❯ STORM ON HIS SOUL! – Storm on His Soul ( One-Shot )

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Time Line : One day before Hokuto separate Ron’s and Fou’s fighting.

I’m sitting on my BT’s coco-shell, scanning twilight sky. Like usual, Max always beside me. Accompanying me on every stare….Roar on my own soul the answer for a question…why I must life in the world?

For a while I remembered my father and my elder brother’s face. I drew in a breath. Yes…nuclear boom made their body pulverized…without any pieces…. On the same day, with my own eyes, I saw my mother death with burned skin on entire her body. But what is a child nine years old able to do on situation like that? There is no word able to explain how my painful is. Injured caused by radiation also insulted my soul. I dropped down on despair and cry.

Between collapses on my heart, Machine Empire gave his hand to build it again. They safe my life and also give me provision to be…. Kita no Reishou….

Until now, I able to keep stiff by memorized my family’s kindness. I felt they support me to keep stood pass many living storm which always hit me on loneliness.

Afternoon wind blew my hair slowly. Father is genius doctor. That’s why I followed his behaviour. Now, my nick name is Master Doc. Become the best doctor at Kikaikou. Helping people and gave my loyalty to Machine Emperor. I think my subordination is common thing. I must be death if Machine Empire didn’t help me. Is my decision wrong?

Machine Empire wanted to change the world better with his super technology. Stopped war and created new world without suffer and pain…. Machine Empire safe many children who lost their parents because of war. Training them becomes great soldier. Is that for world happiness? But why I feel anxious?

Five years ago, Nishi no Karen gave me Raphael’s cell when she tried to escape from Machine Empire. Raphael, the greatest B’T was created by Machine Empire.

But this creature is very frightened. I put my hand in a pocket to take Raphael’s cell capsule. This green cell keeps pulsing. Whereas, I was try hard to destroy this creature. Burning this cell on temperature that able to make steel melted. Freeze it into temperature that not any creature can live. But this cell keep grow up! Only for 5 years, from one cell, it grows up as big as my hand. I’m shiver.

What kind of creatures Raphael is? Will the world keep peace if horrible creature like this grows up? I shook my head. Try to pursue this bad thinking from my head. NO! No way! Impossible! Is that right that Machine Empire a God? Yes, He is! I answered by my self. Machine Empire helped me Fou, Ron, Karen and many children, right? He is the Saviour, right?

But why for kidnapped Koutarou, Machine Empire heartless to killed many people? Also lock out many scientists at Under Hell? What for Shireishou and Shichimashou created? « To kill Machine Empire’s traitor…. » I mumble. Killing them? Why? Ach… I close my eyes confused and shook weakly. Many times I thinking that, many question on my mind that need an answer.

I remember Karen’s word before she leaves, « Hokuto, I only try to find the truth. Fact which always hidden by Machine Empire. Some one that we thought as a God! Because I believe, the honest thing will you find if you want to open your eyes…. »

Sun sink on his rest place. Cold winds start to blew my body. I caught slowly. Ah…my illness caused by radiation often recurrence this week. I stood up.

« Hokuto-sama, this is time to Anti body serum injection…. » Max memorized me. I smile and nodded. Yes…smile is the only ways that make me stiffness pass all the pain.

One day has left again. I’m still can not find the answer for my own question. But I believe…someday, light will lighting my heart. I don’t know am I standing on the right or wrong side. But, I will not allow someone made the world full of tears and blood. Because I really hate war that can made tears and blood rain.

Max flew down slowly…penetrated the ground and break trough the darkness. Like the darkness on my heart.


My first B’T X fiction. I love Hokuto very much! Only him… Like I told U before, I hate my English. I can’t create sad atmospheres in this fiction like in Indonesian version. I have limited vocabulary and bad grammar structure. I will very happy if some body help me to fix my fiction. Thx