InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Taking Notice ( Chapter 2 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Inuyasha smirked as he watched Kagome flipped her hair and walked to her seat. Stupid wolf, he deserved it. He laughed quietly, visions of Kouga flying towards the opposite end of the cafeteria flashed before his eyes.
“Inuyasha!” Kikyo called and Inuyasha eagerly turned.
“Yes?” He replied.
“Be a darling and buy my friends and me a drink.” Kikyo pouted beautifully at the younger man and her friends sniggered as Inuyasha stood up to do her bidding.
“What did you ever do to deserve such a good-looking toy?” Kagura asked.
“It’s called charm.” Kikyo wickedly whispered and they all laughed. Kikyo and Inuyasha’s families are friends and she was at first exasperated to be the subject of the amorous pursuit of a hanyou three years younger than her. She has her eye on his older brother, Sesshoumaru, but since Sesshoumaru left for college the year before, she has claimed the younger Hirohito as hers – to play with.
“Thank you, Inuyasha.” Kikyo smiled sweetly and hid her smirk when the young boy blushed. I have you wrapped around my dainty, little fingers. She thought as she intentionally brushed her hand against his making him blush more.
“Enjoying the attention…” Kagura whispered and Kikyo turned to watch in annoyance as boys flock around the transfer student.
“You may leave.” She coldly told the hanyou, her face frowning as she saw Kagome stood up and ran frantically out of the cafeteria.
“Oh, she’s playing coy.” Kagura sneered as they watched the same boys follow the girl in her escape.
“I’m home!” Inuyasha called as he opened their door.
“Welcome home, son.” Inuyasha smiled as he walked towards his mother to hug her.
“How was school?” Mr. Hirohito asked as he watched his youngest son approached.
“Same old.” Inuyasha replied as he sat on one of the sofas in front of his father.
“Met any girls?”
“Come on, can’t a mother ask her son if he’s interested in someone?” Mrs. Hirohito teased as she watched Inuyasha turn pink.
“Well…” Mr. Hirohito prodded.
“No one interesting,” Inuyasha replied.
“Don’t tell me you spent you day watching Kikyo.” Mr. Hirohito asked, slightly frowning. They have known Inuyasha’s infatuation with the older girl and they watched tight-lipped as Kikyo flirted with Inuyasha whenever Sesshoumaru is not around.
“I did not!” Inuyasha replied.
“What did you do then?”
“Well there’s someone….” Inuyasha started thinking of Kagome as a means of escape from his parents’ annoying nosiness.
“Really…go on…” Mrs. Hirohito encouraged happily.
“She’s new. Her name’s Kagome Higurashi and she have untamed Miko powers. She blasted Kouga across the cafeteria today when he made a move on her.” Inuyasha said smiling at the memory.
“Is she pretty?” Mr. Hirohito asked.
“She’s okay.”
“Okay like…”
“She smells nice…”
“Hmm..interesting.” Mr. Hirohito murmured as he watched Inuyasha’s reaction closely. For years, they have tried pushing their son to get interested in another girl seeing that the one he’s interested in is interested with their eldest son. But Inuyasha had remained stubborn and steadfast in his pursuit of Kikyo. And now, this Higurashi girl might just be the answer.
“Mama, Souta, Ji-chan! I’m home!” Kagome opened their door. Souta came home before her since he only has till 12:00 Nn for classes whereas Kagome has classes until four in the afternoon.
“Welcome home!” Mrs. Higurashi beamed as she embraced her daughter.
“How was your first day of school?” Kagome smiled as she walked towards her grandfather to kiss his cheek.
“Okay, I guess. I made friends.” Kagome replied intentionally leaving out that she blasted a schoolmate.
“Met any interesting boys?”
“A lot since my school is full of hanyou and youkai.” Kagome retorted as she hopped on the kitchen table and grabbed an apple from the pantry.
“Not that kind of interesting…” Mrs. Higurashi laughed as she looked at her daughter.
“Well, my seatmate is a hanyou and he has the cutest ears I’ve ever seen but he never talks.” Kagome answered munching on her apple.
“Is he good-looking?”
“He has cute ears, that’s all.” Kagome replied and blushed.
