Fake Fan Fiction ❯ Strangers In A Strange Land ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Strangers In A Strange Land
Date Written: 6/19/08
Rating: PG (for language, and because of Jack)
Word Count: 2610
Fandom: FAKE/Torchwood
Characters/Pairings: Dee/Ryo, Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Toshiko, Owen
Spoilers: FAKE – all through to volume 7, possible up to “Something Borrowed”
Warnings: None yet, except this is FAKE, so there’s two gorgeous man couples.
Author Notes: Just a huge, “Hope you like”. First time having all the Torchwood characters in one scene, so I hope I did them justice.
Dee sighed heavily, standing up. His hand rested on Ryo’s shoulder.
“Dee?” Ryo asked, studying his husband. “Are you okay?” Dee had the knack of letting his imagination go wild when faced with things that go bump in the night.
Dee shook his head slightly. “She said we’re manga characters,” he muttered, as if trying to make sense of it. “We’re one of those books your cousins in Japan read and giggle about.”
Ryo rested his hand on Dee’s, patting it. “We’ll be okay.” He watched as Dee’s eyes went from Jack, to Gwen, to Owen. Going into the rational detective mode, Ryo tried to reason out for both Dee and himself, “Well, if Torchwood can be real and a TV show, I guess it makes sense that we can be real and a manga.”
Dee reached up to pinch himself and yelped.
Jack raised an eyebrow. “Now that’s really kinky.”
Looking over to Jack, Dee remarked, “Wha? Who? Oh! Nevermind the Who, `cause I know where that will go.”
Ryo could not help snicker as Dee’s reference to the Doctor.
“I think it’ll be a good idea if we all go into the conference room while we wait for Toshiko’s return, and we can start to make better sense of this,” Jack suggested. Blue eyes settled on the two strangers. “I know you must be getting tired of this already, but follow me.”
Ryo shrugged and stood up. Placing an arm around Dee’s waist, the two misplaced detectives followed the Captain up to the conference room with Owen and Gwen following them. Gwen paused briefly to grab the box of donuts that Ianto had gotten them for breakfast.
Inside the conference room, everyone settled down. Shortly after, Ianto arrived, handing out coffee, first to the members of Torchwood, except Owen, before seting mugs of black coffee before Ryo and Dee, along with a sugar and cream server.
“I’m afraid I don’t know how you like your coffee,” Ianto said, in the way of an apology.
Dee grinned cryptically as he put four sugar cubes into his coffee, and filled it almost to overflowing with milk.
Ryo shook his head, amused, knowing without looking that while Ianto was already sitting and appearing to be drinking his own coffee, that Dee’s actions were being committed to memory.
Dee drink off some of the liquid and made a face.
Ryo had to keep from laughing aloud as he glanced up in time to notice Ianto frown. Ryo grabbed the sugar server before Dee could get it again, and put two cubes in his coffee, then set it next to Dee. Ryo poured a little milk in his coffee, watching as Dee dropped more sugar into his. Stirring his own coffee, Ryo looked over to Ianto. “He likes a little coffee and milk with his sugar,” he quipped, then had a sip from the mug he picked up. His eyes widened. “Oh God, I think I’m spoiled for life now.”
Dee glanced over to Ianto. “Oh! I’m sorry. I just kinda have a sweet tooth, and that includes my coffee. Otherwise, it’s awesome.”
Jack burst out in laughter, having been watching the exchange between the three men.
Ianto dipped his head forward a bit. “I’ve been told I make the best.”
“Definitely,” Ryo agreed.
Gwen moved the box of donuts over to their guests. “Have a donut?” she asked, smiling at them. Owen would have been inclined to say they’ve been fooled before, but there was something charming about the two men, and she felt no threat from them. They gave her the sense that the strangers were more out of sorts about things than Torchwood was.
Owen snorted in amusement. “Once again feeding into expectations, I see.”
Dee and Ryo looked from the donuts to share a look. Dee looked over to Owen. “If you know nothing about us, then how do you know we’re cops?”
“You are?” Jack asked.
Dee nodded. “Yeah.” He looked at Owen. “Oh crap, I thought you were talking about us. I forgot that we have ex-PC Cooper over there.” He saluted with the donut he picked up and took a bite.
Ryo looked from Dee to Gwen nervously. “Thank you. And don’t mind him. He does look silly with sugar in his hair, doesn’t he?”
Owen dropped his head and snorted.
“Looks delicious,” Jack remarked, and winked at Dee, who was brushing off his hair with his fingers. “So cops?”
“Detectives, actually,” Ryo replied. “For NYPD.”
Ianto was watching Dee shove the donut in his mouth for another big bite. “Ah yes. It does explain the elevated standard of manners.”
