❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – Smoke, Drink and Fight ( Chapter 12 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 12*

Justice went to all her classes but couldn’t focus. She called Jason several times a day and txted him whenever she had the chance but he didn’t reply. After three days Justice was so worried that she couldn’t focus at all in class. It got so bad that in one day she had burned professor Snape’s eyebrows off in science, told Mrs. Aitkins to fuck a goat in French and said that Colonel Clink found the new world in 2000 AD in history class. Justice was sent to the principal’s office then to the guidance office where, after two and a half hours of sitting around, Mr. Popek determined that Justice was depressed. Popek gave Justice two weeks off classes. Against his advice Justice went to her teachers and got the work she would miss. Snape was the only one who thought Justice didn’t deserve the work but after talking to Head Master Kozner he reluctantly gave her twenty pages of notes and formulas to study.
Justice mostly kept to herself. She called Jason four and five times a day and sent him a txt every hour. She went for walks around campus during class and stayed in her dorm when everyone was in the common room. She started popping pills again and writing poetry. Justice went to the clearing in the forest where she had followed Tyrone but only during class when she knew that nobody would see her. Justice would sit with her feet in the river and read Tyrone’s book of poetry. It inspired her.
It was four o’clock Thursday afternoon, four days till she went back to class. Justice had gone to her professors a couple days before to get extra work because she had finished everything else and had nothing more to do. She was just starting next week’s history paper when she heard a knock at her door.
“Jas? Jas I know you’re in there.”
“I’m busy.” Justice replied, unmoving. “Go away.”
“Jas, its Austin. I know your hurt hun but we’re just worried about you.”
Justice said nothing.
“Ok” Austin continued. “Well someone asked me to give you this. Ill just slip it under the door. You can come down any time you’re ready, we’ll always be here for you sweetie. We love you.”
Justice waited until she was sure Austin had left before getting up and reading the cruelly folded piece of paper. It only said one thing: `meet me in the astronomy tower at midnight. TL’
Justice crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage.
She only went back to class for two days because she already did the work so Justice was bored easily. She started skipping with Josh and Blaze getting drunk and high every night after everyone went to bed.
Justice was constantly high and she, Josh and Blaze would sneak off campus and steal random stuff from convenient stores. Petty theft became a little more serious when they successfully stole a change box from Tim Hortons. Justice slowly started talking to her old friends less and less.
Every day for a month someone sent Justice the same note anonymously; `meet me in the astronomy tower at midnight. TL’ but she never went.
Justice was walking around campus with Josh and Blaze one Wednesday night with a bag of weed and a 2-4 of whiskey. Justice didn’t realize but it was just after midnight when they were walking past the astronomy tower. Tyrone saw them and walked up to the three of them.
“Jas? Where the hell have you been? I’ve been sending you the same fucking note for a month! Are you stoned? What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“Hey!” Josh stammered “You can’t talk to her like that!”
“Ye man, what the fuck?” Blaze chimed in.
“Stay out of this! Jas? What are you doing to yourself?” Tyrone smoked weed and drank as much as the next person but he had slowed down in first year when Justice had asked him to; before she had started. He still smoked week and drank but never as much as he used to.
Before Justice had a chance to say any thing Josh attacked Tyrone. Blaze stepped in but Josh pushed him away. It all happened so fast… Justice had no idea what to do. Josh and Ty acted as if they were in a death match! And Justice knew she had to be the one to stop them!

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