Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction ❯ Sorrow, Illusions & Repentance ( Chapter 2 )

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“Expect the Unexpected”
{Hi! Miaki is back again!! Here is chapter 2. Oh and to Kikucat (), thanks for the advice!! I’ll try to make it as realistic as possible and maybe this chapter will explain some stuff. Another thing, Yukito-sensei is a GIRL. I’m sorry with the typo but she is a girl. Her real name is Yukito Rin. That’s it and enjoythischapter!!}
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~CHAPTER 2: Sorrow, Illusions & Repentance~
Eiji tried to avoid all the stares that his classmates give him. He was thinking if the media did spread the incident only, through internet. The stares were only adding the pain to what Eiji is feeling now. He was still thinking of his friends and family’s fault for even having this kind of death. The media better keep their mouth shut just for a little while or he is in a heap of trouble. More importantly, did the incident reached up to the Kanagawa region already? He expected it at least to spread all over Tokyo but, do rumors normally spread that fast? Is that why all of them are staring at him like he is some sort of monster? Eiji really wanted his first class to be finish and God had pitied on him and granted his request.
It was lunch break and finally, he can have some alone time for a while. He went straight to the library. Indeed not much people are there. But just incase, he went near the back section which was secluded from the rest. It was quiet and a perfect place to sort out jumbled thoughts.
`What did I do wrong Kami-sama? Why do you have to take away the most important people in my life? Why didn’t you just took me instead?!’, Eiji thought as tears started to form in his eyes.
`If only I was quicker. If only I would have never volunteered the party to be at my house. If only I could see them again and stop all this from happening.’ “Why does it have to be them!!?”, Eiji just bursted into tears. He couldn’t keep his mask on any longer. The more he tried the more painful it is for him. He was blaming himself for the lost of his friends and family. He wanted to convince himself that it was just a dream and everything will go back to normal after he wakes up. But, as painful as it seems, they were all gone. He remembered all of the good times they had before this. He and Fuji were teasing Ryoma, Momo and Kaidoh would fight over the stupidest things, Taka would go burning mode, Oishi would try to stop them, Inui would appear out of nowhere and try to make them drink his juices and Tezuka would assign them a huge amount of laps. It seemed peaceful in those days. He just wished he could go back in time and recall all those cheerful days. Too bad he wouldn’t be able to see Momo and Kaidoh fight again. He wouldn’t hear his family, teasing him as their youngest again. He wouldn’t be able to taste Inui’s juices again. Isn’t it a little hilarious? Before, whenever Inui brings out his juice, everyone would run for their lives including Eiji. Now, he would sell his soul to the devil just to drink one of those again.
“Oi, look it’s Kikumaru.”, someone said as that person calls on some more.
~Eiji’s PoV~
I tried stirring to sleep. I haven’t got any sleep last night because of the nightmares I keep having. And then, I heard someone shout my name. Where am I? Wasn’t I in the library a few minutes ago?
`Eiji…’ Wait, someone said my name.
`Che, Kikumaru-senpai…’ There it is again!
`Kikumaru…’ Okay, I’m pretty sure it’s not just one person calling me.
`Ochibi!’ Nii-san? Is that you? Wait, don’t tell me… Oishi? Fuji!? Minna?
Just then, I turned around to see everyone including my family, smiling at me. I tried to talk to them. But, even though my mouth moves no sound came. What’s going on!? Let me talk to them!
“Oi! Kikumaru-san! Wake up!”, someone yelled my name but I’m pretty sure it’s not the regulars or my family.
“Just leave him to sleep Marui!”, Marui? Wait? What!?
~End of PoV~
Marui tried pushing Eiji to wake him up from his nightmare. Niou just stood there watching while the rest of the regulars were surprised as well to find Kikumaru at their school.
“You know, instead of watching you can at least help me wake him up!”, Marui glared at the regulars while Kirihara sighed.
“Here let me do it.”, Kirihara just touched Eiji when he instantly woke up shaking and sweating.
“See, that’s all you need to do.”, Kirihara grinned at his senpai while Eiji just looked at them.
“Nya! W-what are you guys doing here?”, Eiji closed his eyes in fear that they will see them red and he smiled.
“Anou, Kikumaru-san, your inside the library.”, Yukimura kept calm and explained to him.
“Plus, you were having a nightmare. So, what’s it about?”, Niou smirked.
“Now, now Niou-kun. It’s not nice to ask someone something like that just after they had a nightmare.”, Yagyuu apologized for his doubles partner’s rudeness.