Ryo smiled at his husband. “Dee, baby, I think that was an insult.”
“Yeah, huh?” Dee asked, nodding. He swallowed his food and placed the remains of the donut on a napkin that Ianto slid over.
“Gee,” Ryo said, raising his voice a little, his dark eyes sparkling devilishly. “I feel almost honored.”
Dee smirked. “Of course,” he replied to Ryo, sarcasm clearly evident in his voice, “we’ve never seen Jack stuff his face, talk and lick his fingers at the same time.” He glanced over at the surprised looking Captain and winked, “That takes remarkable skill.” To Ryo, he continued, “You ask me, I think the tea boy has a thing for that sorta stuff.”
Jack choked on his coffee, quickly putting his mug down. Ianto looked down, embarrassed.
“Oi! They definitely have your number,” he crowed, laughing. “Tea boy.”
Gwen was giggling, thankful for some of the tension seeming to leave the room.
When Ianto lifted his head, Ryo gave him an apologetic smile. “Don’t mind him. He’s got a big mouth. I’m used to it. God help me, that’s one of the things I love about him, but I know it’s unsettling to others. Even our co-workers.”
“That’s fine. I’m quite used to mouth opening before thinking.” He stole a quick glance toward Jack.
“And I hear you complaining?” Jack grumbled, good naturedly.
“The nice part is that it gives me the good reputation,” Ryo said, winking at Ianto.
“Absolutely,” Ianto agreed.
Dee got up, grabbing two donuts, and plopped down in the empty chair next to Jack. “I think we’re being insulted, Captain,” he said, handing Jack a donut.
“Yeah, we should make them pay for that. Don’t you agree, Detective Laytner-MacLean?” He shoved the whole donut in his mouth.
Ianto ignored him, still talking to Ryo. Ryo was doing the same as the dark haired detective licked the sugar of the donut he held.
“Children,” Gwen giggled. “This could be bad,” she said to Owen.
Owen rolled his eyes.
“I know we’re waiting for Toshiko to return with information on you, but how about telling us a little about what it’s like being detectives in a city like New York?” Jack asked.
Dee started to tell stories of some of their weirder cases, with Ryo cutting in to add a fact or two that Dee omitted. Which in turned led to Jack telling more of his outrageous stories, with Ianto cutting in to correct Jack on any concerning Torchwood while he was there.
When Toshiko returned, that’s how she found everyone in the conference room. Jack and Dee were mostly holding their audience with their stories, helpfully added to by Ianto and Ryo.
“I’m back!” she exclaimed, holding up two shopping bags. “It’s a good thing they were stocked with more than one copy of each volume.” She placed the bags on the table and started to take out books, putting them in stacks. She moved one stack toward Jack, another over to Ryo and Dee, and another to Gwen and Owen. She sat down at in the empty chair next to Jack that Dee had vacated while they traded off stories awaiting her return, the last stack of books before her.
Jack was already flipping through the first volume, with Ianto looking over his shoulder.
Tosh smiled at Dee and Ryo, who stared at the books before them, looking as if they were afraid to touch them. “So you had a bad time at it in England. Is that correct?”
Dee nodded vigorously. “Ryo almost getting killed by some crazy hotel owner. Then ghosts. Me and our son saw the ghost of the hotel owner’s daughter. And later helped save Ryo. And this one don’t wanna believe me. About the ghosts.”
“There’s no such thing as ghosts,” Ryo automatically remarked.
Dee gave Ryo a strange smile. “Ryo, love, Mr. Realist, we’re sitting in the conference room of Torchwood Three, talking to Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh and Owen. Listening to stories of alien threats. You can still say that?”
Ryo dropped his eyes and looked over at the book. Finally placing a hand on the top of the stack, he said, “And we’re in these books as manga characters. So far, everything we’ve seen here, we saw on the show.”
“Torchwood?” Jack asked.
“A bloody show on the telly,” Owen groaned. “Great.”
“Yeah,” Dee replied. “So what does these books say about us?”
Jack looked over at Toshiko. “Tosh? You’re the expert here. Care to give us a quick rundown at what we’ll find in these books?”
Dee snorted and chuckled a little.
“What?” Owen asked.
“I thought Ianto knew everything,” Dee remarked, casting teasing green eyes in Ianto’s direction.
“Well, I will,” Ianto replied smoothly, picking up the second volume and flipping through it. “Once I’m finished with these books.”
“Nice kiss,” Jack remarked as he got to where Dee first kissed Ryo.
Tosh giggled. “Ryo was a bit of a brat after that first kiss, setting up a barricade of files and pen holders between their desks.”