“What the hell is wrong with these people?!” Kagome thought frantically as she hastily stuffed her books inside her locker. It has been two weeks since school started and she was at first fascinated with the attention that boys especially gave her but that fascination turned to annoyance and then vexation as the days passed. Training sessions to control her Miko powers had gone well and she has stopped blasting people off unintentionally ever since. She has also adjusted to her new environment, being more easy-going with the help of her new friends Sango and Miroku.
“They sense your power, that’s why they want you for themselves. Youkai and Hanyou like powerful mates to compliment their blood-line and although you’re a mere human, they can sense your strong aura. ” Sango explained when Kagome asked her about the sudden influx of suitors after she blasted Kouga across the cafeteria. She blanched when she heard her friend’s explanation remembering their talk about blood markings and youkai courtship on the bus.
“My woman!” Kouga announced as he neared Kagome.
“Don’t start.” Kagome rolled her eyes.
“What had you so worked up, love? Missed me?” Kouga grinned as he took Kagome’s bag.
“Look Kouga, I really am tired. I think I flunked our first chemistry quiz so do both of us a favor and leave me alone.” Kagome said as she took her bag from Kouga’s hand.
“I’ll walk you home.” Kouga persisted.
“I’m taking the bus.” Kagome replied feeling sorry that Souta goes home earlier than her so she has to take the bus alone.
“I’ll walk you to the bus stop then.”
“I’m fine, I can find the bus stop on my own.” Kagome hissed. Is being dense an innate youkai characteristic? She thought as she tugged her bag free from Kouga’s grasp.
“Look Kagome, you will be my ma -“
“Inuyasha!” Kagome happily called her seatmate and Inuyasha turned and quirked a brow at her. Inuyasha is one of the few members of the opposite sex who did not join the Kagome-hunting frenzy.
“Remember the book I asked to borrow from you to help me with Chemistry? Good, I’m borrowing it now.” Kagome blabbed as she desperately pleaded silently with Inuyasha to rescue her from Kouga.
“Whatever.” Inuyasha replied but waited for Kagome who took advantage of Kouga’s confusion and ran towards Inuyasha with relief.
“I’m sorry for that, arrghhh, that idiot annoys the living daylights out of me.” Kagome complained unconsciously taking Inuyasha’s hand. Despite himself, Inuyasha smiled.
“Eekkk, sorry.” Kagome shrieked and let Inuyasha’s hand go when she noticed she was holding it.
“Ummm, thanks.” Kagome murmured after she made sure that Kouga was not following her and made a dash towards the school gates. Inuyasha looked at his hand which Kagome held and he flexed his claws to stop them from tingling. What the – ? He thought as he watched Kagome ran.
“Oh, come on!” Kagome uttered irritatingly as she tried to gather her books. She had tripped while she hurried towards her classroom, and now books and papers are scattered around her.
“Watch it!” She shouted in warning as she watched a pair of black school shoes trod on her model of covalent and dipole-dipole bond – a project that was due that day.
“Oopppsss….” Kikyo giggled as she felt the clay model squash beneath her feet.
“Oh, I’m so dead!” Kagome groaned.
“Hey, freshie! watch where you’re going if you don’t want more than your project to get trodded on.” Kikyo said haughtily as Sango rushed towards her friend’s side picking up her books with her. A few students stopped as they looked at the cheerleader and the transferee.
“You could at least say sorry…” Sango retorted as she looked at the older girl with hatred.
“And who are you?” Kikyo replied.
“I’m her friend.”
“Oh, another loser.” Kikyo laughed.
“Take that back.” Kagome quietly said.
“What did you say?” Kikyo raised her brow at the `kids.’
“I said take your insult back!” Kagome stood up and her aura flared bright pink. Kikyo gaped at the younger girl as she felt Kagome’s aura pushed hers.
“Higurashi!” Kaede called and Kagome’s aura retreated. “Office, now!”
“Great!” Kagome murmured as she quietly followed the principal.
“I didn’t mean to.” Kagome bowed her head and apologized.
“You didn’t mean to what?” Kaede asked puzzled.
“I didn’t mean to lose control again.” Kagome said as she intently kept her gaze fixed on her lap. Kaede sighed.
