Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Taken ( Chapter 3 )

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Kurama’s eyes went wide as the girl in front of him began shaking violently, the marks on her body began to glow a dark red color. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as wave after wave of pain coursed through her still weak body. `Damn…‘ she silently cursed her life.
He was nearby, very near. Come to me my pet, the time has come it was Hideyoshi’s voice. She felt her body move from the couch and begin walking towards the front door, the pain from her marks were like fire on her skin but it was as if she were a spectator to her own body’s actions.
She barely registered the voices behind her but still she couldn’t stop moving, it was like she was a puppet whose master had just pulled on her strings. She inwardly cringed at the thought of being anyone’s puppet.
So she did the only thing she could; she fought like hell. Her spiritual energy spiked slightly as she attempted to spread it throughout her body as to damage it beyond walking ability. At least that was the plan, Don’t even think about it love, you will come to me and grant me the power I desire! It is your destiny!
At that the pain from her marks skyrocketed and she completely blanked out, the last thing she saw was Kurama standing in front of her. `Help…me’
Kurama knew the girl standing before him was not the person he was eating with a few moments ago. Her icy blue eyes once full of fight now were empty lifeless shells and all over her body bright crimson marks glowed, even through her clothes.
He stepped forward his hand outstretched, a wind knocking it away. Blood trickled down his hand and landed silently in the space between them. “I knew it! She was just playing us!” Yusuke said lunging towards her and crashing on the floor as she disappeared.
“What the?” he said getting up from the floor; Kurama was shocked, since when could she teleport? Screams were heard from the street below, they all ran out the door. The sight before them as they reached the street was like nothing they had seen before.
A man stood in the middle of the street, he wore a perfectly tailored suit and had dazzling platinum silver hair with piercing ruby red eyes. Standing on either side of him was demons, one was another dog like demon and the other was like a formless blob of darkness. And there standing before them was Yuhara.
The blob reached out towards Yuhara, only to be knocked away by a blast of light; Yusuke’s spirit gun. The blob reached for her again only to have her disappear again, Hiei held her in mid air as the blob struck at them. The man laughed, “It’s useless you know. My beast was created just for this type of work.”
“And just who the hell are you supposed to be?” Yusuke yelled, “Mr. Hideyoshi I presume.” Kurama answered narrowing his eyes. The man smiled, “So my doll has been talking about me.” Hiei reappeared behind them; the seemingly lifeless Yuhara on his back.
Kurama was never one to get angry so easily but as he looked at her the curse marks flaring red on her body he felt himself losing his control.
“What the hell do you want with her?” Yusuke asked, “Why to gain the power of a Guardian of course.” he clenched his fists his patience wearing thin. “No, it can’t be…they can’t be trying that.” Koenma said
“What are you talking about?! What’s going on?” “ Is the Black Black club attempting ascension?” Hideyoshi smiled “Ah, you must be Prince Koenma. Why yes, we are. And we can’t do it without her.” Kurama narrowed his eyes, “Why? What does she have to do with all of this?” unless. His eyes widened at the sudden realization, “She’s a descendent of that Guardian isn’t she.” it was more a statement than a question.
“Yes, and she alone holds the power we need to complete this ritual. So now if you’ll kindly hand over my property I will be on my way.” The blob moved again sticking out one of its pitch black tentacles towards them. Yusuke just laughed then glared at Hideyoshi. “Why the hell would we want to help the Black Black club? What do you guys think?” he motioned towards the people behind him.
“I see no reason.” Kurama “Please this bunch of sissy’s don’t need anything but professional help.” Kuwabara “Nope.” Koenma, Hiei unsheathed his sword as a response. Yusuke smiled, “well it looks like it’s unanimous. We’re outta here guys.”
Hideyoshi laughed again almost hysterically, “You think I’m just going to let you leave with my merchandise? Hara come here my doll.”
The once lifeless Yuhara came to life and kicked herself off Hiei’s back; she stood on his back and slowly walked forward like a puppet on strings. Koenma and Kuwabara stopped her by stepping in her path; she looked up at them with empty eyes. A cold chill ran through them, Help… me… Those words ran through each of their minds.
Kuwabara shivered, “W-What the hell was t-that?” “She’s speaking to us through a psychic link, incredible.” The blob took its chance and struck out towards them, knocking Kuwabara and Koenma to the ground and finally taking hold on Yuhara and dragging her towards itself. Kurama used his rose whip to cut the arm only to have another arm come straight at him, cutting off his attack.
Hideyoshi smiled again, “I believe our business together is through.” he turned and walked towards his waiting limo the dog demon falling behind him, their attention was not focused on him however as the blob slowly began sinking into the ground like a black hole, “Hurry! It’s shifting dimensions!” yelled Koenma.
After feeling his presence dissipate Yuhara regained control of her body, she struggled and kicked against the beast that was pulling her into the dark pit it had created. She screamed as the darkness touched her legs, finally she was able to pull her hand free intending to use what little spirit energy she had left to blow the beast away.
She gasped as someone grabbed hold of her free hand and pulled, looking up she saw it was Kurama and all the rest of the people she was just talking too in a chain, one holding on to the back of another. What I wouldn’t give to go back… “Yuhara, don’t let go!” She felt herself begin to hyperventilate as the darkness reached her waist. They can’t save me… But maybe they can stop Hideyoshi!
“Kurama listen! The ritual requires both halves of the power! The ritual can’t be completed without both,” the darkness touched her neck “Please! Stop them!” she cried as her head slipped beneath the darkness swallowing her last breath.
“Yuhara! We’ll save you! We will!” Kurama cried as her hand slipped into the fading black pool. They crashed on to the now empty street; Kurama clenched his fists into white balls and cursed under his breath. Yusuke punched the ground, “Damn!” “Yusuke calm down.” Koenma said calmly.
Yusuke stood up and grabbed him by the collar, “How the hell can I calm down?! Those madmen are gonna kill her and we couldn’t do anything about it! So don’t tell me to calm down!” “ We’ll get her back Yusuke, we have no choice now. The Black Black Club is involved which makes this a spirit world incident.” Yusuke calmed a little and put him back on the ground, “just how we are supposed to find them exactly, I don’t suppose there is a sign pointing the way anywhere around here.”
Hiei spoke up, “There is one way… but it will require some doing.” “What do you mean Hiei?” asked Kurama Koenma’s eyes went wide as realization hit. “Hiei you can’t mean to use that can you?!” Hiei did a rare thing; he smiled wickedly, “of course I mean to use that.” Yusuke growled, “What the hell are you guys talking about?!”
“We’re talking about the Jewel of Souls.” replied Hiei still wearing that wicked smile.
The Guardian's tale