“Hey now,” Ryo grumbled. “I thought I was straight and he kissed me. Without even asking.”
“But it all worked out, since they’re married now,” Gwen said, looking through a book.
“Yes,” Tosh agreed. “But they just get together by the end of the series. I wasn’t expecting them to be married.” She smiled at the two men. “According to the manga, Randy “Ryo” MacLean came to the 27th Precinct in New York City for his first assignment as a detective.”
“Real detective,” Ryo cut in, skimming through the first volume.
Tosh nodded. “Most fan fiction think you take a test, become a detective instead of a cop. So you’ll have to fill us in on your years on the force before the series. Anyway, he was partnered with Dee Laytner, who apparently had been a detective long enough to be past rookie status. The series is about Dee’s pursuit in getting Ryo as his lover. Pretty much by the middle of the series, it’s obvious that Dee really loves Ryo. We also see Ryo sometimes showing Dee in actions what he could not bring himself to say in words. Until the last volume.”
Jack picked up the 7th volume and flipped through it. “Wow!” he commented. “You could have told us there will be porn involved with this briefing.” With a grin, he studied the artwork of the two detectives having sex. He looked up and winked over at the flesh and blood manifestations of the characters. “Looking good, fellas.”
Ryo turned bright red. Dee’s cheeks seemed lightly flushed as he grabbed the book at the bottom of the pile, knocking over the others. The lighter haired detective put his attention on setting the pile right, while Dee thumbed through the book. “Holy crap, Ryo!” he uttered. “It’s just like….” His words drifted off.
Gwen was looking from the volume she was going through, over to the two men. “Yes, it does look like you.”
“Oh my God,” Ryo mumbled, looking over Dee’s shoulder at the part where the two made love after Ryo told Dee that he loved him. Dee flipped a few pages before that. “It is how it happened.”
Dee nodded.
Trying to remain professional, Toshiko nodded. “Also throughout the series there are cases to be solved, including when the girl the two detectives look after is kidnapped and the boy Ryo took in during their first case is almost killed several times.”
“Once almost with Dee, I see,” Gwen noted, looking at the act where Dee and Bikky were locked in a classroom by a man who planted bombs around Bikky’s school. “Aw, how sweet,” she added, coming to where Ryo finally found Dee, after fearing he’d find him dead. “And it took how many books after this for them to finally be together?”
Dee smiled warmly, taking Ryo’s hand in his. “It felt like hell sometimes, because I wanted Ryo so badly, it would hurt sometimes. But this made it all worth it. Everything. The wait, the fears.” He smiled at Ryo. “Ryo is worth it.”
Jack put the book down. Leaning back in his seat, he clasped his hands together. “So comic book characters come to life,” he mused. “There’s definitely nothing at all about these two coming up other than in the manga?”
Tosh shook her head. “This is it,” she said, indicating the books. “While waiting on the line to purchase the books, I did some more checking on my PDA. There is no 27th Precinct in the NYPD today. There was one in 1920, but I didn’t have time to see when it was closed down. It is a popular fictional precinct, used in such American television shows as NYPD Blue, and Law & Order.” She gave the two handsome detectives a sad smile. “I’m afraid everything that you know as your life is fiction here. Pages in a manga.”
“But it ends here,” Dee said softly, looking at the last page of the 7th volume.
Toshiko shook her head. “No. The mangaka, Sanami Matoh, came out with an illustration book after she finished doing the FAKE series. In the book, she did a short story that took place years later.” Wide dark eyes settled on the men. “Oh. It took place when Bikky was accepted to go to college. Dee asked Ryo to move in with him.”
“But Bikky’s 16,” Ryo argued. “And Dee and I have been living together for four years, as a family, with Bikky as our son. We’ve been married the last two.”
“Seems wherever you came from, you went off and did your own thing,” Jack remarked.
“Anyway, FAKE is once again in publication over in Japan,” Toshiko added. “The new series, called Second Season, is still running over in Japan in Hug magazine.” She glanced over to Jack with a smirk. “It’s a yaoi magazine.”
“A what?” Jack asked.
“Yaoi is otherwise known as the Boys’ Love genre,” she replied. “You know, pretty boys getting together. It’s very popular among women in Japan. And outside Japan.”
Jack’s eyebrows raised in fascination. “Really now?”
“Bikky,” Ryo’s pained cry prevented Jack from saying anymore. Everyone’s attention turned to the light haired detective.
Dee run his fingers softly through Ryo’s hair, looking sad. “I know, Ryo. If what they say is true, then we lost everything, including Bikky.” He rested his head against Ryo’s. “Almost everything,” he amended, fighting to keep tears from reaching his eyes. “We still have each other.”
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