“20% chance that you were dreaming of ghosts. 50% chance that it’s about your past team. 25% chance that it’s about Sadaharu’s drinks and 5% chance that it’s about what’s going to happen to you when you meet Sanada in training tomorrow.”, Yanagi explained while the rest just looked at him or stared at him.
“Ah, right. He-he.”, Eiji really is in a horrible mood. Well, if you just woke up from a dream where in you see your dead friends and family, wouldn’t you feel horrible?
“Anyways, Kikumaru, since you played in the Kantou and National tournament as Seigaku’s regular, it is stated in the rules that anyone who participated must join or else, they will be disqualified.”, Yukimura explained to Eiji.
“Well, nya, there’s no problem in that. I was actually thinking of joining the club.”, Eiji still smiled his fake smile, hoping that they would leave him alone.
“Ne, ne, senpai-tachi, didn’t you say that practice is cancelled today? So, in that case, Kikumaru-san will just have to sign up tomorrow.”, Kirihara explained while Sanada nods.
“Souka! Since were free today, why don’t we give Kikumaru a tour around town?”, Marui suddenly thought.
God, Eiji was now praying to his Kami-sama that the others will disagree. He can’t just go and have fun! He has work today and it’s his first day! Not only that, he still needs to call Sakuno to know if the media did keep their word to Atobe…
“Alright! So, Kikumaru-kun, we’ll see you later! We’ll be going to that ice cream shop later! I’m sure you’ll like it!”, Marui smiled while Niou just smirked. Dear Kami-sama is charging the things he did earlier. Looks like Eiji’s work will just have to wait.
Eiji and the regulars just walked casually. They were surprised by Eiji’s silence which normally, he can’t stand 2 seconds with out saying anything. The regulars are starting to get curious on what `really’ happened or what may the real reason be to Eiji’s sudden transfer.
“Were here.”, Marui just stopped at an ice cream parlor. Looks like God still pitied on Eiji for, the ice cream shop that was in front of the regulars is were Eiji works as a part timer.
“Irashai!—Oh! Eiji! Your late! But, you brought costumers so your forgiven.”, Eiji’s boss replied while she cleans the counter.
“Heh, so you work here as a staff?”, Niou smirked while as, Marui and Kirihara suddenly thought of an idea.
“Hey, since you are a staff …”, Marui said.
“Can we have a discount?”, Kirihara added in as Sanada shouts at the two with his usual `Tarundoru!’ and Niou smirked.
Eiji carefully eyed the scene. Sanada lecturing Marui and Kirihara on `Gluttony’ while Yukimura just stood there, smiling. Weird. If you look at them closely, you’ll see that, they really are a friendly bunch. It reminded him a lot of those times when Tezuka was lecturing Echizen and himself while Fuji just smiles…
`Fuji …Ochibi … Tezuka.’, Eiji didn’t notice but, a tear fell down from his cheek.
“Kikumaru-san, are you alright?”, Yukimura asked while the rest just looked at him. Eiji was crying and he didn’t even notice it. He thought that when he transfers to Rikkaidai, he will completely forget about the incident. The expressions his friends and family had when they … passed away. It must be a horrifying experience to be killed that way. Eiji snapped out of his thoughts and made an excuse to go to the kitchen.
“You know, ever since Kikumaru went here, all he did was stare and now, cry. Yanagi-senpai, do you have any idea on what happened? I know that he is lying to us.”, Kirihara asked Yanagi while he opens his note book.
“Hmm, I’ll try to ask Sadaharu later.”, Yanagi made a mental note.
“You know, you can leave it to pinky here, to investigate. After all, Kikumaru is not that hard to read since he is already an open book.”, Niou explained while he points at Marui.
`That’s what you think…’, Eiji thought as he heard the conversation.
“Wait! Who are you calling pinky you old dude!”, Marui glared while Niou twitched.
“What did you call me?”, Niou stood up as well as Marui and now, they are starting to have a cat and dog fight.
“And you keep on telling me that I’m immature.”, Kirihara added in as Jackal tried to stop the two.
Unfortunately, Marui spilled the juice when he stood up leaving a spilled juice near the door. Eiji just happen to go back.
“Sorry for the de—“, Eiji suddenly looked at the scene. His eyes opened widely as he saw the group in front of him.
“M-minna? How can this be?!”, Eiji was startled and slipped at the puddle of juice.
` … Eiji …’, Eiji heard as he saw his doubles partner Oishi smiling at him while he slips and vision turns blank.
~END OF Chapter 2~
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