❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – Repeating History at Glass Lake ( Chapter 2 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 2*

The day had gone by as normal. Mrs. McClung, the Chinese English teacher, droned on about Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth and the class made jokes and laughed through the entire lesson. Second period science went by painfully slow. Mr. Dwyer lectured and wrote notes. No one spoke. Then it was time for lunch. Everyone piled out of class as quickly as possible and walked across campus to their dorms or to the cafeteria. Kevin and Jason Mitchell got detention from Dwyer for brushing wet paint on Clarissa’s hair so Justice decided to wait in the hall for them. Fifteen minutes went by and they were still in Dwyer’s classroom. After almost half an hour Jistice was getting impatient and was ready to leave but when she turned around she bumped right into Tyrone Linington.
“Watch your going next time…” Tyrone’s voice trailed off as he looked up and was staring directly into the most brilliant green eyes he had ever seen. “Oh, it’s you; I didn’t see you.”
“Sorry bout that.” For some reason that Justice couldn’t figure out, she couldn’t quite bring herself to look Tyrone in the eyes. Every time her eyes would wander over to his face they would fixate on his lips as he was talking and his nose when he wasn’t talking.
Tyrone bent over to pick up a book off the floor. “Oh… uh… don’t be. It was my fault. Should watch where I’m going.”
Justice waved and began to walk away embarrassed wondering if he had noticed where she was staring. `What the hell is wrong with me?!’she thought.
She didn’t even get four feet when Tyrone called out her name.
“Justice wait! Uh… do you want to go get some lunch with me?”
Justice was surprised. Ty wasn’t acting like his usual bossy, arrogant self. He seemed more… nervous. But what Justice couldn’t figure out was, why?
Justice said the first thing that came to her mind. “Oh I don’t know… I’m supposed to be waiting for Kev and Jason. They should be out any minute.”
Tyrone looked at Dwyer’s closed classroom door. A closed classroom door during break periods only meant one thing at Hawthorns Boarding School; detention.
He looked back at Justice with a small smirk twitching at his lips. “You were just about to leave, weren’t you? Besides… I really don’t think your `brothers’ would want you to not eat because they had a little run in with Dwyer. Come on…”
Tyrone gently grabbed and held Justice’s hand and led her through hallways and down stairs and right past the cafeteria, outside.
“Ty, where are we going?” Justice had ripped her hand away from Tyrone and stopped walking. She crossed her arms and stood firmly in her spot. She looked at Ty waiting for an answer.
“Just trust me. Please.” He grabbed Justice’s hand again and continued walking. He finally stopped near Glass Lake where there was a picnic already laid out and waiting.
Justice’s eyes widened. She was speechless. Ty took this as a good sign and sat on the blanket, still holding Justice’s hand.
“Go on…” he laughed “eat something.”
She looked around at all the food and saw so many of her favourites. There was garlic shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, lobster, pizza, dumplings and stew, meatballs and so much more. Justice picked up a garlic shrimp and ate it. She could taste the garlic and pepper and it tasted so good. It reminded her of being up north at her grandparent’s cottage for the summers.
“Well? What do you think?”
Justice came out of her reverie and swallowed the shrimp. “Ty? How did you get all this food?!
“Don’t worry about that, just enjoy it.”
Justice looked up to see Ty smiling down at her and she smiled back. The two sat on that blanket, talking and laughing together for well over an hour. They skipped third period and wandered around the calm lake.
Suddenly Tyrone stopped dead in his tracks and he turned to Justice and asked her if she could swim. She said of course she could swim when they occasion called for it and without another word, Ty grabbed Justice around the waist and threw her into the lake.
She came up sputtering and angry at Tyrone but then she saw him standing at the edge of the small hill where they had been standing, looking at her with the most irresistible grin, shirtless. She swam over to the edge and looked up at him smiling as he asked her “How’s the water?”
“It’s nice.” She replied “Why don’t you come in?”
Ty seemed to ponder this for a second then, with the biggest smile, dove head first into the lake. He splashed in the water and swam under Justice’s feet and pulled her under the surface with him. Before Justice could realize what was going on, Tyrone had pulled her close to his rock-solid abs and kissed her. At first she tried to resist but as the two floated to the surface, Justice felt herself giving it to his kiss just as she always had.
It seemed that every time Ty kissed Justice she fell in love all over again. For those precious moments when he kissed her they could be back in first year hiding in the janitor’s closet and sneaking off campus to Tim Horton’s or Big Bear for pizza and coffee.
Justice and Tyrone had dated only once four years ago for three amazing months. Well, two amazing months and one month of not seeing each other because Ty was put under dorm arrest. When Tyrone was in the last week of dorm arrest he wrote Justice a letter breaking up with her and asked his sister to deliver it to her best friend. Justice read the letter and cried. She was heartbroken and thought that all Tyrone wanted was to be friends. Tyrone treated her like just another person for three and a half years and it broke Justice’s heart everytime.
Ty broke the kiss after a little while and they just floated there in the water, unsure if that had really happened or if she just imagined it. Neither spoke, but Justice pulled herself out of the cool water onto the grass and walked back in the direction of the dorms, leaving Tyrone, half-naked in the lake. She had gotten about half-way to her dorm, with tears in her eyes, threatening to fall at any moment, when her cell phone rang. Justice flipped her phone open and looked at the caller id. It was Kevin…

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