My Guiding Light – Guiding Light ( One-Shot )

Genre(s): Romance | Type: Poetry | Visits: 53
Latest Revision: 27 avril 2022
Summary: My Guiding Light Is my love not good enough for you Even though I know you love me too Or do you think that you’re not good enough for me For you have unlocked me because you are the key My love is as sharp as a tack Piercing in a crack Splitting it, creating […]

R.I.P. no more – R.I.P. no more ( Chapter 1 )

Genre(s): Angst / Horror / Romance | Type: Poetry | Visits: 32
Latest Revision: 26 avril 2022
Summary: R.I.P. no more by Kuronohime Reading instruction: 1st verse: Spike 2nd verse: Buffy 3rd verse: Spike 4th verse: Both 5th verse: Buffy 6th verse: Spike *** The trace of fertility, The luscious line of life. It rolls off my tongue, As I sink myself into your rush. The chains are broken, My cage is shattered. See […]

Show No Cowardice – Sentience ( Chapter 1 )

Genre(s): Adventure | Type: Poetry | Visits: 22
Latest Revision: 22 avril 2022
Summary: A poem for the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, through a poem on how Alice reclaims her identity, the true Alice behind a young girl in the Victorian Era. I own nothing. You have two choices now: Either march with your head held high into battle. Donned with silver armor, your strength boundless. […]

A sad dream – Walking through an empty hall ( Chapter 1 )

Genre(s): Mystery | Type: Poetry | Visits: 23
Latest Revision: 20 avril 2022
Summary: Walking down an empty hall, we see a door. As we open the door, we see an octagon shaped room. It is an empty aquarium room. There is one man sitting at his desk in the center of the room. We notice a snake slithering around. She picks it up and claims « I know how […]

Aura ( Chapter 1 )

Genre(s): Children's | Type: Poetry | Visits: 29
Latest Revision: 17 avril 2022
Summary: AURA She spins and twirls, Around, Around. She looks so innocent, Holding her bear. But she shall die, If your quest shall fail.