❯ Switched – The Switch ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1- The Switch

“Heh,” said Masquerade as he walked toward the house that the brawlers currently occupied.

He had just finished a battle with another arrogant boy who thought he could defeat a brawler as good as Masquerade.

He smirked evilly at the memory of the boy’s cries.

: Flashback:

“No! Pyrenoid, come back!” screamed a young boy as he watched his beloved Bakugan get sucked into the dark abyss that was the doom dimension.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he glared at Masquerade

“You’ll pay for this!” shouted the child..

“Face it, kid. You were way out of your league,” said Masquerade as he teleported away.

: End Flashback:

`Now all I have to do is transform into Alice, and I’m home free’ he thought as he gripped his mask.

He climbed through the window leading to Alice’s room.

Fwoosh! A bright light engulfed Masquerade’s body and vanished soon afterwards. There in Masquerade’s place now stood Alice.

“What the heck!” screamed Alice in an unusually male voice.

It was not Alice standing there. It was Masquerade who was now, for some reason, trapped in Alice’s body.

“Alice! Were back from shopping!” yelled Runo as she and the others stepped into the house.
“Shit,” swore Masquerade, “What am I going to do now!”

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Switched – Being Alice