“We’re doing okay, you’re powers are emotion-driven so try to be careful.” Kaede smiled as relief flooded Kagome’s features.
“However, I was informed that you need some catching up in Chemistry so I’m going to pair you off with a study buddy.”
“Thank you. I actually thought of finding a tutor. Chemical formulas are just beyond me.” Kagome smiled genuinely.
“Then it’s all arranged then.” Kaede returned the young girl’s smile.
“When do we start studying?” Kagome asked.
“Today, he’ll meet you after class.”
“Great! Thank you again, Madame.” Kagome stood up and bowed.
“It’s okay, study well.” Kaede watched the young Miko leave and she dialed the Hirohito’s number.
“It’s been done, Inutaisho but I’m telling you I hate playing with the kids’ hearts.”
“You’re getting dramatic, Kaede. What Inuyasha needs is a distraction from Kikyo, we’re just giving it to him.”
“In form of Kagome? That girl is innocent and pure.”
“And so is my son. Are you saying he does not deserve a miko?”
“No, I’m not saying he does not but…”
“Relax, Kaede. Everything is taken cared of.”
“I hope you’re right.” Kaede sighed as she heard the other line clicked.
“Oh, I hate her guts!” Kikyo said as she watched Kagome’s admirers flanked around her. Kikyo does not know why the sight of the girl makes her blood boil. It’s almost funny how she felt `threatened’ by the younger Miko. But she felt it and it does not matter if the hatred is illogical or not.
“Yeah, she took over your -“ Kagura stopped when she saw Kikyo stare angrily at her.
“Took over my what?” Kikyo asked, her beautiful face frowning.
“Nothing.” Kagura replied as they watch Inuyasha walk towards Kagome’s table.
“Hey…!” Kikyo looked in disgust as she watched Inuyasha bend down whispering something in the younger girl’s ear.
“I guess he’s susceptible to her charms too, huh?” Kagura taunted loving the jealousy and anger in Kikyo’s eyes.
“Inuyasha!” Kikyo yelled and Inuyasha turned when he heard her voice.
“What?” Inuyasha replied.
“Come here, I need you.” Kikyo softened her voice and smiled at the young boy.
“Oh…” Inuyasha replied and Kagome, Sango and Miroku smirked when he blushed.
“So much for youkai instinct…” Kagome whispered in Sango’s ear.
“I thought their hearing and eyesight’s supposedly better than ours.” Sango whispered back.
“It’s called blind obedience.” Miroku butted in hearing the girls.
“I heard that!” Inuyasha looked at the trio in annoyance.
“So?” Kagome asked.
“Here puppy, puppy….” Miroku cooed at Sango and the three friends laugh.
“No chemistry tutorial for you.” Inuyasha replied looking at Kagome, his new study buddy.
“What?!” Kagome replied panicking as she stood up.
“Here, kitty, kitty….” Inuyasha taunted and laughed when Kagome threw him an energy ball.
“Higurashi! Detention!” Their Literature teacher Ms. Rumiko yelled as she helped a laughing Inuyasha to his feet.
“Temper, temper, Higurashi.” Inuyasha leered.
“And you too, Hirohito, detention!” Ms. Rumiko informed the leering hanyou.
“What, what did I do wrong?” Inuyasha asked.
“For provoking an attack.” Their teacher answered and Inuyasha cursed.
“What was that?” Ms. Rumiko asked.
“Nothing, Ma’am.” Inuyasha replied as he gathered his bag.
“Oh, my puppy is upset….” Kagome whispered knowing Inuyasha could hear her.
“Brainless, mindless, silver-haired twit!” Kagome yelled stomping her foot as Sango and Miroku looked on enjoying the fight.
“Hey, one adjective at a time…” Inuyasha joked as he smiled seeing the spite in Kagome’s face.
“Don’t ever talk to me again you dumb ass!” Kagome retorted hotly as she poked Inuyasha repeatedly on the chest with her finger.
“Aw, she loves me.” Inuyasha taunted as he tweaked Kagome’s nose and jumped up to avoid another energy ball.
“Higurashi, Hirohito! Detention! NOW!”
Arrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Kagome screamed in her mind.
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