❯ Switched – You did This to Me? ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5- You Did This to Me?

The plane ride to Russia felt like hell to Masquerade. Julie wouldn’t shut up, Dan kept talking about him, and Runo kept trying to get Masquerade to `open up’. The only people who didn’t get on his nerves were Shun and Marucho, but it was only because thay never talked to him.

`Thank God,’ thought Masquerade as the plane finally landed.

“Alright!” yelled Dan as he got off, “Where exactly in Russia did Masquerade battle, Marucho?”

“According to the computer, he battled at a park near here,” answered Marucho.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” said Runo.

They all headed toward the park, and found that it was massive.

“Uh, is it supposed to be that big?” asked Dan with a sweat drop.

“Yes, Dan,” said Marucho.

“Well,” said Shun, “Since it’s so big, I say we split up to have better luck at finding Masquerade.”

“Sounds like a plan!” screamed Dan as he raced off in a random direction.

Everyone sweat dropped. Runo sighed.

“Well, since Dan’s going that way, I’ll go this way,” she said, pointing in the opposite direction, “If any of you happen to run into him, tell him to meet us back here when he’s done.”

With that, she walked away. The others followed the suit, and Masquerade purposely chose to go in the direction of where his battle was.

`Hey, isn’t that the kid I battled?’ he wondered as he walked toward said kid.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Masquerade,” said the boy, smirking evilly, “I knew you were using a girl’s body and all, but I never knew that you’d be so pretty!”

“So, I assume you trapped me in this body,” said Masquerade.

“You got that right!” exclaimed the boy proudly, “After you sent Pyrenoid to the Doom Dimension, I swore that I would get revenge, and I did.”

“Clever,” muttered Masquerade, “But how’d you do it?”

“I’m a pro at making inventions, so I made one to make you stuck in that body forever,” the boy said proudly, “And, I’ll only change you back if you bring my Bakugan back from the Doom Dimension.”

Masquerade cursed inwardly. He didn’t know how to bring Bakugan back. He never had to.

“Fine,” said Masquerade, trying to think of a way to fulfill the boy’s wishes, “But I’ll need some time.”

“You have a week,” said the boy, “Don’t waste it.”

With that said, the boy walked away. Once he was gone, Masquerade sat down and tried to think of a plan.

`I could just force him to change me back, but that might not work,’ he thought, `I have to find someone who can bring Bakugan back from the Doom Dimension, but who?’

A few minutes later, he stood up with an idea.

`That boy what was his name? Oh Klaus! He can bring that kid’s Bakugan back,’ Masquerade thought, `After all, he brought Marucho’s Preyas back.’

Then, he frowned.

`How am I going to convince him to bring them back, and more importantly, how am I going to make the brawlers go visit him?’ he wondered.

Once again, he sat down to think of a solution to his problems.

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