❯ Stop Pretending to Sleep – A Doctor’s Regret ( Chapter 7 )

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Stop Pretending to Sleep *part 7*

The machines in Kevin’s room had been beeping non-stop for weeks now and Justice was getting so used to them that they didn’t even bother her any more when she tried to sleep. She and Jason spent every moment they possibly could by Kevin’s side. He opened his eyes a few times since Justice got to the hospital but not for very long. Sometimes he didn’t even know who any one was.
It had been close to a month of nothing but coffee, smokes and hospital food. Jason and Kevin’s parents still hadn’t called or come to see their sons.
Justice and Jason were on one of their routine smoke breaks with David, Alan, Josh and Jake while BrookLyn and her sister Kim (Kevin’s girlfriend) stayed with Kevin inside. Everything seemed so natural and so familiar now that when you first heard the scream for help it didn’t quite register. Until she heard it again…
“HELP! Oh my God somebody please help him! Something’s wrong!”
Justice paused, her hand half way to her mouth holding a brand new smoke and she looked at her friends. As if to answer all of their thoughts someone opened the door and they heard the familiar voice of the night-shift receptionist, Grace saying something about a code red in room 303 and Justice realized…
“That’s Kevin’s room!” screaming Jake.
They all rushed inside and took the stairs three at a time up to the third floor where Kevin’s room was. There were doctors and nurses running in and out of Kevin’s hospital room and Kim and Brook are screaming and crying just outside. Justice watched the scene unfold before her eyes for a moment in sheer terror as she pictured all the horrible things that could be going on just beyond her sight-line. She knew from previous happenings that she wouldn’t be allowed in the room. In fact no one told Justice or her friends any thing about Kevin for hours while doctors and nurses were constantly in and out of his room. After five hours things had calmed down slightly and one of the doctors approached Justice with his head down and a very somber look on his face. When he looked up Justice could see the pain in the young doctor’s eyes.
“I’m afraid I have some bad news…” said Doctor Reynolds. “We did everything we could but the damage was too severe. Kevin had a major heart attack partly due to machine malfunction. I’m afraid Kevin didn’t make it… I am so sorry.”
The doctor’s voice trailed off as he let the words sink in. After a long silence he continued.
“I know it doesn’t mean much and it won’t bring Kevin back but the hospital is willing to pay Jason and his family for their loss because our machines broke-down. I wish there was more I could do…” And with that the doctor walked away leaving Justice and the only real family she had ever known to deal with the loss of their brother.

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