❯ Switched – Are they really that supid? ( Chapter 3 )

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Sup! Some people are a bit confused, so just to clear up confusion, Masquerade is in Alice’s body, and the brawlers don’t know. So, they’re going to refer to Masquerade as Alice, she, or her.
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Chapter 3- Are They Really That Stupid?

Masquerade stood awkwardly at the entrance to the huge dining room where the brawlers continued on with their lives, completely unaware of the situation at hand.

“Hey Alice!” screamed Dan as he walked over to Masquerade, “About time you showed up!”

Runo whacked him on the head.

“Don’t be rude Dan!” she angrily yelled at him, “She’s only late by a few minutes!”

“I can’t help it! I’m really hungry, and Alice was holding up lunch,” whined Dan, drooling over the delicious meal in front of him.

“Stop thinking about your stomach for once, and sit down!” said Runo in a `If-You-Don’t-Shut-Up-You’ll-Be-Maimed’ tone of voice.

Dan who was to dense to notice opened his mouth to retort until Runo shot him a glare that could freeze hell. Grudgingly, he sat down.

`Do they fight like that all of the time?’ thought Masquerade with a huge sweat drop.

He saw them during a battle, but they were much more polite to each other then. Masquerade looked around. There was a short blond kid with glasses, Marucho, talking to his Aquas Preyas in an intellectual tone.

`He’s too smart and might notice something if I’m too close,’ Masquerade thought.

He moved on to the weird silver haired girl wearing way too much pink, Julie, who was going on and on about her new clothes and how cool Dan is.

`She’s and airhead, and I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to all of those things she’s saying for long,’ Masquerade thought, looking at Julie as if she were a measly insect.

He skipped past Dan knowing that Dan would just be an annoying pain during the whole lunch.

Masquerade briefly inspected the black haired boy, Shun, before deciding that it would be best to sit next to the Runo on the left who seemed like she would be the least troublesome.

He sat down and started to eat his sandwich quietly, hoping to avoid a conversation with the others.

The lunch went on with Dan, as predicted, going on and on about how to defeat Masquerade, Julie blabbing about anything that comes to mind, Marucho adding a few smart comments in here and there, Shun ignoring the others, Runo arguing with Dan, and Masquerade avoiding them all.

Unfortunately for Masquerade, that wouldn’t continue for long.

“Hey, Alice, are you feeling alright? You haven’t said a word the entire time we were her,” questioned a worried Runo.

`Showtime,’ thought Masquerade, preparing to act like Alice as much as possible.

“Yes, Runo, I’m feeling just fine. I just have a lot on my mind,” said Masquerade in his girly voice.

“Like what?” asked Dan obnoxiously loud.

“Dan! She doesn’t have to tell us if she doesn’t want to!” shouted Runo, not wanting to press the subject.

“It’s okay, really. It’s just a few… family issues, nothing to worry about,” said Masquerade.

“Oh okay,” said Runo who secretly was hoping that Masquerade would open up more.

There was an awkward pause as Shun, Dan, Julie, and Marucho excused themselves.

`Guess I better leave,’ thought Masquerade as he slowly got up and brought his dishes over to Runo who was hastily washing the others’ dishes.

Masquerade walked away, intent on spending a few minutes without the brawlers in Alice’s room.

“Alice,” Runo called over her shoulder as Masquerade was heading up the stairs, “Remember, you can always talk to me about those family issues of your. Oh, and sorry about Dan. He’s an idiot.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Runo,” called Masquerade.

He ran up the stairs and slipped into Alice’s room, locking the door behind him.

“Phew,” he sighed, “At least that’s over.”

Masquerade sat down on Alice’s bed.

`Well, I think I’ll be able to fool them for a while, at least until I figure out how to change back,’ he thought, `But, this experience has made me wonder something.’

He lied down and looked at the clouds in wonder.

`Are they really that stupid?’ he thought.

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