❯ Stolen Memories – Part 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
ELLEN: I thought it was normal.
ABS: It’s not, Ellen. Did you tell anyone?
ELLEN: I came here to tell Nina but you can see the way she’s treating me…
ABS: Ah. You’ve got a point but I’m sure she’ll listen.
ELLEN: I would go home but…
ABS: *giving her a hug* It’ll be okay, Ellen, don’t worry.
*Ellen raises her head and gazes into Abs’ eyes*
ABS: Promise me you’ll try talking to Nina again.
ELLEN: I promise.* leaning into Abs who is also leaning in*
ABS: Good. *They kiss softly, their arms round each other’s backs*
BEX: Nina, I really think that you two should get back together. If Abs is officially yours, Ellen can’t touch him.
NINA: You actually have a point. I’ll go see him now. Tess said he was in the staffroom.
* goes to staffroom and looks through the window to check if Abs is there*
ABS: * pulling away* No, Ellen, this isn’t right.
ELLEN: I’m sorry. I should go home. I keep making a mess of everything. You’re right, we shouldn’t have done that. I took advantage of you and let my feelings show. I’m sorry.
*Walks out of the staffroom and bumps into Nina who is staring at Abs*
ELLEN: Oh, sorry Nina.
NINA: * still staring at Abs, not noticing it was Ellen she was talking to* That’s okay.
ELLEN: Thanks. * walks off, smiling to herself*
HOLBY CONTROL: 3018, are you receiving?
NINA: * snapping back and walking out to the ambulance bay* All receiving and mobile. Luke! We’ve got a shout!
LUKE: * kissing Claire one more time*
NINA: Now, Luke! *slamming the doors shut*
LUKE: Okay, okay. Coming.
* They drive off. Luke is driving and Nina is staring out the window, thoughtfully*
LUKE: Okay, what’s up?
NINA Nothing! Sorry.
LUKE: Does it have anything to do with a certain guy?
NINA: Yes, kissing a certain girl!
LUKE: You guys kissed?!
NINA: No, Ellen and Abs did.
LUKE: What?! Ellen and Abs?
NINA: Yep. How nice of her to come ruin my life all over again.
LUKE: What do you mean?
NINA: Doesn’t matter. *But it did matter. Her not explaining it would cost her later.*