “Sorry.”
“That’s ok, Shun right?” she asked, looking the younger women once over. “You don’t look much like Ikki, but then again, neither does Cho.”
“Cho…the little girl right…the one that looks like our mom?” Shun asked, pulling herself to sit on the counter next to the stove so Kioko could continue cooking.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“It’s rude to talk to someone if you’re not facing them.” Shun shrugged.
“That’s a good thing to believe.” Kioko said, laughing. “Takura is a lot like you.”
“I always thought she was like her father.” Shun told her. “She acts like him a lot.”
“She does, but she talks like you…soft, you know…and her way of thinking came from you.” Kioko explained.
“I guess so.” Shun muttered, then laughed. “Who’s that?”
Kioko glanced back, smiling at the little girl who was hiding her peas under her plate. “Kuri, she’s almost one.”
“Cute.” Shun said, waving at her, making her giggle. Kioko watched her, then looked at her daughter.
“You must have a way with children, she doesn’t usually like people.” Kioko told her.
“I don’t think I do.” Shun told her. “Maybe she knows I look like Cho.”
“Maybe, or she knows that you mean no harm.” Kioko smiled.
“How old?”
“I just told you, she’s a year.”
“Oh, sorry. I meant the other children, then ones in the living room…I know that the black haired boys are you’re, and I guess the one with brown hair is Seiya, and the blue haired boy is Ikki’s.”
“You don’t know any of their names?” Kioko asked, getting a shake of a head as an answer. “Then how do you know who Cho is.”
“Cho’s a girl’s name, and I only saw one girl in the room.” Shun said with a shrug.
“Makes since.” She said. “Your right about who’s whose child. The older boy with black hair is about 3
Brothers will always be brothers