❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – Over the River & Through the Woods… ( Chapter 3 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 3*

“Hey” it was Kevin on the other line and he was slightly out of breath. “Where are you? You missed geography. We went to the lab and worked on our projects. Ms. Whyte was pretty pissed that you weren’t there. She said you owe her work.”
`Shit! I do owe her work!’ Justice thought and then said to Kevin “Um ye… I said I would hand in my letter and map information today!”
“Where were you?”
Justice kept silent for a minute thinking back to Tyrone’s bare chest pressed against her soft skin; his strong arms holding her tightly and not wanting to let go; all it took was one look, one kiss and she was gone. Over the river and through the woods to love and heartache again…
“Jas? you there?”
“Yea hun I’m here. Sorry, my phone’s cutting out. I’ll be at the dorms in about five minutes I’ll talk to you then. K bye.” Justice didn’t even wait for Kevin’s reply before she hung up and walked on. As she was walking towards the dorms she could hear Tyrone calling her name from somewhere in the distance but Justice ignored him and quickened her pace slightly.
By the time Justice had gotten to the main office building she had stopped paying attention to where she was going. She was relying on muscle memory and her sub-conscious to get her to the Raven common room safely because every bit of brain power she had was working on figuring out exactly what words to say and what order to put them in so everyone might have a fighting chance of understanding why she was falling for the same old bullshit… again.
Justice suddenly snapped back to consciousness in time to stop herself from running right into the portrait of the Fat Lady leading to the Raven House common room. The Fat Lady was looking down at Justice and Justice stared right back as she blindly type in the password `Lemongrass’. The lock clicked open and she pushed the picture out of the way and stepped into the common room. BrookLyn Taylor, Kevin’s girlfriend, was standing by the newly lit fireplace holding a Design text book talking to Allysha DeFrancessco.
Brook looked up and saw Justce standing there. “Hey! Kevin’s upstairs in the male dorms. He said he’ll be down in a couple minutes but you could probably go up there. I think he just said he’s trying to find his watch or something.”
Justice muttered a `thanks’ and headed to the stairs leading to the girls dorm hoping to avoid Kevin but she was too late. She hadn’t even got to the first step before she heard Kevin’s voice behind her.
“Hey Jas! Where are you going?”
“Oh… uh… I’m tired… I’m gonna go to bed.”
“But Jas, it’s four in the afternoon! Come on I wanna talk to you! Come sit with me!”
Justice grudgingly walked over and sat on the couch with one of the boys she had called her best friend since they were all running around in diapers. The conversation started off pretty typical; Kevin told her what she missed in geography; Robert Crater got a pencil stuck in his ear… the usual. But then, out of no where, Kevin changed the topic of conversation onto Justice.
“You know Whyte actually wasn’t that bad in class today. You would’ve been surprised. I can’t believe you missed it. Where were you?”
Justice paused again and thought of Ty… “I told you.”
“No you didn’t.”
“Well than it’s none of your business.” She was still looking off into space daydreaming about a guy she knew to be a liar, a cheat and a heartbreaker.
Kevin stuck out his bottom lip and got right in Justice’s face. “Awe, come on Jazzy! Talk to me! Pease honey!” Kevin was obviously trying to make Justice laugh but it wasn’t working as planned.
Justice glared at Kevin. She knew he was making fun of the way she used to cry when she would get hurt as a kid. “You really wanna know?”
Kevin stuck his lip back into place and looked at Justice very seriously. “Of course I wanna know. You look upset hun, what’s wrong?”
“… I was with Tyrone Linington…”
Brook came up behind Kevin and put her arms around his neck. She kissed his cheek and asked if he was busy.
Kevin didn’t take his eyes off of Justice. He was clearly surprised and worried. “Ye baby we’re busy. I’m sorry sweetie.” He looked up and kissed Brook. “We’ll be back in a bit ok? We’re just gonna go for a walk.”
Brook said ok and she loved him, then turned to Justice, gave her a hug from behind n said she loved her. Justice and Kevin said there I love you’s back to Brook and turned back to each other.
Kevin didn’t say any thing for a minute, he just stared at a spot on the wall and kept touching his face. Finally, he stood up and held Justice’s hand. “Come on. We’re walking and you’re gonna tell me everything.”

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