❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – More Than Just Sibling Rivalry ( Chapter 9 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 9*

“How do you do it Jas? How can you sit there so calm? Kevin just died and you act like it was your hamster from fourth grade!” Jason screamed angrily.
“Hey!” Justice exclaimed. “Don’t ever accuse me of being calm! I’m freaking out just as much as you are right now I’m just better at hiding it.”
“Ye… real likely Jas. You’ve always been the calm one. You’re always cool and collected like you’ve got it all figured out.”
“What are you talking about? I’m never like that!” Justice was startled. Jason was acting like a completely different person.
“Really Jas? When we were twelve and snuck into the movie theatre to see It. The entire bike ride back we were all scared shitless! Except you; you were perfectly fine! When we didn’t have enough time to go around Gorily Park you convinced us to go through the forest and when Jimmy fell off his bike you made him take yours and everyone else got out before you. You walked his bike all the way home! When Tammy the atomic rat thing got out of the cage we were all running around trying to find it and no one could. But a little while later you volunteered to go down into the basement just to find it.”
“What’s your point Jay?”
“You were down there for ten minutes before you found the damn thing! We were eight! Sierra had the scariest basement to a bunch of eight year olds! You’re always perfectly fine in any situation; even this! Kevin died Jas… he died! And that doesn’t faze you one bit. It’s almost like you don’t care…”
Justice was dumbfounded; and angry.
“Shut up, Jason! How can you say that? How can you sit there and actually say that I don’t care that he’s gone?! I’m trying to be strong for everyone, including you! So don’t you dare tell me that I don’t care because I do! You seem to forget, Kevin was my brother too. I love him too. I love him just as much as you do! How dare you? You and Kevin were the only real family I had and now Kevin’s gone and your acting like I’ve been using you all along! What the hell is your problem?”
Jason stopped for a moment to look at Justice. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, “Ye that’s right, Justice Gibson, the all mighty. I am so sorry your highness for not believing you could ever really care about a couple of trailer-park boys!”
“Well excuse me Jason but might I remind you I’m just as much trailer trash as you are! How can you say these things? You’re my brother! You and Kevin have been my brothers since we were in diapers! When Bill left you and Kevin helped me build that tree house so we could escape from our lives for a couple hours. Do you remember that? And when my mother got drunk and fought with her flavor of the month you and Kevin would stay with me all night so I didn’t have to be alone with them. You’re my brother, Jay. I love you. I’ve always loved you and always will; same for Kevin. I’m never gonna stop caring about you and every person who has spent the last month sleeping on gurneys and chairs. Jesus, Jay your acting like you don’t even know me. Do you?”
“I don’t have to listen to this; I’m out of here. Don’t expect to be seeing me any more. Goodbye Justice.” Jason almost ran Justice over in his hurry to get out the door. She ran down the hall after him but he was gone. Justice screamed his name over and over again chasing after the only brother you had left but he was gone. Just like Kevin; he was gone, and Justice was left standing in the middle of the hospital parking lot bare feet crying out his name; and in her heart Justice knew, Jason was gone; maybe for good; but she hoped not.
“I love you Jason…”
Justice sat against the brick wall and cried and she don’t stop crying when the first light of dawn stretched across the sky.
“What do I do now?”

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