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Chapter 4- The Mall and A Quest

Runo was worried about Alice. Usually, she’d hang out with Runo all day, but now she just locked herself in her room and wasn’t speaking to anybody.

`She must be feeling down because of her family problems,’ thought Runo as she sat quietly on the couch, `I have to cheer her up somehow, but how?’

Then, Runo had an idea.

Meanwhile, Masquerade was still trying to figure out how to change back.

`Maybe if I put the mask back on, I’ll be in my own body again,’ thought Masquerade as he reached for his mask.

Slowly, he slid the mask over his eyes and waited. Nothing happened. He didn’t feel anything that indicated that he was back in his own body.

Panic ran across his face as he looked in the mirror only to find Alice’s face, covered by his blue mask, staring back at him.

`Darn it!’ he thought as he angrily took the mask off and shoved it in his pocket, `I thought for sure that would work!’

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound on the door. Hastily, Masquerade unlocked the door, put on his best innocent face, and opened it.

“Hey Alice!” chirped Runo and Julie, each dressed as if they were going somewhere.

“We know that you’ve been feeling down lately, so…we’re taking you shopping!” exclaimed Runo brightly.

“S-Shopping,” said Masquerade, paling slightly.

There was no way he was going shopping with those two.

“Yep!” said Julie, “Shopping makes everything better!”

Nervously, Masquerade tried to think of a good excuse not to go.

“What about the guys?” he asked weakly.
“Shun’s teaching Kumba, Marucho’s busy cooking with Preyas, and Dan’s looking for information on Masquerade again,” replied Runo.

Masquerade inwardly sighed. There was no way to get out of this.

“Alright,” he said, defeated.

“Great!” yelled Julie, “To the mall!”

Minutes later…

Masquerade and the girls walked through the crowds of people, trying to find the best store.

“Let’s go to Macy’s!” said Julie, “There’s a cute top there that I so want to get!”

“Fine, but then I get to pick where we go next,” said Runo.

Masquerade simply ignored them and thought of all of the ways he could escape.

`Hmm…I could sneak off while they’re not looking, then steal a car and drive away,’ he thought while following the two.

Minutes later, Masquerade was in agony. Runo and Julie were practically buying the whole store! They had twenty shopping bags, each filled to the top with clothes, jewelry, and all kinds of make-up that he was sure the two didn’t need.

But what really was irritating him was how every five seconds Julie was trying to make him put on outfits that were either way too small or way too pink.

`Just kill me now,’ he thought miserably as Julie once again tried to pull a skintight shirt over his head.

“Alice! Just put it on!” whined Julie in her annoyingly perky voice.

“Yeah, Alice. It would look so cute on you!” squealed Runo as she came out of the dressing room with four more outfits.

“N-No thank you,” said Masquerade, hoping that they would drop it.

Julie pouted, “Fine.”

These events continued for quite some time until they finally went home.

“I hate shopping,” Masquerade muttered under his breath as he carried a ton of shopping bags into the house.
Luckily, no one heard him, as they were too busy watching Dan who, for some reason, was yelling angrily.

Runo, Julie, and Masquerade each deposited the bags into their rooms and went to see what the heck Dan was doing.

“Dan!” screamed Runo, “What the heck are you going on about?”

“It’s Masquerade!” he replied.

That got Masquerade interested.

“What about him?” he questioned, feigning curiosity.

“Apparently, he stopped brawling a few days ago,” said Shun.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” asked Julie looking very confused.

“Not exactly,” answered Marucho, “It could mean that he’s up to something.”

“Yeah, and whatever it is, I’m going to stop it!” yelled Dan as he stood up and walked to Marucho’s helicopter.

“Dan, wait!” called Runo, “We don’t even know where he is!”

Marucho started typing something on his laptop.

“Actually, according to the records, Masquerade was last seen battling a boy in Russia,” said Marucho.

“I say we go after him!” yelled Preyas while jumping up and down.

“Alright let’s go!” yelled Dan, and with that, they all got into the helicopter.

`Going back might help me find out why I’m stuck like this,’ thought Masquerade, `I just hope I can survive living with these freaks until then.’

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