❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – Blast From The Past ( Chapter 11 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 11*

Justice followed Ty into the forest. At first she thought he was just wandering around but she quickly realized that Ty was walking as if he knew exactly where he was going; like he has been through this way dozens of times before. He walked through mud, twigs and leaves and Justice was thankful that he was making as much noise as she was so he didn’t hear her following him. After walking for a good fifteen minutes Tyrone stepped into a clearing and Justice stayed behind, hiding herself amongst the trees. There was no one else around and, thankfully, Tyrone still seems completely oblivious to her presence.
Justice looked around and couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt as though she had found a whole new world. There was a river on the far side of the clearing and Justice could see that it ran into a pond in the middle. There were trees all around and they seemed to make almost a perfect circle around the clearing. The ground was covered in soft, green grass and leaves that were just starting to turn colour with the changing season. There was a dip in the ground, almost like a bowl, with big rocks and logs that seemed perfect to sit on.
The whole thing seemed so serene and peaceful that Justice almost didn’t notice Tyrone kneeling on his hands and knees with his head down by the pond. He stayed there for a moment looking at his reflection in the calm surface of the pond before standing up and dusting off his knees. He walked to the dip in the ground and sat on a rock. He pulled a book out from under a pile of leaves and began flipping through the pages. He stopped near the middle of the book and began to read aloud.
“`You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it.’ Why can’t you understand? I’m not trying to hurt you; I’m trying to love you…”
Justice listened closely as Ty read the poem. It was beautiful but Justice couldn’t help but wonder when did Tyrone Linington, the biggest, most arrogant player in school, began to read poetry? She didn’t have much time to think about it because her cell phone began to vibrate. She pulled it out of your pocket and looked at the screen.
Incoming call from `Josh Gilbertson’.
Justice quietly left the forest the same way she entered. She didn’t want to answer her phone so she ignore it and decided to call Josh back later.
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Justice found her way out of the forest surprisingly fast. When she was following Tyrone it seemed to take forever to get there but leaving only took about five minutes. Justice thought maybe it was just because she was focusing on Tyrone and her surroundings before. Her phone vibrated again just as she reached the student parking lot. She assumed it was Josh again so she didn’t bother looking at the caller I.D. before answering.
“Hey baby.” Came the voice on the other line. “What you up to? I miss you.”
“um… I miss you too?” Justice was confused.
“Really? You know I never stopped loving you I was just scared. I didn’t wanna get hurt again.”
“Wait… what? Who is this?”
“Oh come on BabyGirl, meet me in the greenhouse. We’ll talk about us.”
“Patrick? What the hell? Why are you calling me? We agreed to stay out of each others lives remember?” Justice remarked, now recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone as her seven-time ex boyfriend, Patrick Johnson.
“Oh come on Justice. You know me. I can’t stay away from you. I love you so much BabyGirl.”
Patrick was another boy from Hawthorns. Justice met him during her first year at boarding school and she got his email address from a mutual friend. Patrick wasn’t in any of Justice’s classes and the two ran in different social groups so it was hard to talk to him but every night Justice would go online and talk to Patrick for hours as if they were best friends but during school time they never spoke. In Justice’s second year she finally got the courage to talk to him. She and Patrick began hanging out on a regular basis when Patrick started dating Justice’s best friend, Ally. When Patrick and Ally started dating Justice was heartbroken but was determined to be happy for them both. She quickly realized that somewhere between the deep online conversations and the pizza lunches off campus, she fell in love. Ally and Patrick broke up and soon after Patrick admitted he liked Justice. Justice and Patrick started dating and lasted about three months. They were the worst, happiest three months of Justice’s life. After the first couple weeks Patrick started treated Justice like dirt but she never really noticed. For his birthday Justice gave Patrick a devil star necklace to replace the one he had given her when they started dating. And for their two month anniversary the next day, Justice gave Patrick something that she thought meant as much to him as it did to her. On March eighteenth Justice lost her virginity. Just over a month later Patrick dumped her. He didn’t speak to Justice for a while then all of a sudden he forgave her. Justice and Patrick dated on and off like that for two years. Whenever he was having problems with his current girlfriend he would come back into her life and `forgive her’. Justice always believed this time would be different but it never was. He would stay with her for a while and as soon as he realized she wasn’t going to sleep with him again he dumped her for someone a little more sexually experienced. After two painful years of Patrick’s lies Justice finally broke it off with him. He was pissed but Justice stayed strong. Now Patrick was back pulling the same thing as always. By telling Justice he still loved her, he was just scared; he thought she would fall for him all over again. The truth was, Justice never stopped loving Patrick. She knew in her heart that she would always love him because he was her first love, but Justice wasn’t going let him hurt her again.
“Fuck off Patrick. I’m not meeting you any where. It’s over.” Justice hung up and ignored all of Patrick’s calls and txts for the rest of the day.

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